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Robert Marcello: Tour Brasil 2010

Robert Marcello - Tour Brasil 2010

Jeff Loomis: Metalluminati

Jeff Loomis interviewed by The Metalluminati

News: Shreddelicious 200 posts!

The 200th post for with 3800+ page views. Here are the most popular posts

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: Maidens touring Guatemala!

Reno Schnell: with the Peter Sonntag band

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella - Whole Lotta Love

Camila Simont: Rest In Peace, God bless you - Fly my little wing!

Alicia: Paul Gilbert puts Alicia on the recommend list

Carolyn Wonderland: lap steel in Dallas, Texas

Emily Remler: jazz and swing are her thing

Orianthi, Juliette Valduriez, Nili Brosh: Truth In Shredding Top 3 female guitar players

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: San Diago Interview + NAMM 2012

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens headed for Indonisia

Jordan Rudess, Lalle Larsson, Derek Sherinian: Classic Rock top five Keyboard player poll

Lalle LarssonI would like to give a big thanks to the readers of Classic Rock (Prog) magazine who voted me top five Keyboard player in the 2011 readers poll! I am actually quite surprised by this and I am honored by the support! Judging by record sales I am more of an underdog so it feels good to know that my playing has actually reached out and touched some people out there. Thank you for voting! A big congratz to Jordan and the guys!

Truth In Shredding congratulations to Jordan Rudess, Lalle Larsson, Derek Sherinian

Michael Angelo Batio: Brazilian clinic dates announced

Chris Bieniek: Fox Rox Zim Drive Overdrive Pedal

Eighties Guitar Solo Through a Fox Rox Zim Drive Overdrive Pedal

Leah Woodward,Graham Pin Pinney: Aliases

What does the new Aliases record sound like? Do you have any hilarious stories from the studio? If not, then make one up. I want it to be ridiculous and I want it NOW.

The CD is a wild amalgamation of violin solos, midget mimes, horse noises, flatulence, squeaky shoes, boiling kettles, LOUD NOISES, jangling keys, tribal dances, petty arguments, soft porn, bongos, Joe coughing, Justin Beiber samples and there isn’t a whole lot of music, guitar or anything technical on there. We’re really happy with the results and think you guys are going to really enjoy it!

As for the studio stories, there aren’t many. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the studio as most of the CD was recorded live rolling naked in fields.

Pin and Leah came down to the Invictus Guitars workshop for a little chat! We decided that since they were here, we'd record this cheeky playthrough...
The track is Sirens, the finalĂ© to their "Safer than Reality" album available now direct from Basick records, iTunes and retail outlets. You can check out any news from Aliases at their facebook page on --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-------------
Gear Rundown:
-Pin is playing his gorgeous Blackmachine B2 fitted with Bareknuckle pickups
-Leah is playing one of our own Invictus Guitars!
*An Alder carvetop SSH model, thru-neck design
*24 fret with a bubinga fretboard 25.5" scale
*Bareknuckle nailbomb calibrated set
*Gotoh bridge
*Reverse headstock.
We're running this live through both a Pod HD Pro and a Fractal Audio Axe Fx (direct to board).

Both Pin and Leah are joining our swelling ranks, each with a brand new Invictus build on the way. We'd also like to thank all those others that have a hand in this video, including:
Basick Records, Blackmachine Guitars, Bareknuckle pickups, Line 6, Fractal Audio and many others.
Please make sure to check our own facebook page at and our website (coming soon) at to keep an eye out on our current builds and numerous upcoming events!
This will be the first in a series of Aliases videos, in collaboration with the Invictus Guitars workshop. Watch this space...

Aliases & Invictus Guitars | Sirens playthrough

Maddie Rice: Brian May audition - Seven Seas of Rhye

Maddie Rice: I'm just a huge Brian May fan, and I thought I might as well try. Thanks for watching! as seen on

Seven Seas of Rhye Audition- Maddie Rice

Pete Thorn: Never Too Late - classy playing from the Guitar Nerd

new song from Pete Thorn, available now as a free download!
"Never Too Late" by Pete Thorn

Jack Thammarat: ‎5 new jam tracks coming soon!

Jack Thammarat‎5 new jam tracks coming soon! Please follow for updates.

Eric Sempe: Master classes

Eric Sempe
ShowCase, MasterClass
Dominique DI PIAZZA (Bass), Felix Sabal-Lecco (Drums), Eric SEMPE (guitar)

Thursday, May 3, 21:00,
the B-Spot
in Nice.


SEMPE duo Eric (guitar), Dominique Di Piazza (bass)

Friday, May 4, 20:00,
Cave Wilson
in Nice.



Eric Sempe (Guitar), Felix Sabal-Lecco (Drums), Dominic Dipiazza (Bass), Neil Gerstenberg (Sax, Flute, EWI), Claude Tedesco (Keyboard), Gerard Kurkdjian (Percussion)

Saturday, May 5, 21:00,
the Metronome
in Nice



Eric Sempe (Guitar), Felix Sabal-Lecco (Drums), Dominic Dipiazza (Bass), Neil Gerstenberg (Sax, Flute, EWI), Claude Tedesco (Keyboard), Gerard Kurkdjian (Percussion)

Friday, May 11, 21:00,
Auditorium Ink
Cayenne (French Guiana)

Marco Sfogli: live Blitz 2012

Marco Sfogli: live Blitz 2012

Domenico Gallo: French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest 2012 - Domenico GALLO

Panos Georgalis: The French Guitar Contest 2012

The French Guitar Contest 2012 - Panos Georgalis Entry

Chris Bieniek: Peripatus - original in 5/4 - more great jazz playing

Peripatus (the tune) : An original of mine in 5/4. The clip starts at the solo section and the head of the tune is at 1:34.
For anyone interested the chord progression is:
Cm7 X2, Fm7, F#13, Fm7, G7#5, Cm7X2, G7#5, Ab13, Ab/Bb, G7b9/B, C sus2, Eb sus2, Bb sus2, Ab sus2, F#13, G7#5

Peripatus (velvet worm) - an invertebrate which gives birth to live young rather than laying eggs. It has remained unchanged for approximately 570 million years. This unique animal has the appearance of a caterpillar with its many pairs of legs.
A defenceless, weaponless animal, it comes out at night, and is said to capture small insects by squirting jets of slime from its mouth.

Peripatus - original in 5/4 by Chris Bieniek

Tom Richardson: Lick #2 - Sliding Lick with Tapping

Here is the second lick in A Minor with included tab and backing track (will upload these later!)
I am also available for Skype lessons so if anyone is interested, send me a message! :)

Lick #2 - Sliding Lick with Tapping - Tom Richardson

Whole-Tone Tapping Lick #1 - Tom Richardson

Yiannis Papadopoulos: The French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest - Yiannis Papadopoulos

Andy James: ESP stand Musikmesse 2012

Andy James Guitar demos at Musik Messe 2012

Jamie Humphries: Coily Bullet Cable Musikmesse 2012

Jamie Humphries Shreds his Coily Bullet Cable Musik Messe 2012

Floyd Fernandes: Doukas Guitars Musikmesse 2012

Floyd Fernandes tries Doukas Guitars @ Musikmesse 2012 (#1)

Floyd Fernandes tries Doukas Guitars @ Musikmesse 2012 (#2)

Floyd Fernandes tries Doukas Guitars @ Musikmesse 2012 (#3)

Chris Squire, Steve Hackett: Squackett ready to set sail

The album tracklisting is as follows:

'A Life Within A Day'
'Tall Ships'
'Divided Self'
'Sea Of Smiles'
'The Summer Backwards'
'Storm Chaser'
'Can't Stop The Rain'
'Perfect Love Song'