Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ronnie Montrose: Death ruled as suicide

The death of guitarist Ronnie Montrose was ruled a suicide, a San Mateo County coroner spokesman has said.

Montrose, 64, died from a self-inflected gunshot wound at his home in Brisbane on March 3. His family had initially said the cause of death was complications from prostate cancer, even though the guitarist had assured his fans the disease was in remission.

Shortly after the coroner's report went public, a statement was posted to Montrose's official website. It read, in part: "By now, the devastating truth of Ronnie's death is public knowledge. We hope you can understand why we wanted to keep this news a private family matter for as long as possible."

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/04/10/DD311O19Q2.DTL#ixzz1rfcBmbrL

Steve Saluto: Oni Logan play Lynch Mob



Maximilian Bauer: The French Guitar Competition

The French Guitar Competition: Maximilian Bauer

Daniele Liverani: Brother - Viewpoint - play through

Daniele Liverani - Brother
Taken from the instrumental guitar album "VIEWPOINT"
Recorded on 1994 at 56 Studios (S.Monica California)
Released later on 1999 by Virtuoso Records / Legend

All Guitars and Keys: Daniele Liverani
Bass: Ricky Wolking
Drums: Julio Mathis II


Rob Chappers: Chapman Guitars ML-3 Update

Chapman Guitars ML-3 Update

Matt Warnock: 6 Out of the Box Exercises

Learning to improvise can sometimes feel overly technical in nature. Sure, we need to learn how to relate scales and arpeggios to chords and progressions, and later on add in chromatic notes to our lines and phrases to jazz them up a bit. But, this process of learning to improvise can also be fun and exciting if we look outside the box a bit when planning our practice routines.

Often times students become bogged down with the technical and theoretical side of improvising, which can cause them to avoid practicing or eventually give up all together. But, learning to play scales and arpeggios over chord changes doesn’t always have to be so bland. By using exercises such as playing with only one finger at a time, playing on one string at a time or with a static rhythm, you will not only be feeding your creative appetite, but learning about chord-scale relationships and other jazz theory at the same time.

The following exercises are six of my favorite ways to step outside the box when learning how to improvise. Each exercise has a technical, theoretical and creative goal to it, and can be used to learn chord-scale relationships, to navigate chord changes or even learn entire tunes.


Claudio Pietronik: Jam over Everything

Claudio Pietronik - Jam over Everything (Michael Bublè)

Nico Schliemann: Xotic BB Preamp and Brunetti Stomp Boxes demoed

The BB Preamp is a great sounding soft Distortion and Sustain pedal. It really produces a great fat singing lead tone! The BB gives you a more sustained focused lead tone than the AC. Between the RC, AC, and BB, you can cover all your boost, overdrive, and gain needs!
http://www.4theguitarist.com/ or click to buy immediately:
Edited, produced and played by Nico Schliemann

Amp Hook EL34 Top
Xotic BB Preamp | www.4theguitarist.com

Brunetti Vanilla Box | www.4theguitarist.com demo

Brunetti Mercury Box | www.4theguitarist.com demo

Brunetti Taxi Driver | www.4theguitarist.com demo

Thorsten Koehne: Angels & Demons PPM Fest 2012

Eden´s Curse playing live at PPM Fest 2012 @ Lotto Mons Expo/Belgium. First show featuring new singer Marco Sandron!

EDEN´S CURSE @ PPM Fest 2012 "Angels & Demons"

Fabian Jehnen: Dark Blues

Fabian Jehnen - Dark Blues

Al Di Meola,Kei Akagi: Song to the Pharoah King

Al Di Meola - Song to the Pharoah King

Al Di Meola - guitars
Chuck Webb - bass
Kei Akagi - keyboards
Roger Squitero - percussion
Tom Brechtlein - drums

Live in Montreal, 1988

Al Di Meola - Song to the Pharoah King

Allan Holdsworth,Steve Hunt: Non Brewed Condiment

Allan Holdsworth - Live at The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, October 7, 1992.

Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Gary Husband - Drums
Steve Hunt - Keys
Skuli Sverrison - Bass

Thanks to Gary Fick for this footage.

Allan Holdsworth - Non Brewed Condiment

Yuki, Seiji, Yui: latest Japanese lesson DVD round up

"I play the guitar is called! These things" DVD instructional YUI will explain the basics of ad lib. Easy to understand from the ground up, the pentatonic scale of the guitarist of all required courses will explain network. The description begins with the scale ones that mean the first place Why, practice to get a feeling playing the improvisation in the major scale, which is the most familiar scale, a variety of Pentatoni introduce tips to cover the position of the clock scale.http://www.atoss.jp/archives/7467

Digest "Introduction to Ultra! Pentatonic scale Absolutely popping" DVD instructional YUI

Yui's previous DVD

YUI「one-side LOVE」/教則DVD「ゼッタイわかる!コード理論超入門」

Also vary in far better off now also backing guitar solo!
Instructional DVD to learn the guitar playing tips to master the perfect image of the sound you want out, take the rhythm.
And about how to take of rhythm in order to embody the image, describes how to take advantage of the rhythm guitar solo. Training begins to beat back Torikata, to represent the sound of the drum brushing only full practice to enhance learning, such as practice to adjust the volume, by picking control, the power of expression.In addition, we introduce a number of ready-to-use phrase. order

"Guitar solo from training to play a perfect rhythm" D_Drive Seiji

Vincenzo Grieco: Rome Blues Authority

Vincenzo Grieco & T.H.E. Rome Blues Authority "Stuck in a Middle with you"

Kosta Vreto: Wardrum - Sign Of Treason - power metal

(SGR CD-030, p+c 2012)

Thessaloniki, Hellas' Lyrical US Prog-Power Metalers Wardrum release their 2nd album. 12 songs full of strong metal, energy, art, melodies and lyricism! Feat. members from Horizon's End, Until Rain. For all US Power metal fans especially Riot, Crimson Glory, Titan Force, Warlord, Queensryche, Lethal, Symphony X, Vicious Rumors!!

Wardrum - Sign Of Treason (Steel Gallery Records)

Mattias IA Eklundh: interviewed in Aus by Hack Wanger

Mattais Eklundh - Interview. - Guitar Gods and Masterpieces

Mattais Eklundh - There's No Money in Jazz - performs for Guitar Gods and Masterpieces TV

Mattais Eklundh Disco Diabolique Guitar Gods and Masterpieces TV Show