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Next Generation Guitar School
Next Generation Guitar School is as personal as if you where taking a lesson in person with one of the guitar teachers at Next Generation guitar School. This means that the teachers from Next Generation Guitar School create a practicing plan with material custom designed for your specific goals. Heres how it works you sign up and enter (My Guitar School) in the menu and enter your goals as a guitar player, you then recieve a practicing plan that includes video, tablature, standard notation and text. We will follow your progress through your personal profile on the site. you recieve a practicing schedule when you signup for one month. If you sign up for two months you will get two practicing schedules and support on the forum to master your whishes

Next Generation Guitar School is also directed towards all guitar players who want to learn how to play rippin´ guitar solos or even improve on their current solo playing. Players who are ready to work with themselves and committed to make the sacrifices it takes to become great.
At NG we also focus on frustrated guitar players who may have the chops, but do not know how to use them.

Guitar Teachers

Niels Vejlyt
Derryl Gabel
Sam Bell
Reece Fullwood
Andreas Hauschild

Next Generation Guitar School Introduction