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Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner - At The Dream's Edge Paris 2011

Chimp Spanner 1st live performance in France, during the european tour with Cynic.

Chimp Spanner - At The Dream's Edge (Live Paris)

Allan Holdsworth: Workshop in Montreal 2009

Allan Holdsworth: Workshop in Montreal 2009

German Schauss: just a minuet

Sneak Preview of my new book "Shredding Composers", available in early 2012. The song is JS Bach's Minuet in G.
Other titles arranged in the style of shred guitar in this book are:
- Beethoven's Symphony #5 and Ode to Joy
- Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Turkish March
- Vivaldi's 4 Season, Summer
- Chopin's Piano Etude No 2 opus 10
- Massenet's Meditation
- GF Handle's Lascia Ch'io Pianga
- Rimsky-Korsakov, Flight of the Bumble Bee
Please visit my website or for more info and available products

Shred The Minuet

Stéphan Forté: LAG guitar competition

If so, !now participates in the contest Lag - Stephan Forté allowing the best guitarist to win the guitar Stephan: the S1000SF a value of 1499 €.No discussion possible, Stephan himself who will elect the winner!

1 - Carefully read the contest rules
2 - Train yourself as much as possible! 3 - Filme yourself in the process of interpreting your best solo electric guitar 4 - Fill out the form below and post your video 5 - Crosses the fingers

The competition is open from 10 to 31 December 2011 and the number of entries is unlimited.
The videos of the candidates will be visible on the brand new Facebook page Lag Guitars .

The winner chosen by Stéphan Forté will be announced January 10, 2012 .

Do you really think being a guitarist Stéphan Forté's caliber? Fill out the form and post your video

Concours Lâg Stéphan Forté (La Boite Noire)

Stéphan Forté: LAG guitar competition

Dhalif Ali: Stratocaster From A ToolBox

Dhalif Ali:
Today i revisited some of the boxes laying around filled with guitar parts around my place, and i picked out enough parts to build this guitar! lol it sounds like a monster! Resonate very well with plenty of sustain. I think everything came from China even the pickups.. it has a 2 piece alder body, and full maple neck, but the neck has been fully scalloped all the way through it took abit of time for me to readjust.. ! But im glad! enjoy and dont forget to subscribe!

Stratocaster From A ToolBox

Paul Anonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner Paris - Bad Code

Chimp Spanner - Bad Code (Live Paris)

Shawn Lane: Piano performance. Delta State University

Shawn Lane - Piano performance. Delta State University

Marco Sfogli: Mullmuzzler - The Rhythms solo

Marco Sfogli:
Off James LaBrie's "Keep It To Yourself" record. Guitars originally played on the record by Mike Keneally. First episode from "The Rhythms", a diary of crunch and heavy riffs that I recorded and/or played.

"The Rhythms" Episode 1

Inophis Ao: free lesson from Arobas Music, Guitar Pro software artist

The Arobas Music Team is proud to announce that talented guitarist Inophis has joined the great family of artists using Guitar Pro! Discover “No School”, a music score pulled out of his first solo album, and learn how to master his game. On your menu tonight: legato, slides, and some furious bends!

4. 法國重金屬搖滾吉他手 Inophis【2010上海國際樂器展覽會】

All over the world

Inophis is a French guitar player with a growing fan-base in China. A true hero in a country where the guitar culture has been developing, this eclectic musician takes in influences from a great many various styles — rock, metal, classical, jazz, funk, or even Celtic music. Whether he plays with the band Merzhin (as in the Bobital festival, touring Rumania or Spain) or playing solo, he always enjoys feeding his music with his traveling.

Born in French Brittany, Inophis is currently taking his China Tour to the big cities to play his album Beauty in the Chaos and support his signature instruments designed by the brand Farida. He remains very attached to Brittany, his native land, and he travels back and forth between Shanghai and Brest so he can teach the guitar there.

His proj
ects include, he tells us, the release of a guitar-playing handbook, toward the end of 2012. We shall make sure to tell you more as soon as we get more information about it.

赛马 "Sai Ma" (Horse Racing) Metal by Inophis

The score

No School (free download)

No School, a song written in D, moves from catchy melodies to virtuoso technical passages. The main themeresorts to slides and bends to give more cachet to a simple melody, and it leads you to work new assets of your guitar.

Precision and timing will be your true allies as you play this part. Beware of the series of slides on measure 20, and of the proper timing for the bends/releases of measure 22.

Beethoven Virus - Symphonic Metal Instrumental - Inophis

Ariel Eshcar: Road To The Truth

Ariel Eshcar- Road To The Truth

Robin Kern: Rising Out of the Ashes new CD

Yes, it is finally there!
Only a little bit later than planned, on December 8th 2011, ‘Rising Out of the Ashes’ was released.

Album facts
The album has 16 songs. It has metal, jazz, pop and classical. It took about an eternity to make. There were times that my pick melted.

Where to listen and where to buy
My distribution partner is CD Baby. Here is the link:

It is also on: iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Amazon MP3, 24-7, Medianet, Rhapsody, Verizon, 7 digital, Emusic, GreatindieMusic, Google Music Store, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Tradebit and Zune.

It personally still like the physical thing. Yes, a real CD with a booklet. The artwork is killer! You can order it through CD Baby or I can sell it to you whenever I meet you.

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Stephen Ross: shredding on funk metal

For those of you who don't know me, I released a solo CD called Midnight Drive (Shrapnel Records), Rogosonic, Leave the World Alone, wrote the book "Arpeggios for the Modern Guitarist (Hal Leonard) and appeared on many compilation CD's. This is just me doing some improvisation over a funky heavy track. The song is centered in E dorian.

Guitar shredding on funk metal

Dan Mumm: They Were as Stone

They Were as Stone by Dan Mumm

Jamie Humphrie: shred jam inspired by masters of shred! Shrapnel Records guitar performance by Jamie Humphries is featured in our Issue 6 Guitar Interactive magazine. Jamie Humphries performs a guitar shred jam inspired by masters of shred!

Shrapnel Records recorded and produced some of the most inspiring guitar albums of the 80's from Jason Becker to Marty Friedman. Now you can go on a shred journey with Jamie Humphries to learn the licks inspired by the masters!

Lessons available on how to play this performance by following the link

Shrapnel Records Feature Guitar Performance By Jamie Humphries Guitar Interactive Magazine

Alex Kuzmenko: Уроки гитары в Киеве

Steve Vai Quick Licks DvD from Lick Library
Performed By Alex Kuzmenko (Kiev)

Уроки гитары в Киеве

Steve Vai Quick Licks (by Andy James) * Уроки гитары (Киев)*

Andy James: Free Christmas Ringtone from Jam Track Central

Get this awesome free ringtone NOW at :

Free Christmas Ringtone from Jam Track Central and Andy James

Bunny Brunel, Virgil Donati, Tony MacAlpine: CAB live on Sunset

CAB/Bunny Brunel, Virgil Donati, Tony MacAlpine, Dennis Hamm: Live on Sunset

Track 1 Atamanashi
Track 2 Cloud Ten
Track 3 Katputli
Track 4 Purple Mars
Track 5 One for the Road
Track 6 The Quiet One
Track 7 The Pub
Track 8 Song for My Friend
Track 9 The Prankster
Track 10 New Blues

Bunny Brunel (Bass); Virgil Donati (Drums); Tony MacAlpine (Guitar); Dennis Hamm (Keys)

2011 Release from super band CAB. This explosive fusion disc was Recorded November 14, 2010 in front of a live audience at SIR Hollywood. Featured new music and scintillating performances by all members.

Davide Montorsi: Blackstar 200 and Mesa Stiletto Deuce test

Testing my new Blackstar 200 \m/

In case you missed some more great soloing

Test Mesa Stiletto Deuce