Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jordan Rudess: I Believe in Father Christmas

Jordan plays "I Believe in Father Christmas"

Hedras Ramos: Stellar Crash remix

Hedras Ramos - Stellar Crash Live in London

Gianluca Ferro: tappy Christmas!

Gianluca Ferro - Improvising -

New CD "Unheimlich" New CD
1 Olympia's Strangely Mechanical Actions 3:43
2 Accelerating Future 6:26
3 Moroccan Dilemma 2:44
4 Crimson Robotron 1:56
5 Solaris 5:36
6 Metanfenasia 6:08
7 Life In A Raindrop 1:59
8 Cyclopic Overtone 5:34
9 Overture 1089 X 9 2:24
10 Bipolar Zombie 6:35
11 Black Lydian 1:58
12 On A Day Like Today 4:46
13 Ulam Spiral Dysporia 5:24
14 City Rises 5:05
15 The Bunraku Puppet 7:16
Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: Gianluca Ferro
Guitar solo on Bipolar Zombie: Phi Yaan-Zek
Bass: Nicola, Angileri, Alberto Bollati, Dino Fiorenza
Drums: Lorenzo Milani, Edo Sala, Eugenio Ventimiglia
Recorded at Hidden Studios
Guitar reamping: Steve Crespi and Luke Ottoboni at Pathwaves studio
Additional Guitar reamping: Andrea DeBernardi
Mixing and Mastering: Andrea De Bernardi
Artwork: Fabio Bonetti
Art Director: SG Records Design Studio
Springtime Improvisation.mp4

Lalle Larsson, Richard Hallebeek: RHP 2008

Richard Hallebeek & Lalle Larsson solos - RHP

Lalle Larsson - Enigma (RHP)

Lalle Larsson & Richard Hallebeek - Good Food (RHP)

Jack Thammarat: Merry Christmas Eric Johnson style

Merry Christmas! - The First Nowell (Eric Johnson's arrangement guitar cover)

Vladimir Maisiuk: Christmas is a Sitar!

Christmas Song-Indian Style

Lorenzo Venza,Leonardo Porcheddu: Shaka's Eyes live

Lorenzo Venza & Leonardo Porcheddu - Shaka's Eyes

Rick Graham: Merry Christmas!

Rick's Guitar Vlog - Merry Christmas!

Rick Renstrom: Holmes and Slice in the studio

Holmes and Slice in the studio

Geddy Lee: spotted in Christmas stocking present

Found in a pack of top trumps special cards "Mullet Power" that arrived as part of a Christmas stocking. Ummm that face looks familiar?! By the power of Google Goggles we find it is!!! The original can be found on Wikipedia.  Not sure I agree with the scores... Special skill... brilliant bass playing, smells... like class to me... and mullet power? Well surely a world dominating 11.

News: Christmas came!

<p>Looks like Santa did his job... Lots of happy Shreds in the house... not sure why but I feel tired. </p>
Let the unwrapping commence.

Have a great Christmas people of the Interwebs. :)