Friday, 7 October 2011

Gaspar Muntwyler: La cancion del guerrero

La cancion del guerrero (solo) - Rata Blanca by Gaspar Muntwyler

Randy Hanson: special video comp from 2011

This is a challenge to anyone interested, to create a similarly intense, dramatic, and impressive compilation of footage of an electric guitarist FROM A SINGLE PERFORMANCE in 2011. This will require not only good filming(and luck), but also to have a subject as captivating and special as the performer shown here....Mr. Randy Hansen.
Obviously, opinions will vary at to what is considered 'intense" or "impressive", From my point of view, though, this clip is probably going to be my best of 2011.

The most killer 2.5 minutes of Guitar footage on Youtube - A challenge...

Ivan Mihaljevic: Your Plane Flew Away

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects - Your Plane Flew Away

Brian Carroll: Buckhead Bass Slapping

Bucket Head 9-7-11on Bass & Guitar jam

Buckethead at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Buckethead at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Michael Lee Firkins: had an incident with a Pitt Bull

I missed this one, I think Michael is OK

Michael Lee Firkins Ok here goes: I wont be able to make the 2 shows this weekend. I had an incident with a Pitt Bull today. I just got out of surgery-The Doctor says i will heal fine. I'm really lucky as this dog could have held on to my face and i would not be OK. Stiches on my upper lip to put me back together. I guess when you have it too good, the man says- SIT DOWN BOY! and SHUT YOUR MOUTH! It all happens for a reason I guess. SORRY

Pedro Santos: Gibson Les Paul Studio

Pedro Santos "Gibson Les Paul Studio" - Andy James INTERLUDE

Promo EP "IRIDIUM - Volver a nacer" 10/2011.

Marco Sfogli,Adam Nitti: solo record coming along nicely

Marco Sfogli Adam Nitti just recorded bass for one of my upcoming solo record tracks...he shined as always! Thanks Adam

Come and see the great and majestic Macro Sfogli in Amsterdam

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Mirko Quaglio: funk Cmin

Mirko Quaglio:
practicing funk over a Cmin backing track

funk Cmin

Tony MacAlpine, Dave Reffett: Guitar World interview

Interview: Tony MacAlpine Discusses Gear and Tone and Answers Readers' Questions: For this week's column, I had a talk with guitar legend Tony MacAlpine about the heavy tone on his new self-titled album; and he answers some of your questions. Enjoy!

Who are some of your all-time favorite artists?

Johnny Winter has been at the top of my list forever. George Benson has been at the top of the list forever. Steve Vai. There is a wealth of players that opened up so much and they are all so varied.

I really like Vinnie Moore a whole lot; he is one of my favorite guitar players. You played keyboards on his record The Maze. What was that like working with Vinnie?

Well, Vinnie and I, it’s interesting. We just came back from New Zealand and we finally did a live show over there for the Gtaranaki Festival. In all the years we've recorded in our groups and did things like that along those lines, we had never actually played together. So that was the first time and we've been friends for almost longer than the time we've actually been recording. So it's a good thing; he's a good guy.

So I'm curious: You do so much; you know, you're a guitar player, you play keyboards, all kinds of stuff. Are there ever going to be vocals from you?

There was, yeah. I did a vocal record years ago. It was a period in time when I was coming in and out, doing different types of things, different styles of things, you know. Like I had worked with Ring Of Fire for a while and I wanted to get involved and kind of do some different aspects of things and I did this record called Master Of Paradise. more

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm: live in Argentina 2011

Greg Howe Argentina 2011 - Apertura.MP4


Greg Howe en Argentina


Lorenzo Venza: melodic solo through changes

Lorenzo Venza - melodic solo through changes

Utopia - It's not our place(2010 Ice and Knives)

Utopia - Ice and knives (ice and knives 2010 - Anteo Records)

Tom Quayle: rhythmic phrasing

Tom Practicing - working on rhythmic phrasing (with rubbish bits!) -

Dave Reeves: Hearing modes pt3. Mixolydian

Dingle's guitar clinic: Hearing modes pt3. Mixolydian

Istvan Alapi: announces niXfactor new CD

The New Album " niXfactor " will available

Istvan Alapi:
The New Album " niXfactor " will avaible in shops 24. of october 2011. 12. brand new fusion compositions! more

Dave Kilminster: Steve Vai - For The Love Of God - intro lesson

Learn how to play For The Love Of God on guitar with Dave Kilminster in this guitar lesson available by following the link this sample guitar lesson you will learn how to play a part of the intro to For The Love God.
For the FULL guitar lesson head to
This lesson is also available on the dvd Learn To Play Steve Vai Volume 2. This DVD is taught by Dave Kilminster and Guthrie Govan. Learn to Play Steve Vai Volume 2 inlcudes guitar lessons on how to play For The Love Of God, Shy Boy, Tender Surrender and Attitude Swing.
For more info on this DVD head to
Steve Vai - For The Love Of God - Intro Guitar Lesson With Dave Kilminster Licklibrary

David Wallimann: Overture

Using Native Instrument's Massive synth from the new Komplete package.
This is the opening song from a concept album I'm working on. The song is called Overture.

Tracking Pads for Next Album

Desiree Bassett,Dickey Betts: In Memory of Liz Reed

Dickey Betts and Desiree' Bassett - In Memory of Liz Reed


Desiree & Barry - All Along the Watchtower.mpg7

Desiree Bassett and Fran Cosmo - Peace of Mind - Boston

Pedro Santos: Gibson Studio White Alpine

Pedro Santos "Gibson Studio White Alpine" Andy James INTERLUDE

Vernon Neilly,Carlos Lichman: ExpoMusic 2011

Vernon Neilly and Carlos Lichman in ExpoMusic 2011

Tiago Della Vega: endorses D'Addario

Tiago Della Vega

Country: Brazil
The Brazilian guitarist Tiago Della Vega, for long time the fastest guitar player in the world, now official endorses D'Addario strings. Full details and his impressions on the D'Addario website.

A D’Addario Fretted player since 1992.

Considered for many years by specialized critics as the world’s fastest guitarist, Della Vega got the title of the Guinness Book in 2009 as officially the fastest guitar player of the planet, this title remains intact until the present days. His videos on Youtube exceeded the mark of 30 million hits, Tiago Della Vega is without doubt the Brazilian musician of instrumental music that had more exposure in the media nowadays. With his first solo album titled Hybrid he already passed by countries such as Japan, The United States and many European countries, in addition he also passed by 35 Brazilian cities, recording more than 100 TV shows in his Brazilian Tour. Tiago is featured annually in major events such as CES and NAMM in United States, and the Cannes Film Festival in France. He is acclaimed by music magazines around the world as the new phenomenon of music, being featured in numerous magazines and TV programs in Japan, United States and several European countries. Nowadays, he represents huge brands, brands like D´addario, Intel Corporation, Orange Amplifiers, Dimarzio, Ovation and TC Electronic. Della Vega is currently recording his second album which will launch in September 2011.

Ron Jarzombek: Blotted Science - The Animation Of Entomology new CD

Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCE, WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, TERRESTRIAL EXILED) has posted the following update on his website:

The wait is finally over!

BLOTTED SCIENCE - 'The Animation Of Entomology' is officially here! After two years of carefully syncing, writing and recording music to roaches crawling out of mouths, slugs into mouths, worms getting sliced open, slugs getting strangled, wasps pulverizing faces, and tarantulas being shot to death, we’re DONE!

Somebody owes me a Goldschlager…..

Usually with any release that I’m part of, whether it’s on my own, or in a band/project context, I have a specific direction of how I hope things turn out, and this is another one that was absolutely nailed. Putting together these long distant recordings always involves a tremendous amount of time, discipline, communication, and motivation, and once again we wrote and completed another recording without the 3 of us ever having been in the same room together. While putting this all together was a bitch and a half, working with Alex (Webster; CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Hannes (Grossmann;OBSCURA) has been beyond exhilarating!

As many of you know, all 24-plus minutes of the EP are a musical score to some type of bug movies. We will reveal the first one at my YouTube channel next Friday. We’ll miss Friday the 13th by one day, but hopefully this viewing will be creepy enough for you. And so until the video appears, enjoy the audio. I realize that it all may be beyond wacky at this point, but it all will soon make perfect sense.
In the meantime, you can get the digital download from iTunes or Amazon (Rhapsody, eMusic, etc. should follow shortly) or grab a physical copy of the EP from CD Baby or IndieMerch (who will also be our official merch company from now on; new shirts will be arriving soon), or directly from me Apologies to those that pre-ordered the CD (& T-shirt) from IndieMerch and are still waiting for their stuff. Unfortunately, we ran into a manufacturing issue with the CDs along the way which delayed everything by about a week. Many thanks to the fans who have already picked up the EP. The support is greatly appreciated! To those who choose to rip us off by illegally downloading, I hope a black widow spider bites you tonight while you're sleeping.......

Up next for me is what I started working on several years ago. Yep, the instructional guitar DVDs. And this time, I’m not going to let a band project push them aside. I’ve had WAY too many people ask me about them over the past few years - it’s time to make them my priority. They were first shelved for the first BLOTTED SCIENCE CD, ‘The Machinations Of Dementia’, then a year and a half of trying to complete ‘Mathematics’ with WATCHTOWER and having it fall apart for a fourth time (in a nutshell - we managed to complete the 'Size of Matter' digital single around the time we played the Keep It Truefestival in Germany last year only to run into singer issues yet again. We tried to find someone who could work with the material and it went nowhere. First with Jason (McMaster), then with Alan (Tecchio), Stu Block, then back with Alan again. Didn’t work. Maybe we’ll try again in another 4 years.....). Then over the last couple of years, my main focus has been the ‘Animation’ EP.

In any case, there were already three instructional DVDs in the works featuring SPASTIC INK, ‘Machinations’ and RJ solo material. Now I am adding the DVD which will include all guitar playing and theory for the just released BLOTTED SCIENCE EP. If you guys are sick of all the bug stuff - it’s just starting…..! Since I will be taking apart everything guitar on the DVD it will appropriately be called ‘Dissecting Bugs’. For the EP, we used another 12-tone system, this one called ’12 Tones In Fragmented Rows’ and I was amazed at how well it worked for this material. Its use will be fully demonstrated and animated in the DVD. The DVD will be along the same lines as the 'Oscillation Cycles' video that I posted a while back, but I may have a bug mask on or have some scorpions crawling on my guitar as I'm playing.

Finally, I have received quite a few inquiries about online guitar lessons. Right now, I am only doing private live-in-person lessons 5 days a week at two locations here in San Antonio, but am thinking about getting into online lessons. If/when this happens, I will post any info on all of my sites.

That's about it for now.......


For more info visit:

Mike Keneally,Doug Lunn:The Doug Lunn Project

Doug Lunn (Bass); Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums - All Tracks); Mike Keneally (Guitar - 5); Peter Maunu (Guitar - 1,2,3,4); Dimitris Mahlis (Guitars - 6); George Bernardo (Mallet Percussion)

2011 Release from acclaimed bassist Doug Lunn. Based out of Los Angeles, Doug have recently performed with Alex Machacek and Terry Bozzio and have a phenomenal history of performing with many. On his solo outing you can hear Vinnie Colaiuta on drums on all tracks along with Mike Keneally, Peter Maunu.

Bio (Doug Lunn)

Doug Lunn is a multi-instrumentalist performer/composer who specializes on 5 string fretless electric bass. He has appeared on over 100 recordings with artists including Bruce Springsteen, Mark Isham, David Torn, Andy Summers, and numerous film and TV soundtracks. He's been the bassist/percussionist and musical director with Peter Buffett's multi-media show "Spirit-The 7th Fire" on it's PBS special, CD, and 3 national tours. Doug was the co-leader and featured composer for the critically acclaimed band "Fire Merchants" with guitarist John Goodsall(Brand X) and drummers Chester Thompson, Chad Wackerman, and Toss Panos. He also toured Europe in 1997 with the trio "Subject/Object" which included drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and guitarist David Torn. Doug recently recorded music for the movie "Taladega Nights" with guitarists Wayne Kramer(MC5) and Tom Morello(Rage Against the Machine). He is a member of the group "Out Trio" with drummer Terry Bozzio and Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek. In the last year he's performed in the USA and Europe with the Chad Wakerman Trio along with guitarist Mike Miller. They have a new DVD coming out on the Drum Channel.

Other artists/groups Doug has performed and/or recorded with include-L Shankar, John Abercrombie, Paul McCandles, Don Cherry, Sting, Chaka Kahn, Steven Stills, Martha Davis/The Motels, Wayne Kramer, Mike Keneally, Reeves Gabrels, Empire Brass, Richard Thompson, Dave Liebman, Nels Cline, Kevin Gilbert, Buddy Guy, Art Lande, Axiom of Choice, Eddie Henderson, Tony Basil, Mick Farren/The Deviants, Patrick Moraz, Mike Clark, Brand X, Bette Midler, Ed Mann, Jimmie Spheeris, Brian Adams, Eddie Jobson, Michael Des Barres, Joey Ramone, John Sinclair/Blues Scholars, Tanzi(the musical-1984), Vida Vierra, Sylvia St James, Zoo Drive, Robert Mirabal, Armen Chakmakian, Left-Right-Left, Lyle Workman, Warren Cuccurullo, Podunk Nowhere, Gilby Clarke, Umphrey's McGee, Lydia Lunch, Jerry Cantrell, Kofi Baker and numerous others.

Doug was a member of the house band on the late night "Dennis Miller Show" on over 150 TV shows in 1992. He was also a performer and musical director for the award winning "Friends & Artists Theatre Ensemble"(F.A.T.E.). Doug spent many years as the percussionist and music director for "Swing Brazil Dance Company" and was involved with the organization and production of the 3rd and 4th versions of the "World Festival of Sacred Music" during September/October 2005 and 2008 in Los Angeles.

Doug Lunn fronts his own band "Retrophobia".

Jeff Richman: The Line Up

Jeff Richman/Mitchel Forman/Joel Taylor/Dean Taba

The Line Up

Guitarist Jeff Richman is proud to be releasing his 17th solo album of original compositions. Jeff decided to use his absolute favorite musicians to record this new 'band' album. The name of the group is Chatterbox amd it features Mitch Forman on keyboards, Joel Taylor on drums, Dean Taba on bass and Jeff on guitars. The variety of Jeff's original, unique compositions include the hard hitting rocking The Line Up to the lush melodic ballad Window To The Heart. This group of musicians play so well together it's remarkable! There are three spontaneous 'jams' that are truly gems created in the moment

Derryl Gabel: Outside Secrets Part 4 DVD

Outside Secrets Part 4 DVD
In this one hour video we will take a look at the diminished scale and its applications regarding the dominant and minor 7th chords. I also share with you a vast array of concepts and licks using economy and sweep picking, legato runs, and even tapping. This time I have included on screen fretboard diagrams to make it even easier to follow along! Besides getting the transcriptions of all 75 examples you will also get the fretboard diagrams and backing tracks to help you practice applying all the new ideas you will learn.     

Here are a few clips from the DVD
 OS4 DVD Promo Ad
 "One Day" from the Blu-Ray Edition  
To order the Blu-ray Edition go to the Store page of my site to place your order. 

Standard DVD Price: $35.00  
Blu-Ray Price: $45.00 

John Petrucci,Jordan Rudess: MusicPlayer interview bills itself as "The Online Magazine For Serious Musicians," so you know when they get access to members of Dream Theater, it's gonna be an in-depth conversation. They've just published interviews with guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and there's a lot of discussion of the creative process in both, but there's also a lot of hardcore gear talk.

Says Petrucci about the band's goals going into the record, "The conversations we were having is, we said, listen, when we go in, the focus is we want to make a record that’s big, that’s well crafted. We want to play on the strengths of the band, the originality of the band. What is it that makes Dream Theater unique and special? And to try to go in those directions sort of farther than we ever have. So we had conversations like, you know, if we’re going to have a big, beautiful, soaring moment, then let’s make it the most cinematic moment that we can. Let’s really work on it, not only in the compositional sense, but also in the production, the sound, the way that it’s mixed and everything."

Rudess describes the songwriting process, saying, "In some ways, things really didn’t change, because John Petrucci and I have had this great writing chemistry through the years, and we maintained that into the new album, but of course, we got to focus in on that even more this time. It was mostly us just kind of writing all this music. It was a very focused process. We really took our time. A lot of times I would just go and I would grab my music paper and I would sit and just develop an idea. The vibe was really, really good. "

Go read both interviews in full:

John Petrucci

Jordan Rudess

Jeff Kollman,Marco Mendoza: gig, new albums and live show!

Jeff Kollman (COSMOSQUAD, GLENN HUGHES, BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, MOGG/WAY) will be teaming up with bassist/vocalist Marco Mendoza (THIN LIZZY, TED NUGENT, WHITESNAKE) and drummer Joel Taylor (ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, AL DI MEOLA) for an exclusive show at Alva's Showroomin San Pedro, CA on October 7.

Kollman will support his latest release, PERVADELICS - 'Songs For Pervs', with a show at Howl At The Moon at Universal City Walk in Universal City, CA on November 16. Pervadelics features Kollman on guitar and lead vocals, along with co-guitarist Michael 'Fish' Herring, bassist Jesse Stern, and drummer Jono Brown.

Kollman's long-running progressive metal/fusion triumvirate COSMOSQUAD is set to start tracking their fourth studio album in mid-November. The follow-up to 2007's 'Acid Test' will feature co-founding member Shane Gaalaas (B'Z, GLENN HUGHES, MSG, DIESEL MACHINE) on drums and mark the debut of bassist extraordinaire Ric Fierabracci (PLANET X, FRANK GAMBALE, CHICK COREA). The album is slated for a spring 2012 release.

Last but not least, Kollman has been working on a tribute to Irish guitar legend GARY MOORE who passed away on February 6 of this year. Titled 'Silence In The Corridor' in reference to Moore's classic 1982 solo album, 'Corridors Of Power', the track will be released as a digital single before the end of the year.

For more info visit:

Marco Sfogli: Still hurts

Marco Sfogli - Still hurts (live at a guitar clinic)

Just imagine how awesome Marco Sfogli is going to be with an awesome backing band... imagine you in front of that band... well imagine no more... get you ticket fro the Jason Becker Fest.

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News: Guitar TV special show live from Steve Vai's Mothership Studios announced

GuitarTV is on a roll with doing live broadcasts and have a very special one planned for this coming Monday, October 10th @ PDT.

We're doing a "Live Guitar Lesson" on GuitarTV with the instructors from Live from Steve Vai's Mothership Studios in Hollywood!

Joop Wolters, Stephen Ross, Milan Polak, Rick Graham, Eric Maldonado: The Fellowship of The Strings

Hi guys, beeing a strong believer in the 4seasons pickups made me setup this video, made a guidetrack and did several evenings of video and audio mixing on this presenting here some of the fabulous 4seasonspickup users..!!
make sure to check out
eric maldonado: polak: graham: ross: wolters:


Richard Hinks: Aeon Zen have released a live audio recording

Aeon Zen have released a live audio recording of their performance at 013 in Tilburg (NL) on 29th March 2011 from their European tour supporting the Devin Townsend Project.

The sounds is taken directly from the mixing desk, no tweaks, no overdubs, just a pure live performance.

You can name whatever price you want for the album, so please support the band and donate, no matter how much.

You can get it here:


There will be more cool stuff to come soon...

Rich Hinks

Aeon Zen

News: Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012 dates

Save the date for the highlight of the music industry! 21 - 24 March 2012. Frankfurt am Main:
Musikmesse is the leading international fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and music connections.

In 2011 Musikmesse set the trend for the business year with over 1,500 exhibitors from 50 countries.

Over 75,000 visitors from around the world were amazed to find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussion events.

Musikmesse is where all innovations are presented to international visitors at the same time and place. The 2012 event is set to give yet another exciting presentation of its strength.

Save the date for the most important trade fair for the music industry and be in Frankfurt from March 21 - 24 2012! more

Marcos De Ros: Capricho Infernal - Peças de Bravura

Capricho Infernal - Marcos De Ros - TV Show - Peças de Bravura

Istvan Alapi: Laney TT50 Demonstration

Istvan Alapi - Laney TT50 Demonstration at "Hangfoglalás" Exhibition, Budapest 2011.

Atma Anur, Florian Hofer: Bottom Of The Sea

The title track from the debut independent EP of the stadium funk-rock band Mothership. Co-written by Florian Hofer and drummer/producer Atma Anur, the band plans live shows and more recording for a full length CD early in 2012. This track also features Tomasz Bura on keys and Ricky Wolking on bass

BOTTOM OF THE SEA - Bottom of The Sea (Mothership) by atma anur

See Atma Anur at Jason Becker Fest

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Paul Gilbert: Ibanez Fireman

Paul Gilbert:
"Burning tones scream out of this guitar! The FRM100TR is more shocking proof that Ibanez listens to what guitar players want. In this case, the guitarist was ME. It all started when I flipped their Iceman body upside down, renamed it the FIREMAN, and created a guitar that looks like an electric brontosaurus. I demanded a beefy set-neck and a Tight-Tune bridge for maximum sustain and solid feel. Big, natural tones come from the DiMarzio® Injector™ pickups on the outside and an Area 67™ in the middle. I chose tall frets to make bending and vibrato easy and the intonation accurate. The knobs are out of the way, so I don’t bump into them when I attack the strings. And most importantly, the Fireman inspires me to play ALL THE TIME. You know what to do. Pick one up and ROCK!"

Sam Bell: new riff ideas

For those curious of how writing is going for the project with Olly Steele, sorry for the fateful quality of the video, just to show what I have been up to in terms of bits off riffs that i am writing at this moment!

New Riff Idea (5/10/11)