PJ d'Atri: BWV 1003 Allegro

PJ d'Atri: Live in Leipzig

PJ d'Atri: Johann Sebastian Bach - Recital for Lute

PJ d'Atri: BACHIANA playing the "Allegro" of the concerto in D Major BWV1053 by JS Bach

PJ d'Atri: Ultraboss - Get Ready from the upcoming debut album - Kyrie Electron synth wave

PJ d'Atri: Johann Sebastian Bach - Practice: Partita in A Minor - BWV 1013

PJ d'Atri: recording new material with a host of great guitar players.

PJ d'Atri: Studio diary - Sneak peek at lead guitar recording

PJ d'Atri: Dreaming away on my Jason Becker guitar! Carvin Kiesel JB200

PJ d'Atri: BWV 848 & BWV 29 with Kurt Gold - Bachiana

PJ d'Atri: Monkey Minded Guitar Man - CAESAR GUITARS.

PJ d'Atri: The Interview - September 2016 - discusses upcoming albums, live performances and more

PJ d'Atri: Smoke This! shredding it up live in Vienna 2016

PJ d'Atri, Kurt Gold: Bachiana - J.S.Bach - BWV 29 "Sinfonia" - stunning performance

Peter Ema, Michael T. Ross, Mike LePond, Miko Thatcher, PJ d'Atri, Jani J. Szentkiralyi, Dave Reffett: Friends of Jason EP

Peter Ema, Mike LePond, Atma Anur: Friends of Jason announce details of upcoming CD to support Jason Becker

PJ d'Atri: Bach BWV 1053 Allegro - Training for the show... just sensational!!

PJ d'Atri: Bach - the new album - probably the finest electric interpretation of Bach's music anywhere in the world!

PJ d'Atri: Bach makes cat sleepy.

PJ d'Atri: plays Bach - BWV 29 Cantata- another stunning classical interpretation