Friday, 23 September 2011

Laurie Monk: ummm which shirt to wear?

Alex Hutchings, Daniele Gottardo, Guthrie Govan or Hedras Ramos?

You can get yours here:

News: Lick Library ‘The Modes’

"Lick Library ‘The Modes’ features tracks in the style of Slash, Van Halen, Via, Satriani and more

Lick Library have launched a DVD series covering The Modes; one of the cornerstones of music that have been used for centuries as a compositional tool and as a source for improvisation. Understanding The Modes will greatly improve your ability to improvise lead solos as well as increasing you’re your whole musical knowledge so you will be able to improvise, compose and recognise modal music.

The guitar style of Slash is used for the Ionian mode lessons including; Ionian Mode patterns, seven three note string patterns, learning how to create chords using this mode, plus play along with three licks in the style of Slash which demonstrate sequences, bending and double stops.

Each DVD in the series features tracks in the style of a different guitarist and includes a guitar jam track and licks in the style of either Slash, Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana, Yngwie Malmsteen or Michael Schenker.

Each DVD in the series is only £16.99 (RRP), or get the complete set The Modes 7 DVDs Perfect Partner set (RRP £94.99 a massive saving of over £20.00)

These DVD lessons are taught and presented by renowned guitar teacher Danny Gill, a former pupil of Joe Satriani. To find out more visit today and place your order now. Better still join the community and enjoy discounts on all their products.

Jeff Beck: Orange Amplification, Classic Rock Roll Of Honour 2011

"Orange Amplification is proud to announce they are the headline sponsor for The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour 2011, in association with The awards over its seven year history have attracted and honoured some of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen, and 2011 will be no different.

Damon Waller, Managing Director said ‘sponsoring The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour 2011 represents a perfect partnership which reflects Orange Amplification’s over forty years of rocking history in the music industry.‘

In addition to being the headline sponsor, Orange Amplification will also be sponsoring the coveted Living Legend Award, which this year goes to one of the most influential lead guitarists of all time – Jeff Beck. He is the recipient of six Grammy Awards and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, as himself, and also as a member of the Yardbirds. Presenting the award, is the host for the evening, rock god and Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. This will also be filmed for his Gene Simmons Family Jewels TV Series.

Orange Amplification endorsees Rival Sons and the Black Spiders are nominated, both for the Album of the Year Award, and Rival Sons are also nominated for the Best New Band Award.

You can vote for your favourites at

The awards will be held at the renowned Roundhouse in Camden on the 9th November 2011 and Jeff Beck and Rival Sons have been confirmed to play the awards.

To find out more about the Orange gear and their artists nominated for this years awards visit

Joe Bonamassa,Beth Hart: great live footage

Sinner's Prayer - Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart.flv

I'll Take Care of You - Joe Bonamass and Beth Hart.flv

Fletcher Barton: 11 year old jams the La Grange Solo 11 yr. old Fletcher Barton playing an improv La Grange solo with Ted Riser & The Marshall Band at Cowboy Food & Drink on July 15, 2011. Special thanks, as always, to Ross at Cowboy & to Ted & the band for having him again!
Fletcher (age 11) - La Grange Solo with Ted Riser

Fletcher (age 11) Chapman Guitars "Heart of Fire" Competition

Carlos Hernández: A Pulmon

CARLOS HERNANDEZ - A PULMON by Gutierrez Records

Eric Calderone: Sonic Meets Metal

Sonic Meets Metal

Mattias IA Eklundh: Sao Paulo - Expomusic 2011

Workshop Mathias IA - Sao Paulo - Expomusic - Parte 01

Workshop Mathias IA - Sao Paulo - Expomusic - Parte 02

Workshop Mathias IA - Sao Paulo - Expomusic - Parte 03

Workshop Mathias IA - Sao Paulo - Expomusic - Parte 04

PJ d'Atri : reveals demo track from new release

PJ d'Atri :
New song for 2012's "Zeitgeist Renegade" Album.... Enjoy

PJ d'Atri - "Tausendsassa of death"

Pedro Molina: Hayden's Big Haul Solo Competition

Hayden's Big Haul Solo Competition.Pedro Molina

Atma Anur, Jason Becker: mint condition Perpetual Burn Vinyl

A great find, mint condition Perpetual Burn Vinyl in Poland... Having fun at an Atma Anur Grouip live show.

Jason Becker Festival - Atma Anur

Atma Anur will be the one man drum machine powering the Jason Becker Tribute in Amsterdam... get your tickets on line:

Not Dead Yet site

Face Book Page

Book Tickets

Chris Broderick: six October Jackson clinics

Chris Broderick and David Ellefson will take part in six October Jackson clinics on both coasts and a couple points in between.
The dates are as follows:

Megadeth's Broderick & Ellefson Announce Jackson Clinics

Oct. 18 - Music Zoo - Roslyn, NY
Oct. 19 - Custom, Metal & Classic Guitars - Vineland, NJ
Oct. 20 - Sweetwater - Fort Wayne, IN
Oct. 25 - Spotlight Music - Ft. Collins, CO
Oct. 26 - Bizarre Guitar - Reno, NV
Oct. 27 - Guitar Trader - San Diego, CA

Jeff Loomis: Nevermore - I really just had had enough at the end!

Metal Sucks interviewed Jeff Loomis about his departure from Nevermore:
We were on the last leg of the Symphony X tour and Van and I had a talk with Warrel backstage and we told him we didn’t want to continue on with the next tour with Symphony X in the States. We wanted to take some time and regroup, so to speak, and wait for Jim to come back, since he was recovering from brain surgery. Warrel really did not like that idea, but Van and I stuck with it, thinking it was a smart move to maybe start fresh at a later date. All hell kind of broke from that [discussion], because the concert promoter [in the U.S.] got pissed off, and I heard through the grapevine that we might get sued because of it. That’s pretty much when Van and I issued a statement that we were going to depart from the band.

I really just had had enough at the end. I want to do different things musically, and I think it was just better that we left. It was quite amazing, though, with all the response we got from our fans. It’s really nice to know that we affected so many people in a positive way with our music.

So you started discussing leaving the band during that tour… at that point, for how long had you known that there were serious problems within the band?

For quite some time actually… there were many problems health-wise that were kinda getting scary. Warrel had a problem with his pancreas and diabetes back in ’05, and Jim recently underwent brain surgery to remove a small brain tumor, plus he had issues with Crohn’s disease. Sometimes Jim wasn’t able to tour because of that, and we would always have to find a replacement. Troubles happen all the time in bands, and we always dealt with them. I think that over a period of time, though, that started to kind of take a toll with never having the whole original band onstage at certain times when we were on tour. People were asking tons of questions about it, and we would do the best we could with trying to explain everything, but sometimes fans wouldn’t understand or get the real picture of what was going on. So, yes, I would say from as early on as 2005, there were issues we had to deal with, medical-wise. full interview

Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot III is 3D!!

Meat & Potatoes Creative Director Todd Gallopo walks you through the optically enhanced features of the Chickenfoot III packaging.

Chickenfoot III Packaging Walkthrough

Initial tour dates

"The 2011 Road Test Tour", the first performances in support of the band's forthcoming sophomore album, "III", due on September 27 via eOne Music in North America and in the rest of the world through earMUSIC/Edel. The tour is taking CHICKENFOOT to San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago and New York in early November. Venues and ticket on-sale information will be announced October 3.

The dates are as follows:

Nov. 01 - San Francisco, CA
Nov. 02 - Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 04 - St. Louis, MO
Nov. 05 - Chicago, IL
Nov. 08 - New York, NY

Rick Emmett: Allied Forces 30th Anniversary Edition details

Allied Forces 30th Anniversary Bundle Pre-Order!
September 19th, 2011 marks the 30th Anniversary of TRIUMPH's platinum selling album 'Allied Forces' which has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. The TRIUMPH online team has put together this fun video to take you back to the early 80's.
Take a trip down memory lane and purchase the 'Allied Forces' Merch Bundle which includes:
- Choice of Allied Forces Long Sleeve OR Short Sleeve Tee.
- Allied Forces 30th Anniversary Edition Vinyl.
- Allied Forces Digital Download Card.
- Allied Forces Signed Poster.
- Allied Forces Keychain.
+ A Letter from TRIUMPH.
Stay Connected...
http://www.TriumphMusic.comLike - - -
Radio Interview

TRIUMPH 'Allied Forces' 30th Anniversary Bundle

Steve Vai: Alien Guitar Secrets masterclasses in Australia

Steve Vai has announced that he will be teaching several Alien Guitar Secrets masterclasses in Australia in October. Dates are available below, seating is limited.

13 - Brisbane, Australia
15 - Sydney, Australia
17 - Melbourne, Australia
19 - Adelaide, Australia
20 - Perth, Australia

Steve Vai is ready to teach you all his secrets in Berkleemusic's exclusive new 12-week online course

Orianthi: "I'm a little older than 15! [laughs] You know, I've listened to School's Out!

How exactly did you hook up with Alice?

"I got an e-mail from Bob Ezrin. I worked with him on a Fefe Dobson song, and he reached me in Nashville, where I've been working on the new album. He asked me if I would be interested in joining Alice's band. I had played with Alice before – we did School's Out on American Idol – and the whole thing really appealed to me.

"It's been pretty crazy, as you can imagine, learning all of Alice's songs in a week. But I love a good challenge. Pushing yourself and digging into something new, that's what being a musician is all about."

You're what, 15 years old? How extensively do you know Alice Cooper's body of work?

"I'm a little older than 15! [laughs] You know, I've listened to School's Out, obviously, and songs like Poison, but I never really played any of the material in cover bands before. I always thought Alice was super-cool and a total originator, though.

"During the past week or so I've been manically learning the repertoire, and I've been really impressed by how well written the songs are. There's so many cool guitar parts and places for a player to stretch out. It's a lot of fun when Steve Hunter and I play together. This is unlike anything I've ever done before." more

Glen Drover,Dave Reffett: discussing September 25 Worldwide Live Concert Webcast

It was also just revealed that Glen will be touring Europe and Asia with the all-star lineup of Hail, alongside Ripper Owens on vocals, James Lomenzo on bass and Paul Bostaph on drums.

Also mark your calendars because Glen will be hitting the stage for a very special first performance of his Glen Drover Band at 3 p.m. September 25. For those of you who can’t see the show live in Canada, the concert will be streamed live worldwide at:

The live web-cast will have stellar audio and video production so tune and rock out.
The show is going to be Live at the Metalwork’s studios in mississauga, Canada and will be held in the brand new North Auditorium. If you’re in the Toronto area you will not want to miss the chance to see this live. Also featured on the show will be guitarist Dave Martone.

Here are all of the different times so you guys out there can tune in:

* Noon: Los Angeles
*3 PM: Toronto, Canada; New York; Boston
*8 PM: London, UK
*9 PM: Paris, France
*4 AM Monday: Tokyo, Japan

This is what Glen had to say about the upcoming concert:

So this show will be the very first performance of the Glen Drover Band. This has been a long time coming; you must be really excited for people to see this thing.

For sure! We are all very excited that this show is going to be a worldwide webcast. Should be lots of fun!

What can people who come to see the show live in Canada or tune in to view the live webcast expect from you and your group? What do you want the fans to walk away with?

I think the people who see the show will certainly see how talented the musicians I’m working with really are, and will be able to see how well we work together as a unit, as well as seeing how much fun we have doing it!

Russ Parrish: You stay classy Steel Panther

The release of Balls Out has been pushed back to October 31st in the UK, and November 1st in North America. "We aren’t happy about the extra two week wait, but the move was out of our control," says the band. "Look at it this way – now you have more reason to whip your balls out on Halloween! Chicks are always out on Halloween seeking that perfect set of testicals to place on their face! Now you have a legitimate reason to make that happen! And if you’re feeling really ballsy, come celebrate the release and Halloween at the House of Blues Sunset with the Panther!"

"Damn the record companies! We tried everything to cheer Lexxi up; hookers, blow, new spandex… even a fresh can of AquaNet, but Balls Out getting pushed back to Oct. 31st was too much."

So here's the new cover... good to see Steel Panther staying classy.

Balls Out tracklisting:

'In The Future'
'Supersonic Sex Machine'
'Just Like Tiger Woods'
'17 Girls In A Row'
'If You Really Really Love Me'
'It Won’t Suck Itself'
'Tomorrow Night'
'Why Can’t You Trust Me'
'That’s What Girls Are For'
'Gold Digging Whore'
'I Like Drugs'
'Let Me Cum In'
'Weenie Ride'

The first single from the album in North America will be '17 Girls In A Row'. The first single from Balls Out in the UK will be 'If You Really, Really Love Me'.

Elias Viljanen: Sonata Arctica DVD release date slips

Sonata Arctica:
"Due to some techical problems which were out of our hands, the new release-dates for our DVD Live In Finland are November 9th for Japan and November 11th for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, enjoy this live-video of 'The Last Amazing Grays' made from the DVD show."

Devin Townsend: Unplugged UK dates

Devin Townsend has announced a string of UK unplugged dates in late November.

Unplugged - The Second Coming dates, with special guest DAVE MCPHERSON, include:

15 - University - Newcastle, England
16 - Corporation - Sheffield, England
17 - O2 Academy 2 - Leicester, England
18 - The Sugarmill - Stoke-On-Trent, England

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush Hashanah shows

VH1 Classic set to deliver a 24-hour marathon of Canada's greatest music export, Rush . Rush Hashanah begins Wednesday, September 28th at 7 PM* and features the world premiere of Rush: Time Machine. Live from Cleveland, Rush: Time Machine delivers the first live performance of the entire Moving Pictures album and other fan favorites from their many celebrated albums. The Rush extravaganza will include unforgettable concerts, performances and a behind-the-scenes look into the phenomenal 40-year career.

Beginning Wednesday, September 28th at 7 PM and ending on Thursday, September 29th at 7 PM the Rush takeover on VH1 Classic will give viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in all things Rush. With a glimpse into the renowned band's life with the award-winning VH1 Rock Doc Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and Classic Albums 2112 and Moving Pictures, there is no portion of Rush's legacy that will go unseen. Relive throwback hits with memorable concerts including the world premiere of Rush: Time Machine and other hit concerts including Rush In Rio and R30.

Additional information for Rush Hashanah below:

* Classic Albums: Rush 2112 and Moving Pictures premieres Wednesday, September 28th at 7 PM ET/PT
* Rush: Time Machine premieres Wednesday, September 28th at 8 PM ET/PT
* Rock Doc: Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage premieres Wednesday, September 28th at 10:30 PM ET/PT
* Classic In Concert: Rush: R30 premieres Thursday, September 29th at 1 AM ET/PT
* Classic In Concert: Rush In Rio premieres Thursday, September 29th at 12 PM ET/PT more