Fred Brum: Assassin - GV Guitars Scythe demo - magical return

Fred Brum: Taurus Dexter Octaver - Machina - super play through

Fred Brum: Retribution - Caparison GHS strings NAMM 2015

Fred Brum: Caparison C2 Series Guitars - Vengeance

Leonardo Guzman,Martin Miller, Hedras Ramos, Timo Somers,Fred Brum: Artist performances representing 16+ countries NAMM

Fred Brum: Caparison Angelus 7 demo - Ryujin

Fred Brum: Eclipse - Halo Merus 7 Evertune demo and review

Fred Brum: digital edition of Transcendence, in 320K format available!

Fred Brum: Atonement - Dedicated to the brilliant Shane Gibson

Fred Brum: professional tip of the day - People don't REQUIRE huge amounts of high end gear

Fred Brum,Per Nilsson,Francesco Filigoi: Fred's new album Transcendence is available for pre-order - Expect classy compositions

Fred Brum: GHS Strings NAMM 2014 NAMM

Fred Brum: Jaden Rose Signature Prototype - Stranded

Fred Brum: Aristides guitar and GHS strings jam NAMM 2014

Fred Brum: Pam from Loud guitars talks to Aristides Guitars NAMM

Fred Brum: Appearing at Aristides Instruments NAMM Booth #3394

Fred Brum: will be demoing the Aristides 070 at NAMM booth #3394

Fred Brum: Aristides Instruments #3394 appearance NAMM 2014

Fred Brum: - BKP Juggernauts - F.A.B. - another classy play through

Fred Brum: Aristides 070 - Katana - testing composite material on this prototype