Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tony MacAlpine: master class Ibanez Moscow 2010

Tony MacAlpine master class Ibanez Moscow 17 07 2010

Tony MacAlpine master class Ibanez Moscow (17.07.2010)

Ketil Strand: "Axe-Files"

A long-awaited album, displaying this experienced guitarist's diversity and skills, both as a musician and composer, incorporating elements from rock, jazz/fusion, classical and folk music. All electric guitars played through Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Ultra.

Ketil Strand - "Axe-Files" - New solo album out now

Toccata in D minor(J.S Bach)-Ketil Strand-AXON guitar synth

Guthrie Govan: Far East tour on July 19, 2011 in Seoul, Korea photo

Here's a photo from the first show of the Far East tour on July 19, 2011 in Seoul, Korea - courtesy of Music Force. EY

Joint The Aristocrats on Facebook:

The Aristocrats Preview - Guthrie Govan Bryan Beller Marco Minnemann

Fernando Miyata: ProRock in Concert 2011

ProRock in Concert 2011 - Fernando Miyata

Alberto Milani,Scott Henderson: Stories by the bridge

Alberto Milani: This is an extract from my new album "stories by the bridge" featuring Scott Henderson, coming out by the end of September 2011.

Alberto Milani- guitar
Paolo Costa- bass
Giorgio Zanier- drums

"Fugitive" by Alberto Milani (Album "Stories by the Bridge" 2011)

News: Staind Guitar Solo Showdown Competition

Mike Mushok explains the "NOT AGAIN" Staind Solo Showdown contest. Submissions will be accepted through 8/15/11.
Visit: for more info.

Staind Guitar Solo Showdown

News: help return stolen guitar UK branch

Simon Reid from Guitar Guitar had his guitar stolen from his car in Leith last night. It is a rare, sunburst USA VG Strat in Sunburst. This is a very unusual guitar. Could you guys please CUT AND PASTE this post. Spread the word amongst your musical buddies. Thanks

Steve Vai: Guitar Master Class

Steve Vai Guitar Master Class
Time 25 September · 14:30 - 17:30
Whitaker Center
225 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA
Created by: The Perfect 5th Musical Arts CenterMore info
Grammy award-winning guitarist Steve Vai will hold a master class at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA on Sunday, September 25th beginning at 2:30pm.
This 3 hour unique musical and educational event will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Steve Vai's amazing talent as he demonstrates and discusses guitar techniques, music theory, the music business and methods to discover and unlock an individual’s personal musical identity. A question and answer session will be included, as well as the opportunity for several of the attendees to jam with Steve on stage.
Tickets will be available Monday (8/8) at the Whitaker Center box office and online at Ticket prices are $45 and $65, along with a very limited amount of $200 VIP packages which include front and center seating, a signed poster and a meet & greet with Steve backstage after the master class.
This is a special opportunity for musicians throughout the mid-Atlantic region, and a truly unique event for the Harrisburg area. It is open to all ages and skill levels.

Sammy Hagar: Red Alert Sammy on G+

Sammy Hagar
Hello to everyone out in Google+ land -- The (Big) Foot has landed! I'm at the Foot Locker rehearsing with the Wabos right now, but this weekend is all about the 'Foot as we get together for some rehearsal, some video shooting, and maybe a little hangout session!

CHICKENFOOT "BIG FOOT" 8/1/11 - ALBUM "Chickenfoot III" Sep 27, 2011

The new single 'BIG FOOT' on radio and in iTunes 8/1/11 from the upcoming release 'Chickenfoot III', Sep 27

Broken Strings: Morley Competition Submission

Here is my video submission for the Morley Wah Competition! The guitar featured is an SRB-640. Thanks for watching! My album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby and other retailers (in case you were interested).
You can purchase my album from Amazon here:
CD Baby
Stay tuned and thanks for listening!!/brokenstr1ngs

Morley Competition Submission

Joe Satriani: surfin with the G+

Joe Satriani Trying out Google+ ... will be in the studio at the Foot Locker this weekend and may try a hangout!

Jakub Żytecki: Aum


Disperse - Circle's Complete

Neils Vejlyt,Derryl Gabel,Sam Bell,Reece Fullwood,Andreas Hauschild: Next Generation Guitar School

Next Generation Guitar School
Next Generation Guitar School is as personal as if you where taking a lesson in person with one of the guitar teachers at Next Generation guitar School. This means that the teachers from Next Generation Guitar School create a practicing plan with material custom designed for your specific goals. Heres how it works you sign up and enter (My Guitar School) in the menu and enter your goals as a guitar player, you then recieve a practicing plan that includes video, tablature, standard notation and text. We will follow your progress through your personal profile on the site. you recieve a practicing schedule when you signup for one month. If you sign up for two months you will get two practicing schedules and support on the forum to master your whishes

Next Generation Guitar School is also directed towards all guitar players who want to learn how to play rippin´ guitar solos or even improve on their current solo playing. Players who are ready to work with themselves and committed to make the sacrifices it takes to become great.
At NG we also focus on frustrated guitar players who may have the chops, but do not know how to use them.

Guitar Teachers

Niels Vejlyt
Derryl Gabel
Sam Bell
Reece Fullwood
Andreas Hauschild

Next Generation Guitar School Introduction

Eric Johnson,Eric Gales: Experience Hendrix Tour 2008

Two Eric's', one great song!

Eric Johnson and Eric Gales "Waterfall"

Bryan Aspey: Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III insights

With USB, tuners with led display, special piezoelectric magnets for an acoustic sound, free software for map modelling. Guitars are moving way beyond the wire and wood.

Guitarist Bryan Aspey demonstrates the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III.

For complete details please visit:

The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Demo by Bryan Aspey

Leonardo Guzman: Hufschmid Albinodroid

Leonardo Guzman demos his prize from the Rob Chappers / Hufschmid competition

Hufschmid Albinodroid Test 1 - (Sunny - Greg Howe BT)

Robert Pieculewicz: Krakow Street Shredder

I think I found the meaning of Truth In Shredding, guys like Robert Pieculewicz need more coverage!

Robert Pieculewicz Krakow

Running With The Wind

Robert Pieculewicz Łódź. Piotrkowska 19 września 2009

Robert Pieculewicz in Krakow

Jonas Tamas: Laney Alter-Dragon Rock

Jonas Tamas: Alter-Dragon Rock Riffs on a Laney Amp at Echo Recording Studio

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl

Jane Smith likes her pedals... check out her YouTube pedal review web site: and face book page:

Fuzzbubble 45 by Analog Alien and Snarling Dogs Whine-O- Wah Demo w/ Potvin Killer Bee

News: Jam Track Central new look and features

It's all change here at We've rebuilt the whole of the site to make it bigger, brighter, futureproof and easier for you to use. We have a simpler shop system and ways to help you find and download your favourite products much more easily. Your favourite artists and jam track packages are now listed on the Jamtracks page and you will find quick links to Recently Added, What's Hot, Free Downloads and Special Offer packages. Read on below to find out more or head to the site to see for yourself!