Saturday, 3 September 2011

Richard Hurley: crazy whole tone tapped licks


Fletcher Barton: back to school blues?

11 yr. old Fletcher Barton enjoying a long eclectic slow blues solo with Ted Riser & his band at Cowboy Food & Drink on July 15, 2011. Special thanks, as always, to Ross at Cowboy & to Ted & the band for having him.

Fletcher Barton with Ted Riser & The Marshall Band

Dmitry Andrianov: U-sound Yellow-Q

U-sound Yellow-Q (Envelope filter)

Dreamfullofzen: First Rays Of the Morning Sun

First Rays Of the Morning Sun

Johnny Hiland: Dava Picks Review

Dava Picks Review

news: Ten More Female Guitarists You Should Know

Guitar World:
Perhaps we misjudged you. When we introduced the first Exposed article last month, we were blown away by the overwhelming support and interest in these fine ladies and their guitar prowess.
So here we are again, presenting 10 more artists who share a passion for guitar. They are from different eras, genres and philosophies, but all know their way around a guitar -– be it acoustic, electric or classical.
Our goal with Exposed is to shine a spotlight on a variety of guitarists, many of whom may be new to you. If you have a suggestion for us on someone we should feature here, please share it in the comments below. And now, sit back, relax and prepare to be educated in a most delightful way.

Marty Friedman,Takayoshi Ohmura,Gus G: Marty Friedman Dragons Mistress

Hi guys!This is another video of Marty from close range playing Dragons Mistress with Takayoshi Ohmura and super guest Mr.Gus G. They really play this song very well, and you can see all the arpeggios and pieces from super close up.Again the sound is a bit muddy because I was in front of the drums.I cut the video when the introduction of the band is starting since these guys don't really need introduction....

Marty Friedman Dragons Mistress with Gus G and Ohmura


Marty Friedman Amagi goe

Marty Friedman: Stunning Rock Festival footage!

AmagiGoe / Sayuri Ishikawa 4:10 Polyrhythm / Perfume 8:53 Yeah! Meccha Holiday / Aya Matsuura 12:03 Kimini Points Koisiteru / BillyBanban, Fuyumi Sakamoto天城越え/石川さゆりポリリズム/ Perfume Yeah!めっちゃホリディ/松浦亜弥また君に恋してる/ビリーバンバン坂本冬美2011年8月20日(土) IBCラジオRock Festival 2011 in北上

MARTY FRIEDMAN ライヴ(天城越え~また君に恋してる)

Marty Friedman: with Aikawa Nanase

AIKAWA Nanase 相川七瀬 Marty Friedman

Aikawa Nanase - Midnight blue LIVE (con Marty Friedman)


Jason Becker: Auction for Jason and ALS research, can you help?

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)RT and spread the news: musicians, companies willing to donate some personal items and products, get in touch and contribute for Jason Becker and ALS research! Auction starts Nov 13!

NOT DEAD YET! Auction for ALS research!

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Paul Cusick: British classic multi-instrumentalist

Paul Cusick ( aka Q ), British born multi-instrumentalist, started his solo music career in 2009 with the release of his début album "Focal Point".

Previously Paul had spent years as the lead guitarist in several bands (Gabriel, Ripped & Riversea), but in 2008 his new year's resolution was to step out from behind his guitar and concentrate on his own song writing and production skills.

Focal Point was released on Paul's record label "Q Rock Records" and its success encouraged Paul to spend 2010 building a new studio in preparation for future recordings.

Paul's guitar style has been compared Steve Hackett, David Gilmour, Steve Rothery and Steven Wilson. His songs draw upon the sounds and audio landscapes created by bands such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree, Chroma Key and Nine Inch Nails. However, the long instrumental pieces that are sometimes associated with the progressive rock genre have been replaced by catchy vocal melody lines akin to those evoked by more mainstream rock artists such as Coldplay and U2.

There is no band as yet. Paul sang and played all the instruments and recorded Focal Point himself within the comfort, and solitude of his own studio. During the final days of the project Paul was joined at Fairview Studios by drummer friend Alex "The Groove Monster" Cromarty . Andy Edwards (Frost*, IQ) also made an appearance as guest drummer on the track "Touch".

Work is currently under way on album 2, a.k.a. P'dice with some samples and demos appearing on this site.

Keep up to date with Paul on his facebook page.
Latest tracks by Paul Cusick

Rob Chappers: Fender Limited Edition and Warehouse fun

Fender Limited Edition Blues Junior III in Emerald Green - Cannabis Rex Speaker

Capt Lee's Warehouse Adventure

Andy Coles, Steven Coles: Awake!

Back 4 years after their label debut, UK progressive metal act Awake return with their brand new opus 'Forever More' via Lion Music on 14th October 2011.
Taking a step onwards from their debut 'Illumination', Awake have delivered a heavier grittier sound second time round that retains the melodies and depth of its critically acclaimed predecessor. 'Forever More' also marks the first album recorded with new guitar duo, the brothers Andy and Steven Coles who have brought stability to the band not to mention bringing a new dimension to heavier sound heard on the new album.
With a score of live dates including tours with Evergrey and Magnum under their belts, not to mention live sessions on BBC Radio, Awake have been going from strength to strength in the run up to the new albums creation.
The journey for this album started around a year after 'Illumination' was released. The bands former guitarist left (Richard Hall) and the group were keen to move on with new members when writing the new album. After thorough and extensive auditioning Andy Coles joined around June 2008 and the early ideas for the new album were formed. 'Release Me' was the first song written and came from a keyboard 'riff' that Craig came in with. Steven Coles joined the band by February 2009 and a break in writing was taken for the band to go out on the road with Magnum again. After this writing resumed and the album took shape over the next year or so. Pre-production took place in February 2010, final adjustments were made (including the inclusion of female backing vocals-Jennifer Hardy), and full recording took place April/May 2010.

On 'Forever More' lyrical slant the band state, "we wanted to convey our own personal experiences with love and loss and the hardships you face when you lose someone close to you. We hope that this is something people in general can relate to and we hope they can find meaning within the songs".
Forever More is an emotional album written by musicians that are fully dedicated to Awake and pushing the boundaries of what they do. It can on one hand be perceived as a very sad album and there are moments that will touch the heart strings, but at the same time its extremely powerful and meaningful. It's an album we all can relate to and interpret for our own situation, not just in the words but also in the use of keys and guitar. 'Forever More' packs a sonic punch musically and emotionally and it's a package that will be warmly welcomed by music fans worldwide on 14th October 2011.

Awake - Forever More album teaser

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot the early years

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot the early years

News: Stunning array of Stolen Guitars... help Eric Presti get them back!

The guitars listed were stolen from a storage facility in Melville, New York between July and August of 2011. The owner, Eric Presti, is offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible and recovery of the guitars. If you have any information about any of these guitars, call Eric Presti at 1-646-331-9702, or email Eric at

Full descriptions and serial numbers of the guitars (where available) are contained with the images below. Click on any image to see a detail shot of each guitar. You can also click here to download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with all guitar info.

Fred Brum: History of the seven string guitar

Fred Brum:
Seven and eight string guitars are quite a staple in today's metal music, being used by bands like Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Scar Symetry, Periphery and many others. From progressive, rhythmic and technically challenging pieces to unashamed down tuned brutality, these guitars seem to have been carved to cater for the heavy riff hungry hordes of the heavier side of rock ever since Steve Vai's Universe first appeared on the scene. Their true origin and applications, however, go far beyond such a restrictive set of musical genres.

As music became more complex in the Baroque period, many guitarists lusted for more range in the instrument, which would enable them to write and perform music that would encompass a broader spectrum in the sonic landscape. The humble 5-course guitar, while vastly used in many forms of popular music, was not keeping up with the demands of music at the time, and its range had to be extended, and the first incarnations of the ubiquitous classical guitar appeared in the 1700's, first in 12 strings forming 6 courses, and evolving to the popular 6-string format, tuned in a variety of ways depending on the pieces themselves and which instrument they had been written for (playing lute pieces on the guitar was one of the driving forces behind the extra course) . In parallel with the universally popular 6-string, however, multiple course instruments appeared, aiming to provide the musicians with more usable range - and a more encompassing approach when it came to the sound spectrum; the first of these instruments to become popular was none other than the seven-string guitar. more

Luke Fortini: progressive tapping instrumental

Luke Fortini:
Instrumental prog metal song composed and performed by italian guitarist Luke Fortini. Diminished progression,legato and tapping tecnique.
Unexplored area is the name of this track,an idea for a videogame music,if you imagine to be in the last level and the monster is waiting for you!


Eric Maldonado: new EricGuitarTV

Eric Maldonado has a new YouTube channel... very professional looking, so don't forget to subscribe:

Paul Gilbert Style Pentatonic Lick | Lick Of The Week #1 - EricGuitarTV

Johnny Hiland: Official YouTube channel!

Johnny Hiland has a new YouTube channel. This guy is a stone cold guitar killer folks, with chops from hell and may be a little heaven too. Don't forget to subscribe to his new YouTube channel which will feature some great lesson, equipment demos and updates on road and recording news.

Official web site:
The Sound Guitar Magazine:

Johnny Hiland Welcome to my official YouTube channel!

DLS Effects Echo Tap Review

Stanley Clarke,Flea,Billy Sheehan,Stu Hamm,Marcus Miller: bass jam overloaded!


Live at Night School (2002) DVD by Stanley Clarke. Also on this DVD: George Duke, Stevie Wonder, and many great musicians...

In this video you can see:
Stanley Clarke
Flea ( Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Armand Sabbal-Lecco
Bunny Brunel
Alex Al
Billy Sheehan
Stu Hamm
Jimmy Johnson ( Lee Ritnour )
Wayman Tisdale ( fromer NBA-basketballplayer)
Brian Bomberg
Marcus Miller
and Stewart Copeland

Stanley Clarke - Flea - Billy Sheehan - Stu Hamm - Marcus Miller - Stewart Copeland - Jam

Stanley Clarke - Flea - Billy Sheehan - Stu Hamm - Marcus Miller - Stewart Copeland - Jam (2)

Barend Courbois, Jan Somers: tea time - great jamming

Barend Courbois jams with the late Jan Somers. You can find more exciting music on his Reverbnation channel:

Malina Moye: Blue Curacao on the beach!

Malina Moye:
At a late night beach party on the beautiful island Curacao, Malina jumps on stage and rocks Foxy Lady at Zanzibar.

Malina Moye Plays Foxy Lady on the Beach in Curacao

Andrea Filippone: Clockworks

Trailer #1 - Andrea Filippone esegue una sua composizione: Clockworks

Paul Antonio Ortiz,Acle Kahney,James Monteith: Chimpspanner, Tesseract tour dates

TESSERACT- Lowering The Tone UK Tour. UK tour with Chimpspanner and Uneven Structure. Be sure to visit for more dates and Facebook and it features a very rough pre-production track with their new vocalist, Elliot Coleman!

Sep 08 - Relentless Garage London, United Kingdom
Sep 09 - CF10, Cardiff University Cardiff, United Kingdom
Sep 10 - O2 Academy 2 Birmingham, United Kingdom
Sep 11 - Academy 3 Manchester, United Kingdom
Sep 12 - O2 Academy 2 Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Sep 13 - Cathouse Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 15 - Cockpit Leeds, United Kingdom
Sep 16 - Corporation Sheffield, United Kingdom
Sep 17 - Nottingham Rescue Rooms Nottingham, United Kingdom

TESSERACT- Lowering The Tone UK Tour