Thursday, 28 July 2011

Alex Hutchings: Jazzy Jams comes to Jam Tracks - 100% accurate tabs!

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Alex Hutchings is back with a brand new series called Jazzy Jams Series 1.

Alex Hutchings Jazzy Jams Series 1 Promo from

Tommy Emmanuel: interview and live

Tommy Emmanuel Interview - Rewrites

Tommy Emmanuel Live Performance - Tommy Kicks Back

Lyle Watt,Mark McGuigan: Simian Jock Rock's the MonkeyFest 2011

Here's what happened when Scotland invaded MonkeyFest! This was great fun - fueled by a few ''beverages'' of course...

Thanks to Kate McGuigan for filming this, Thanks to Mark for the epic jam, and thanks to the amazing rhythm section - Dave Hollingworh on bass, and Paul ''Stick'' Annis on drums!

Apologies for the sound - my attempts to clear up the audio a wee bit left it severely lopsided...
Lyle Watt and Mark McGuigan - MonkeyFest 2011

Richie Kotzen: Guitar Talk

Richie Kotzen - Guitar Talk (YG DVD Mag Vol 1)

Morten Faerestrand: Steve Vai into Pentatonics

Steve Vai Pentatonics - GUITAR LESSON by Morten Faerestrand to get TABs and more lessons

Dreamfullofzen: Improvisation lesson

Recently a member asked for a transcription of one of my improv vids. Rather then transcribe some non-useful phrases, I thought an explanation of how to build melodic concepts would be of use. I'll be doing more of these hopefully soon

A Quick Improvisation Lesson 1: Building Ideas using Chord tones

Pedro Molina: Improalpha


Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Firewind tour dates


Official Trailer for FIREWIND's upcoming headline European & North American tours!! FIREWIND is coming to a town near you this Fall!! Get your tickets NOW at:

FIREWIND + Wolf - "Defiance Over Europe" Tour 2011:
Presented by: Blackstar Amplification, Rock Hard (Germany), Rock Tribune (Benelux) and Lords Of Metal (Benelux)

FR 09.09. Southampton, UK - Talking Head
SA 10.09. Manchester, UK - Moho
SU 11.09. Glasgow, Scotland - Cathouse
MO 12.09. Reading, UK - Sub 89
WE 14.09. Zoetermeer, NL - Boerderij
TH 15.09. Den Bosch, NL - W2
FR 16.09. Kerkrade, NL - Rock Temple
SA 17.09. Vosselaar, BEL - Biebob
SU 18.09. Cologne, GER - Underground
MO 19.09. Aschaffenburg, GER - Colos Saal
TU 20.09. Hamburg, GER - Knust
TH 22.09. Vienna, AUT - Szene
FR 23.09. San Dona Di Piave, IT - Revolver Club
SA 24.09. Pisa, IT - Borderline
MO 26.09. Paris, FRA - Le Nouveau Casino

FIREWIND, Arsis. White Wizzard, Nightrage
"The Frets of Fury" North American Tour 2011:

SU 09.10. St Petersburg, FL @ The State Theater
MO 10.10. Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
TU 11.10. Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
WE 12.10. New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
TH 13.10. Hampton, NH @ Wally's
FR 14.10. Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
SA 15.10. Ottawa, ON @ Maverick's
SU 16.10. Cleveland, OH @ Peabody"s
TU 18.10. Joliet, IL @ Mojoe's
WE 19.10. St Paul, MN @ Station 4
TH 20.10. Winnipeg, MB @ The Osborne Village Inn
FR 21.10. Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
SA 22.10. Kelowna, BC @ Sapphire Nightclub
SU 23.10. Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
MO 24.10. Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
TU 25.10. Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
WE 26.10. San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
TH 27.10. Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky A Go Go

Marcos De Ros: on Venegas Music TV

"Corrida de Calango" - Venegas Music TV. "Peças de Bravura" (Pièces de Résistance) Marcos De Ros

Steve Vai,Dave Weiner: playing "Answers"

Steve Vai and Dave Weiner playing "Answers"

Dan Mumm: A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar Part 1

For more information or to make a purchase go here:
The first part in my instructional series "A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar"
where I teach my original song "A Glimpse Beyond"
"Dan Mumm teaches his neoclassical masterpiece "A Glimpse Beyond" in 3 sections. This is only available as a digital download for your computer. Each 20 minute section is only $6.95. Part 2 and part 3 are coming soon."

A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar Part 1 - Neo-Classical Guitar Lesson

Richie Kotzen: live videos

Richie Kotzen: live videos

Yasi Hofer: vote for me!

Yasi Hofer folks, pleeeease keep voting, I'm getting behind more and more :(​BandDetailsVideo.aspx?b=28951&​bn=Yasi+Hofer

Musicians Institute Full Ride Scholarship - Yasi Hofer Vote for me!

Yasi - MI Full Ride

Jack Gardiner: Guitar Idol III Final 100

Hey guys! Voting has now opened for the top 100 in Guitar Idol III competition! I would be honoured if you guys could sign up and vote for me here:​/jack-gardiner/732

New Beginnings - Jack Gardiner - Guitar Idol III Final 100 Entry

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Rusty Cooley: Guitar Asylum TV returns!

Rusty Cooley  Hey fans, get ready. The Fall Season of Rusty Cooley's Guitar Asylum TV resumes the first weekend in September. We have a ton of guitarists and bands making new appearances on GATV. Rusty's been busying and what a cast of characters we have for you! STAY TUNED!!

Dhalif: Guitar Idol voting

Firstly, I would to say thank you for all of your support for putting me into the Top 100 Finalists in GUITAR IDOL III.
Now the voting opens again for the top 100 finalists.. Hope you can help me out by voting for me. You need to do a quick
registration.. Thank you and help me spread the word around. Enjoy your weekend!​lif-ali/555

Guitar Idol 2011 Entry (100 Finalists)

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Jonas Tamas, Andy James: Andy shreds for upcoming instrumental guitar album

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Andy James plays an awesome guest solo on Jonas Tamas' upcoming instrumental guitar album 'Timeless Hour'
English guitar virtuoso Andy James plays a stunning guest guitar solo for the song Borderline, one of the new songs on Jonas Tamas' upcoming instrumental guitar album Timeless Hour. Despite of his full schedule of writing music, releasing his new album, touring with his band Sacred Mother Tongue, and making new guitar tutorial DVDs as well as a series of guitar books, Andy was kind enough to find the time and record a fantastic guitar solo for one of the heaviest songs on the second album of Jonas Tamas. The solo is over an E-locrian riff, and features Andy's trademark high precision alternate picking, great melodies, culminating in some top-speed diminished runs and string-skipped guitar frenzy.

Guitarist Andy James has a full endorsement with ESP Guitars and Blackstar Amplification and is widely regarded as the best breakthrough guitarist in the UK with a developed fan base of his own. He has released three solo albums called Machine, In the Wake of Chaos and the self-titled Andy James. He has also taught guitarists around the world through his successful range of tuition DVDs with LickLibrary.

The upcoming second instrumental guitar album of Jonas Tamas will feature international stars as guest players, including Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Brett Garsed (Planet X, etc.), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Thorsten Koehne (Eden's Curse), singer Mischa Mang (Ivanhoe, ex-Dreamscape), and the new keyboard wizard Sergey Boykov (Shadow Cry).

The new album of Andy James is available on iTunes, and it can be ordered as an autographed CD version as well. Check out his official homepage for all the details: more

Jon Bloomer: Guitar Noize just got better

A new web site:

Hedras Ramos: Stellar Crash

Hedras Ramos - Stellar Crash

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Karolina Sustova: new guitar photos posted

Karolina Sustova New photo sesssion posted online - Pictures taken by Renata Sustova. Equipment: Nikon Coolpix S210 gallery

Karolina Sustova - Shred This III

Evka Tyy Chalupníková: Dream Theater Wither

Hey, we are musicians from Czech Republic and we made this tribute video, because we love to play music that is actually worth something. So now, for both your and our pleasure, we present you what we made.
I want to thank all for their time and performances, you're awesome!
And you, dear ones, please share, comment and rate, we appreciate every opinion and criticism.
If you have something on your mind, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching.

Evka Tyy Chalupníková - Great solo at 04:00

Dream Theater - Wither (tribute)

Paul Kaiser: Aussie Emperor posts original tracks

Paul Kaiser - Fifth World

Paul Kaiser - 2012

Paul Kaiser - Spiders Attack

Jason Becker, Jess Lewis: Jason amazed as Jess's playing!

Jason Becker : You are brilliant!! Love, Jason

Jess Lewis Jason - Thankyou so so much, that really means alot! You are amazing!!! :-) God Bless x

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Nita Strauss: DiMarzio photo shoot

Nita Strauss“I’d heard of the DiMarzio reputation for excellence and integrity since I first started playing guitar. Now that I use DiMarzio pickups, I know for myself that it’s true!”
Genre: Rock
Bands: Kill Slowly

Nita Strauss just finished a photo shoot session with Larry DiMarzio... expect more photos soon.

Eugene Berger: Funkissimo (live performance)

Eugene Berger - Funkissimo (live performance)

Current Top 20
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Denis Warren
Denis Warren - A Whisper To My Soul
Nico Schliemann
Dead Ends
Ignacio Torres
Ignacio Torres - Horus
Domenico, Francesco GALLO
Natural Space - Domenico GALLO
Marc Playle
Marc Playle - Dysfunction
Toomas Vanem
Lucky Singh
matias baeza
Eugene Berger
Eugene Berger - Funkissimo
Ignazio Di Salvo
Ignazio Di Salvo (Guitar Idol 2010) shred fu
Daniele Liverani
Daniele Liverani - All Is Pure
Konrad Jeremus
For the Love of Jason Becker
Hugo Martin Hermosilla Courbis
David Wallimann
Luna's Dream
Dhalif Ali
Dhalif - Darkest Dreams
cristian regnicoli
Cristian Regnicoli - "Beats Me"
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter - "Traces of Sounds"
Franco Perla
Frank Pearl - The Neverendless Song
Jack Gardiner
Jack Gardiner - Rising Sun
Parethas Kumpai
Message From The Dark (Original) - Ake Pare

Marty Friedman: FANTA / Fantastic Love

FANTA band is:

Marty Friedman ("F")
Ayanokoji Sho ("A")
Tanimura Nana ("N")
Takamizawa Toshihiko ("T")
Akebono Taro ("A")

FANTA / Fantastic Love

Pilho: tribute to Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle - Cover by Pilho

Daniele Gottardo: Shine on you crazy diamond

TREMO "Shine on you crazy diamond" with Daniele Gottardo

Gretchen Menn: phew... that was hard work!!!

Gretchen Menn The album is done!

News: Guitar Idol online final LIVE - get voting!!!

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Eilidh McKellar: Joe Bonamassa Improvisation

Don't Burn Down That Bridge by Joe Bonamassa Improvisation

Blues Improvisation

David Locke: Brothers In Arms classic reworking

Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits - David Locke

Ignazio Di Salvo: run for cover

Ignazio Di Salvo - Run for cover

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush DVD date slips

The release date of Rush DVD and Blu-ray titled "Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland" has been pushed back to October 25 from the previously announced September 27. The disc will contain footage of RUSH's April 15 concert at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio