Yuki, Seiji, Yui: latest Japanese lesson DVD round up

"I play the guitar is called! These things" DVD instructional YUI will explain the basics of ad lib. Easy to understand from the ground up, the pentatonic scale of the guitarist of all required courses will explain network. The description begins with the scale ones that mean the first place Why, practice to get a feeling playing the improvisation in the major scale, which is the most familiar scale, a variety of Pentatoni introduce tips to cover the position of the clock scale.http://www.atoss.jp/archives/7467

Digest "Introduction to Ultra! Pentatonic scale Absolutely popping" DVD instructional YUI

Yui's previous DVD

YUI「one-side LOVE」/教則DVD「ゼッタイわかる!コード理論超入門」

Also vary in far better off now also backing guitar solo!
Instructional DVD to learn the guitar playing tips to master the perfect image of the sound you want out, take the rhythm.
And about how to take of rhythm in order to embody the image, describes how to take advantage of the rhythm guitar solo. Training begins to beat back Torikata, to represent the sound of the drum brushing only full practice to enhance learning, such as practice to adjust the volume, by picking control, the power of expression.In addition, we introduce a number of ready-to-use phrase. order

"Guitar solo from training to play a perfect rhythm" D_Drive Seiji