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Becky Langan: Dueling Ninjas

Hii i'm Becky :) i'm 18, from Manchester UK and was born on 23rd August 1992. My experienced older Brother and Dad helped helped me learn how to read tablature and how to play simple chords at 11 years of age. I am now the only musician in my family as they have taken a back seat to playing ironically. Currently I study at Manchester Metropolitan university studying Animal Behaviour living in student housing. I'm mainly self- taught, apart from what is mentioned above, other than my Dad and Brother teaching me the basics. I also had lessons from a truly amazing guitarist, "BILL" in 2009 -- 2010. Here the theory of guitar was touched upon. Recently I have begun teaching guitar to others, which has led to me playing small gigs.

If you have any questions you want to ask, feel free to send me a PM :)

Zoom h2 mic
Flip ultra HD camcorder
Taylor 114e
Corel Video Studio Pro x3 editing software
Gauge 13 Dean Markley Alchemy Strings

Dueling Ninjas - Trace Bundy Guitar Cover

Vuk Mirasevic: burning tricky keyboard parts from Richard Andersson

playing a really tricky keyboard part from a band i liked a lot when i was a bit younger...
yes, you can laugh at my face grimaces in the video :D

Time Requiem - Hidden Memories (by me)

This is a nice progressive neoclassical piece from a musician I used to listen a lot, and he is a great keyboardist...

Richard Andersson - Trinity Overture (by Vuk Mirasevic)

Tosin Abasi: plays Strandberg headless 8-string

Tosin Abasi plays EGS #17, which is a complement to his existing #8, in conjunction with Animals as Leaders' gig in Frankfurt.

This has a rosewood bolt-on neck and swamp ash body with a maple top, with two custom Lace Alumitone humbuckers. The scale length is 28"-26.5", and string gauges are 10-46 + 66 + 80 with a tuning EAEADGBE.

Tosin Abasi plays Strandberg headless 8-string EGS guitar #17

Tosin Abasi plays EGS #9, which was commissioned by Alex Stegmayr, in conjunction with Animals as Leaders' gig in Frankfurt, on the same day he received his own second Strandberg guitar.

Tosin Abasi plays Strandberg headless 8-string EGS guitar #9

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl 900 Pound Violin Fuzz Pedal Please excuse my tipsiness..... I drank a little too much of my cocktail for this demo! Here it is.... the 900 pound violin by Den Tone.... kind of a cult favorite and there is definitely a reason why so many love it. This is a truly out of control, over the top wall of fuzz! And at $150 a pop, it's kind of a no brainer if you dig fuzz that sends a Big Muff crying to its mommy...
Gear used:
Univox Ripper
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM57
Fuzzbox Cocktail- real, homemade Pappy's Moonshine! No joke, my brother's friend actually made it in his tub....

900 Pound Violin Fuzz Pedal by Den Tone Demo- Balls to the Wall Fuzz!

James Bell: tribute to flying ace Jon Egging

Before crashing during the Bournemouth air festival Jon Egging ( red 4) flew his plane away from a near by village instead of ejecting sacrificing his own life for others. Me and my family have always loved and enjoyed the red arrows. This is my tribute to Jon R.I.P

Red Arrows - Red 4 - Jon Egging Tribute - " A Song 4 Jon" - R.I.P ( by James Bell )

Kristen T Clark: Sennheiser Sessions

Edited highlights from a recent live show. At 3:00 Kristen T Clark covers Rush YYZ.

Sennheiser Sessions - Kristen T Clark - Lindsay Ribfest

Neil Zaza: Go!

This is the official video for Neil Zaza's "Go!" from the CD, 212.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Ted Sikora in various locations in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio.

Neil Zaza-Guitar
Ray Liptak-Bass
Garrett Janos-Drums

© Melodik Records 2011
Neil Zaza Music (ASCAP)

For more information, please visit,
Neil Zaza "Go!" (Official Video) 2011

Grim Shit: Alone In Eden

Grim Shit:
A song from what was supposed to be my last instrumental album.
Taken from "Neutral Wings - Final Chronicles".

The beginning reminds me a little bit of Jeff Buckley's"Hallelujah",
I was surely inspired by this at that time.

Hope you'll enjoy this one.

Grim Shit - Alone In Eden

Nat Janoff: live band and solos

Nat Janoff: live band and solos

Brian Maillard: live rig tour

Brian Maillard Guitar Rig Live stage SOLID VISION 2011 video by Lorenzo & Mauro

Brian Maillard Guitar Rig Live stage SOLID VISION 2011

Brian Maillard Guitar Rig 2011

George Harrison: Trailer for Martin Scorsese's new movie

Trailer for Martin Scorsese's "GEORGE HARRISON: Living In The Material Word" coming to theatres soon. See more at

Trailer for Martin Scorsese's GEORGE HARRISON: Living In The Material Word

Angus Lamb: Metal Fatigue

Angus Lamb:
It's been a while! Just received a new webcam so I thought I'd test it with one of my favourite Holdsworth solos.

More a test of the webcam than anything, expect some better quality material in the coming weeks!

Godin LGX-SA through a Pod HD300 into an NI Session I/O and Logic.

Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue (Solo) Cover - Logitech C910 Test

Jason Becker: the lick library connection

From Lick Library:

Thanks to the guys over at Lick Library for their support.

Andy James and Guthrie Govan to play Jason Becker Festival in Amsterdam

Thu, 11 Aug 2011

On Sunday 13th November, guitarists from around the world will be performing and appearing at the "Jason Becker Festival" in Amsterdam.

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" benefit event will see also LickLibrary contributor's Andy James and Guthrie Govan join the huge list of artists joining the cause.

Also signed up to join the event is Guitar Idol winner Daniele Gottardo.

To find out about Jason Becker and his incredible journey, at

Like and support the Jason Becker Festival Facebook Page here.

Further information and tickets for the event can be found at

Not Dead Yet site
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Dhalif: god of guitar, now ace of bass!

This is my entry for Singapore's AMPEG "In Your Face" Bass Contest organised by

Im not really a good bass player, in the spirit of fun, i grabbed my bass and started recording this after seeing my friend join it as well..

Cheers good luck and god bless..

Name : Dhalif Ali
Age : 25
Short description of yourself :
Started playing music about the age of 10, i play a little bit of guitar and piano as well. Loves alot of rock/fusion music.
I am usually the guitar player in the band, but always envious of all my good bass player friends that lay down some serious bass lines!
Contact number : +65 822216**
Email :

Dhalif - Ampeg Bass Contest + Guitar Cam !!

Ampeg "IN YOUR FACE" Bass Contest - Dhalif

Alex Flouros: Seduce The Heaven

All music and lyrics are copyrighted..
For more info regarding Seduce The Heaven please visit and!/SeduceTheHeavenDon't forget to subscribe and get informed regarding STH's recent activity.

Alex Flouros

Piotr Wójcicki: trailer for new CD

Solo album "Magnetic moment of proton" Label: Red Studio Pro musicians: Peter Wojcicki - guitar Tomasz Kupiec - bass Łukasz Sobczyk - drums Karl Pyka - keyboards and the song "Weather for the spirit of" horn section composed of fluff Cuba - trumpet Simon Kamykowski - saxophone Robert Szczerba - trombone Darek Grela - implementation, mastering of recordings made ​​for Registration in the studio, "sound hunter Fearless" in the spring of 2011.

Piotr Wójcicki "Magnetyczny moment protonu" trailer

Jim Matheos: Neurotically Wired discussion

Arch / Matheos discuss "Neurotically Wired"

plus in case you missed it

Arch / Matheos "Sympathetic Resonance" Interview

Max Vatutin: Trio

Max Vatutin Trio plays Robben Ford's "Freedom"

Higher Ground by Max Vatutin Trio

Max Vatutin Trio - Free Heat

Eddie Van Halen: The solo through time

Eddie Van Halen Solo 1981

Eruption - Van Halen - Rare 1982 Footage

Eddie Van Halen-Eruption '83

Eddie van halen Solo tokyo 89'

Eddie Van Halen - Guitar Solo - 08-18-1995 - Toronto, ON, Canada(HD TEST).

Van Halen - Eruption (Seattle, 2007)

Jennifer Batten: Cat Fight 2011

Jennifer Batten performs her original tune all about cats.

Check out here site at

for more info and anything else you like to see or hear or purchase or just to be one of here friends.

JENNIFER BATTEN - Cat Fight 6-18-11

Rob Chappers,Rabea Massaad: Two Rock Gain Master

Two Rock Gain Master Demo

Jennifer Batten: with Y&T

Y&T with Jennifer Batten "Dirty Girl" clip

Steve Saluto, Doug Wimbish, Atma Anur: Brown Eyed Soul Tour

Steve Saluto, Doug Wimbish, Atma Anur Brown Eyed Soul Tour: December 2011

1/12 Vienna - Scene
2/12 Berlin - Garbaty
3/12 Hannover -
Blues Garage
4/12 Cologne - Altes Pfandhaus
5/12 Krefeld tbc
6/12 Velden - Bluesiana
7-12 Italy tbc




Eddie Van Halen,Jason Becker: incredible live TV interview

Van Halen e Jason Becker

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
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Captain Klown: Palmer Junction Guitar Contest

Palmer Junction Guitar Contest .- CAPTAIN KLOWN Entry

Who can ever forget the amazing Klownisms on:

Captain Klown.- Suck This III Contest