Friday, 9 December 2011

Marc Rizzo: The Jazzy Kraken

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Today's lick is adapted from the ending of the track "Release the Kraken," from Marc Rizzo's solo album, "Legionnaire." It's a jazzy phrase that implies a Bm7 chord with some precise picking, based on the B blues scale (B D E F F♯ A B), and also shifts chromatically up to Cm7.

With the exception of bar 4, the lick is played entirely in seventh position and utilizes a combination of alternate picking and rigid hammer-ons to create a more solid structure in the usually looser confines of jazz. 

The first four notes of the lick make a great little pattern to practice repeatedly with alternate picking to ensure that your left and right hands are in sync. Try to make sure the change from the seventh fret to the ninth is locked exactly to each downstroke. It may seem repetitive, but it's a fantastic accuracy drill!

The Bm7 chord at the end of bars 2, 6 and 8 is most easily fretted by barring your ring finger across the D, G and B strings at the seventh fret, then adding in your middle finger at the seventh fret on the low E and using the fleshy side of that finger to mute the unused A string. 

Bar 4 shifts the chord shape up a half step, to Cm7, and is played with the same "grip" as the Bm7 chord, except you add a high D note at the 10th fret of the high E string, which makes it a minor nine chord (Cm9). Try to allow the notes to ring together as much as possible in this bar to provide a contrast to the short, sharp bursts of notes elsewhere in the lick.

Bar 8 ends the lick with a brief whole-tone phrase played in seventh position, stretching up to the 11th fret, and running down to G (B string, eighth fret) before wrapping up with a Cm7 chord left to ring, followed by a return to Bm7 and a descending slide-off.

The tempo is 152 beats per minute, 100 for slow practice.

Lick of the Day - Marc Rizzo - The Jazzy Kraken

Davide Montorsi: tea, jam.., the power of early morning fusion

Test Mesa Stiletto Deuce

Morning Jam

Jamming over the solo section of "Bad Boys" (whitesnake - Live in the still of the night)) \m/

Jerome Dineen: time to burn your guitar

Another 16 year old forces your to burn you guitar before Christmas

Guthrie Govan // Shawn Lane // Tom Quayle Fusion licks

Carlos Vamos: great improvising over Human Nature

Carlos Vamos Concert for a Painted Audience 3 - Improvising over Human Nature

Guthrie Govan: Professor Shred #5

Guthrie Govan - Professor Shred #5 - Part 1

Guthrie Govan - Professor Shred #5 - Part 2

Vladimir Maisiuk: Vladimir Maisiuk 2011

Vladimir Maisiuk On "Vladimir Maisiuk " Festival

Jon Paget: One of the best tributes to Shawn Lane

Audioize "Song for Shawn" performed by Jon Paget 7/10/10 at Mirror Image Studios, Anaheim, CA

Shawn Lane is gone...
He won't be back again
His music was from the heart
His playing from the brain...
Thanks for a great tribute, moves me to tears every time I hear it.

Song for Shawn.mpg

Alex Masi remembers, "This entity that appeared out of nowhere and almost materialized but not quite... Shawn Lane, one of those mysteries that are made all the more mysterious by their transcendental qualities that place them halfway between dream and reality. Playing guitar for Shawn wasn't necessarily the ultimate goal as much as it was a 'symptom' of his being... somebody said that he could have done great things in pretty much any field he decided to tackle, and I believe that as well... his vast knowledge of so many varied subjects is now the stuff of legends, and it's all true. Sure, he was the supreme beast on the guitar but he was in a category created uniquely for him and never to be acccessed again by other players. There will never be another Shawn Lane, just like there will never be another Van Gogh. It wasn't the speed, the choice of notes, the touch, the tone, the vibrato, the fact that he could blaze on the piano, his photographic memory, his superior intellect, his oblique sense of humour, his childlike kindness... it was all these things - plus that elusive quality that placed him in that strange area located halfway between dream and reality." Volume II feature contributions from Roger Staffelbach, Torben Enevoldsen, Masi and Patrik Carlsson, among others. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Fusion/Shred), total running time, 63:04

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Little Cowboy

Tomasz Andrzejewski - Little Cowboy (Vgs Demo, Laboga Demo, Radioactive,Denander)

Franck Hermanny: joins google plus

Join Franck Hermanny Please add the nicest of bass players to your circle!

Thomas Lang,Billy Cobham: School Of Drums

It's Official. The Thomas Lang School of Drums and Billy Cobham School of Drums are now liveon the ArtistWorks Drum Academy. Thomas and Billy are ready to teach you their drumming secrets.
Learn directly from Thomas Lang and
Billy Cobham anytime and anywhere.

Andy James: play like John Petrucci

Lick Library and Andy James have focused on the stunning techniques of virtuoso guitarist John Petrucci to bring you Quick Licks John Petrucci Progressive Shredding in Em (RRP £19.99).

John Petrucci, a founding member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater, is widely respected for his prodigious technique and a gift of engaging melodies. His stock in trade is his astounding ability to weave high-speed alternate picking around complex chord changes. Along with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, John has helped elevate instrumental rock and heavy metal guitar to a whole new level.

Andy James is the UK’s own shredder extraordinaire, lead guitarist with the band Sacred Mother Tongue and respected Lick Library teacher. He has created more than 40 killer licks in the style of John Petrucci’s guitar playing, which can be put together to make a solo that can be played over the backing tracks included on the guitar tuition DVD. The solo incorporates all the ferocious melodies associated with John Petrucci’s style of playing, in a well though out, structured piece of music. Techniques covered in the guitar lessons are alternate picking, sweeping and string skipping. Andy breaks down each lick, showing you each note and explaining what he is doing as he plays. You can clearly see what each of his hands is doing at the same time, with the Lick Library spilt screen presentation.

Once you have learnt these incredible licks you can take them, use them in your own music and as well as developing your soloing to a new level.

News: House Of Shakira new album sampler

The new album “HoS” marks the recording debut of new vocalist Andreas Novak in the band and features 13 tracks full of the lush melodic vocal orchestrations and rocking backings make this most complete House of Shakira album yet.

House of Shakira – HoS is released on 27th January 2012 through Lion Music.

House of Shakira - HoS (album sampler) by LionMusicRecordLabel

News: six keyboard albums every guitar fan should have in their collection

Jordan Rudess | Rhythm of Time

A solo CD from the Dream Theater keyboardist from Magna Carta. Special guests on the new album are: Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore (whose album, Time Odyssey was one of Rudess' first pro jobs), Greg Howe, Kip Winger & Daniel J (his protege) among others. Dave Larue contributes bass guitar and Rod Morgenstein is back to play all the drums! Worth buying for the Greg Howe and Vinnie Moore solos alone!

Alex Argento | Ego

Packed full of the best rock fusion and a cast of the best Italian guitar players, this is a must for high quality rock fusion fans. The album features Alex Argento, Marco Sfogli, Fabrizio Leo, Alessandro Benvenuti and John Reshard on Bass

Jens Johansson | Fission

Jens Johansson describes, in a FAQ on his site, a unique series of mishaps that happened during the album production. That sheer string of bad luck included equipment breaking up, loss of previously recorded material, and the studio being flooded during a heavy thunderstorm. Since the deadline for the album's release couldn't be postponed, but with Shawn Lane and Mike Stern in the mix you still get a hyper UK feel to the record. Look out for the Japanese version with addition Shawn Lane track.

Jens Johansson, Allan Holdsworth | Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery is a collaborative studio album by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, keyboardist Jens Johansson and drummer Anders Johansson, released in 1996 through Heptagon Records (Europe), and in 1997 through Shrapnel Records (United States) and Pony Canyon, Inc. (Japan). Stunning guitar interplay between Holdsworth and Johansson, a rock fusion fans delight.

Lalle Larsson | Infinity Of Worlds

Awesome keyboard player Lalle Larsson in my opinion is the Allan Holdsworth of keyboards. This album features stunning keyboard solos and complex compositions and the guitar playing of Stefan Rosquist and legato guitar maven Richard Hallebeek.

Derek Sherinian | Mythology

Derek Sherinian proved that he is one of the most ferocious and creative keyboard players in the world. Now with the release of his latest opus, Mythology, Derek again surrounds himself with some of the greatest talent from the worlds of rock and jazz. He takes the listener on a roller-coaster ride of musical passion that features the incredible talents of Steve Lukather (Toto), Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck, The Who), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), Grammy award winner Steve Stevens (Bill Idol), John Sykes (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) and Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dixie Dregs) ans Lord Allan Of Holdsworth! Stand out cut features Zakk Wylde and Allan Holdsworth slugging out with Derek Sherinian on "Day Of The Dead"... this is guitar as it is meant to be.
Also recommended

Oceana Derek Sherinian

Planet X Derek Sherinian |

Geddy Lee: Billboard interview

What moved you to perform "Moving Pictures" in its entirety on the Time Machine tour?
We thought that was the perfect time, and the perfect album to do that with. Because I guess it would be considered our quintessential album, and it was the 30th anniversary of that album being released. It also gave us the opportunity to play an 11-minute song on that album called "The Camera Eye," which we had never really embraced as a live song.

Would you consider doing that with any other classic Rush album?
I certainly would. We really enjoyed that whole experience. We played for three hours -- you can tuck a 45-minute album in there and still play lots of new things and lots of other things. If we were really out of our minds, we would attempt something like [1978's] "Hemispheres." If Rush has a cult following, within that cult following there's a following for "Hemispheres" [laughs]. I'm not sure we're up for that one, but I could see us doing "2112." more

Rush: Leave that thing alone Time Machine Tour 2011 Birmingham

Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine: namm live show announced

NAMM Jam 2012 featuring sets by Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine & Bruce Kulick
Neon Max, Punch
Sat, January 21, 2012
Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 7:45 pm
$18 adv; $23 day of show

Marc Rizzo: Soulfly new CD details

"Enslaved" as the title of Soulfly's eighth album, due on March 13, 2012 via Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at Tallcat Studios in Phoenix, Arizona and was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris, the seasoned knob twiddler behind some of the most notable bands in metal today, such as SHADOWS FALL, HATEBREED, THE RED CHORD and more. SOULFLY vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera also shared production duties.

Track titles are as follows:

* Resistance
* World Scum
* Intervention
* Gladiator
* Legions
* American Steel
* Redemption Of Man By God
* Treachery
* Plata O Plomo
* Revengeance
* Chains
* Slave
* Bastards
* Soulfly VIII

Kee Marcello: audio Interview

Kee Marcello Interview

Paul Masvidal: cynic interview

Interview with Paul Masvidal of Cynic

Cynic's Paul Masvidal Supports Great New Metal

Jake E Lee: playing with Beggars & Thieves

Beggars & Thieves - We Come Undone (Official Video)

Chris Broderick: discusses upcoming guitar retreat

Not just a Metal gunslinger, Broderick is well versed, and appreciates, all styles of guitar playing. He is influenced as much by classic players as he is by shredders. Another player of the same caliber as Chris is Testament’s Alex Skolnick. He, too, shreds and still hits the road playing other styles, namely jazz in the Alex Skolnick Trio. The two of them deciding to join forces and put on a winter guitar retreat is a true match made in heaven.

There is still time to learn more and sign up for the retreat, which takes place the week after Christmas. Imagine spending five days hanging out with Alex Skolnick and Chris Broderick and soaking up their guitar knowledge. Oh yeah, you might even get to jam with them at the Master Class too.

Joe Bonamassa: Spanish tour dates

Joe Bonamassa rock pass through Spain next February to offer three concerts in Madrid, Murcia and Barcelona. Besides playing all their classics, the American guitarist will present his latest album Dust Bowl .

The locations and dates chosen are:

23/02/12: Palacio de Congresos in Madrid
24/02/12: Victor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia
26/02/12: Palau de la Música in Barcelona

Fabrizio Leo: Clinic at Cagliari 2011


Enver Izmaylov: trio Minaret

Enver Izmaylov Enver Izmaylov, Narket Ramazanov, Rustem Bari -trio Minaret