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Richard Hallebeek,Lalle Larsson: special clinic and musical insights with the incredible Lalle Larsson

Richard Hallebeek  I'm organizing a clinic with Lalle Larsson at Tune Up in Haarlem, sat march 10 and mon march 13, 2012. If interested, send me a private message and I will put you on the list. Price is 10 euros and handouts are included. Lalle will play and share some of his concepts he uses in his unique blend of classical-jazz-fusion; like 12 tone composition, symmetrical scales and general thoughts on improvisation. Lalle has been a huge inspiration for me ever since 1993 when I found out about that cool cat in Sweden. I am sure he is able to transmit that same spark to everyone attending the clinic. I might be tempted to play along with some songs. Join in on the fun and hope to see you there!

Jace Parales: Epitaph solo

Jace - Epitaph solo

Camila Simont: Faiska

Camila plays country - Faiska

Newton Faulkner: UK tour dates

23rd Apr 2012Falmouth Pavilion
25th Apr 2012G Live Guildford
26th Apr 2012Bournemouth Old Fire Station
28th Apr 2012Southend Palace Theatre
29th Apr 2012Folkstone Quarterhouse
1st May 2012London Scala
3rd May 2012Birningham O2 Academy 2
8th May 2012Newcastle Mill Volvo Theatre
9th May 2012Cardiff Coal Exchange
10th May 2012Oxford O2 Academy
12th May 2012Norwich Open
13th May 2012Leamington Spa Assembly
15th May 2012Holmfirth Picturedome
16th May 2012Leeds Cockpit
17th May 2012Sheffield Leadmill
19th May 2012Manchester Academy 2
20th May 2012Liverpool Uni Stanley Theatre
22nd May 2012Aberdeen Lemon Tree
23rd May 2012Dundee Fat Sams
24th May 2012Glasgow Oran Mor
26th May 2012Belfast The Limelight
27th May 2012Dublin Whelan's

Mattias IA Eklundh: German tour details

Freak KitchenGerman tour update: we are beyond happy to make potent Swedish noise at the Agora Stage of the Frankfurt Messe on behalf of Laney Saturday the 24th at 10:30! 
The other dates:
22nd Aschaffenburg , Germany, Future Music - Freak Guitar Clinic ( )
23rd Wetzlar, Germany at Kulturzentrum Franzis

23rd - 24th Frankfurt, Germany, IA playing for Laney at the Frankfurt Messe plus Freak Kitchen at the Agora Stage
24th Frankfurt, Germany, Freak Kitchen live at the Agora Stage
24th Essen, Germany at Grend (
25th Essen, Germany, Freak Guitar Clinic at the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf Hotel
26th Mannheim, Germany, Pop Akademie, band clinics and gig in the evening (

David Wallimann: discusses the French Guitar contest!

Find out more about this amazing guitar contest at
1st Prize: LÂG IMPERATOR 500 + Croco case Deluxe
from ALGAM

2nd prize: Torpedo LIVE
4th prize: High-end In-ears from EARSONICS
5th to 10th prize: a CD "Guitar addiction"
A tribute to modern guitar
Special voting prize: NOS'BOX Custom preamp +

All winners will receive a copy of Guitar Pro 6

French Guitar Contest - Win Stuff!

Allan Holdsworth: Chad Wackerman - Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations/

Chad Wackerman: Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations/Featuring Allan Holdsworth Chad Wackerman (Drums); Allan Holdsworth (Guitar);Jimmy Johnson (Bass);Jim Cox (Keyboards) 

Four masters of musical improvisation collaborate on the latest release from esteemed drummer Chad Wackerman. Known for his work with Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and James Taylor, Wackerman blurs the line between composed and improvised pieces on Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations. The featured musicians: guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboard player Jim Cox, have all developed a unique musical telepathy with Wackerman over decades, which is allowed to shine on this inventive, adventurous CD.

Ranging from atmospheric to edgy, the music on Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations showcases four creative musicians at the height of their musical powers. Wackerman has structured the CD so that the interplay between the performers is ever-present. Many of the improvised pieces sound like fully formed compositions, while the written pieces provide ample opportunities for spontaneous flow.

Wackerman’s history with these musicians goes back a long way. He has been playing with Jim Cox since their first gig together in 1979, backing trombonist Bill Watrous. Thanks to Peter Erskine, Wackerman met and started working with Jimmy Johnson in the early 1980’s, a continuing collaboration that both cherish. Wackerman began touring and recording with Allan Holdsworth in 1982, beginning with Holdworth’s well known Road Games release. Listen to the sparks fly as these musical bonds deepen on this incredible new CD.
Track Listings

1. Glass Lullaby (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
2. A New Day
3. Bent Bayou (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
4. Star Gazing
5. Edith Street
6. The Fifth (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
7. Waterways
8. The Billows (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
9. Monsieur Vintage
10. Rapid Eeye Movement
11. Brain Funk
12. A Spontaneous Story (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
13. Two For Ya
14. Invisible

Andy James: alternate picking lesson Andy James shows you how to hold the pick when Alternate picking on guitar. This is an Extract from the online guitar lessons in Andy James' Full Shred Ahead Series.

In this extract from Andy James Full Shred Ahead series 1 talks about choosing and using a pick, which is best to use to alternate pick. Andy also gives you examples of alternate pickers and how they also alternate pick. For the FULL lessons head to:
Andy james in this video is using a Dunlop USA .71mm pick.

Full Shred Ahead web guitar lessons cover:

Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 1 - Alternate Picking Lesson One, Two, Three
To purchase Series 1 head to:
Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 2 - Harmonic Minor Licks, Combining Sweep Picking & String Skipping, Tapping Pentatonics, Long Melodic Tapping Ideas, Tapping With Drop D
To purchase Series 2 head to:
Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 3 - Extreme Arpeggio Workout Exercise One, Two & Three
To purchase Series 3 head to:

Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 4 - Pentatonic Scale Part One, Part Two, Part Three & Part Four
To purchase Series 4 head to:
Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 5 - How to play Two Thousand Eight Hundred Solo, How To play The Suffering Solo, Legato Technique Excercises, Shredding within the pentatonic scale
To purchase Series 5 head to:
Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 6 - Extreme Alternate Picking Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four and Part Five
To purchase Series 6 head to:
Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 7 - How to play 'The End' solo, how to play 'Anger On Reflection' Solo, how to play 'The Man Who Tried To Hide' Solo
To purchase Series 7 head to:
Andy James Full Shred Ahead Series 8 - String Skipping Sequence Ideas, Pentatonic Shred Workout Part One, Part Two, Part Three

To purchase Series 8 head to:

Alternate Picking - Holding The Pick & Which To Use - Guitar Lesson Andy James - Licklibrary

Luis Alfredo: Triple control of the Soul - cover

Triple control of the Soul (AndragoniA) - Luis Alfredo

John Norum: Europe - Bag Of Bones pre order available

John Norum
‎"BAG OF BONES" pre-order link for Scandinavia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and UK:

George Lynch,Takayoshi Ohmura, Syu Merupakan, Kostas Karamitroudis: ESP 30th Anniversary

ESP 30th Anniversary 1

ESP 30th Anniversary 2

Eita: ultra pop tapping

Looking hog even look at the sound! Even beginners can master the technique instructional DVD strongest impact, the tapping! Techniques lovely look and is contrary to transcendence gruesome female guitarist was repeated: EITA, will make it more understandable explanation focuses on the basis of content. Tapping is also the most complex, pulling "+ + hammering right hand" are the fundamental structure. In this film for its basic, carefully explained thoroughly crushed paper. In addition, a variety of tech added a nickel, we will show you how we can evolve into a skill transcendence!

Too beautiful guitar instructional DVD - "Introduction to Ultra! Tapping pop Absolutely!"

Yui: Pentatonic scale instructional DVD

"I play the guitar is called! These things" DVD instructional YUI will explain the basics of ad lib. Easy to understand from the ground up, the pentatonic scale of the guitarist of all required courses will explain. The description begins with the scale ones that mean the first place Why, practice to get a feeling playing the improvisation in the major scale, which is the most familiar scale, a variety of Pentatoni introduce tips to cover the position of the ~Tsu scale.
Digest "Introduction to Ultra! Pentatonic scale Absolutely popping" DVD instructional YUI

Neal Nagaoka: Van Halen's Cathedral

Van Halen's Cathedral Cover

Eddie back in 1983 doing the same thing live

VAN HALEN - Cathedral - US Festival 1983 PROSHOT

Tristan Klein: gritty morning noodle

morning noodlling

Akihiko Onji: Guthrie Govan - Waves - two handed tapping version

tapping version - Guthrie Govan - Waves(Cover)-Akihiko Onji

Kostas Alexakis: blues jammming


Gustavo Guerra: cadence pedal demo

In this video our good friend Gustavo Guerra talks a little about pedal cadence.


Andy James: Custom Metal Series 1 available now!

The breathtakingly talented Andy James joins the ranks of the Jam Track Central guitar wizard army with this debut series of mind blowing Metal jams. Andy James Custom Metal Series One is packed with more licks than you could ever dream of ever trying to shake a stick at!
The package contains a wealth of content including

  • 5 full length mp4 video's of Andy playing live in the Jam Track Central studio
  • 5 audio tracks of the solos,
  • 5 backing tracks of the actual performance,
  • 5 long extended backing tracks and
  • 5 totally accurate transcriptions in notation and TAB format. 
Andy has also written up some notes for you to look over when tackling the tracks with your own improvisations!
This package is an absolute must for all fans of metal!

Andy James Custom Metal Series 1 (Torn In Two Full Length)

Daniele Gottardo: Masterclass at JAM - three of the best.

Masterclass guitar with Daniele Gottardo
School of Music JAM - Jesolo (VE)

Daniele Gottardo @ JAM - Cardiology

Daniele Gottardo @ JAM - Marrakesh Market

Daniele Gottardo @ JAM - Tapping Trip (Scarecrows Dance)

Dave Weiner: A King's X type jam lesson

Jam With Me - Ep.6: "A King's X type jam in C Aeolian & C Phrygian"

Slash: new album art work revealed

Slash has revealed the cover artwork and album title for his second studio album APOCALYPTIC LOVE. Due out May 22, the new album features Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and will be released on SLASH's own label Dik Hayd International

News: Rotosound Unveil New Guitar Picks

Rotosound is delighted to add their range over forty new Guitar Picks to its ever-expanding selection of guitar accessories, helping guitar players everywhere in their search for the perfect pick. The guitar picks come in packs of six and are made from either celluloid, Delrin or PVC and are priced from £1.50 each inc.vat.

Historically celluloid was the first plastic ever used to make guitar picks. These picks are the ones that most closely resemble the feel and sound of real tortoise shell and come in the standard celluloid or pearloid finish. They both feel smooth to the touch with their polished finish and have a warm vintage sound. The celluloid guitar picks are available in four thicknesses, the classic shape in classic, small and large sizes, the heart shape, the small teardrop shape and the small shark tooth shape. The pearloid guitar picks are available in the classic size and shape.

Delrin guitar picks are less rigid than the celluloid ones and come in a wider range of thicknesses. They have a warm woody tone that emphasises the lower order harmonics. The Delrin guitar picks are extremely durable with a matte surface that makes the pick easier to grip, particularly with sweaty hands. These picks are available in the classic size and shape, in the shark tooth shape (same basic size, but with a more aggressive point for precision playing), or in a large classic shape.

If you need a more affordable guitar pick, then Rotosound can offer PVC guitar picks, in three different thicknesses in the classic size and shape with either an opaque or transparent finish.

To find our more about the guitar pick range visit

Igor Paspalj: I'm Still Standing - classy original

Igor Paspalj:
My new song, well, at least preview of a new song :) Recorded with My custom ZS guitar, trough Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra, directly in computer.

Hope You gonna like it. Cheers! :)

Igor Paspalj - I'm Still Standing

News: March issue of Premier Guitar is here

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Phil Jones Bass D-600 Head and Neo-Power 8B Cab
GTRWRKS 19 Sixty 3 Boost - Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT
MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D. - Dean Markley CD60
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