Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chris Brooks: Why You don't need to be rich or famous to make a difference with your music

It's perfectly natural, considering how much time we spend looking internally to become the musicians we all want to be, that our inward view would often give us expectations that all this work will do US some good in the end. You know what's done me some good lately? Realising that if I was supposed to look inward all the time, my eyes wouldn't be facing the opposite direction.

Ever since my last CD came out, I've been head down in order processing, iTunes trending reports, promotion, advertising, interviews. It's all been about me. "And why shouldn't it be?", asks the little red devil on my left shoulder. "You did all the work", he adds. In a puff of smoke, a little angel appears over my right shoulder and asks "Do you think you have this gift just to make your own life better?".  more

News: Spider 3D printed guitar - amazing!

The Spider 3D printed guitar was designed specifically for laser sintering, one of the common 3D printing technologies that allows for the manufacture of full strength, extremely complex parts. The entire body, including all the little spiders inside the body, was printed as a single component, which could not be manufactured any other way.

Charly Sahona: new Venturia on the way

Lion Music Record Label
In more cheery news we've got the finished master in of the new Venturia album, amazing work from Charly Sahona and co. More info and a superb promo video coming soon.

Tom Quayle: Practice Sessions - Modern Legato - Timing & Time Feel

Practice Sessions: -
Practice in Real Time with Tom using carefully constructed practice regimes designed to make you better at specific musical elements such as Technique, Time Feel, Aural Skills and Improvisation.
These sessions are not lessons but rather present a series of exercises that the student can practice in real time along with Tom. For Lesson Material click HERE

Practice Sessions Vol. 1
Modern Legato - Timing & Time Feel - $12.50

Designed as either a stand alone session or to accompany 'Technique Essentials - Modern Legato Part 1', this 35 minute HD video practice session deals with legato focusing on Timing and Time Feel. The session is broken into 30 distinct exercises producing a regime that can be practiced in real time along with Tom at two different tempo points - SLOW - 80bpm and FAST - 120bpm. By practicing in this way you KNOW that you're getting the exercises right first time and will develop at a much faster rate. Practice along with the video each day and watch your technique progress as you've always wanted it to. The whole session is written out for you to learn in the accompanying 10-page PDF file in standard notation and TAB.

The accompanying legato lesson can be found HERE

iOS, Windows, OSX compatible .mp4 HD video at 720p, 30fps.
10-page PDF file with all Exercises and Tips/Hints in TAB (standard tuning).

Instant Download available now for only $12.50

Matteo Ruggiero: Shut Up - instrumental rock fusion band

A short excerpt from my instrumental rock fusion band gig Shut up.
Hope you enjoy
If you want, join us on Facebook

Shut up band Live@ Fuoco di Vino

Anthimos Manti: Sound Check Orgonite Pedal

The first overdrive signature pedal for anthimos manti
design from SOUNDCHECK Co.
can you feel the giant tone on any amp you want
like the biggest highwatt tube amp of your choice...
fore more informations and order please
send email here:

For many, many years you've basically had 2 choices for your Overdrive/Distortion pedals: You could either get "Soft-clipped" Bluesy, slightly compressed, type Overdrive pedals... or you could get "Hard-Clipped" type Distortion pedals.
What if there was a pedal that offered both? There is now... the soundcheck ORGONITE and VIRUS
ORGONITE and VIRUS has those Softer Bluesey, Compressed capabilities but also has a Second Stage that you can roll in with the turn of a little dial to add that firmer, crunchier, British output tube style overdrive! What's more is you not only hear and feel it...

Touch sensitive? Doesn't get any better.
Clean up with the guitar's volume control? More than any, yes!
ORGONITE and VIRUS has a gorgeous enhanced Midrange and Lower midrange... excellent to transform a combo into a Marshall-like lead machine, not so necessary if you already have a Marshall-like amp. I use ORGONITE and VIRUS on any combo, I use my ORGONITE and VIRUS on both combos and larger Marshall-style amps/cabinets.
Good with Humbuckers as well as Single coils? Yep.
Does it play nice with other pedals? Yes!
Can I blend the 2 types of Distortion? Yes, and you can have ONLY Soft clipped or ONLY Hard Clipped

In a Nutshell? Extremely good Sustain/Feedback qualities, just the right amount of Mids, bottom, Great touch sensitivity, dynamics, and all those in-between shades available when you know how to use your guitar's volume control. I guess I should be flattered, I'm already starting to see pedal builders taking notice and "getting inspired" by the ORGONITE and VIRUS unique design, which combines independently adjustable soft & hard clipping and successfully emulates the "sag" and other behaviors associated with a tube amp's output section and tube rectifier.

SOUNDCHECK ORGONITE - review (Anthimos Manti signature pedal)

Mr Mukatu: Dubstep Guitar

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Dubstep Guitar Demo by Mukatu

Johann Schlack: Electric Guitar Bach Cello Suite

Electric Guitar Bach Cello Suite

Thiago Campos: Bad Salad - 2 million viewers can't be bad!

Dream Theater - Metropolis Part 1 (Images and Words) - SPLIT-SCREEN COVERS - VRA!

Dream Theater - On the Backs of Angels (A Dramatic Turn of Events) - SPLIT-SCREEN COVERS - VRA!

Dream Theater - Constant Motion (Systematic Chaos) - SPLIT-SCREEN COVERS - VRA! - Roadrunner

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Firewind Tour and album details

Firewind have revealed dates for the UK leg of their European tour with LEAVES EYES. The new dates are as follows:

13 - Cardiff, UK - Clwb Ifor Bach
14 - Manchester, UK - Moho
15 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
16 - Belfast, Ireland - Spring And Airbrake
18 - Sheffield, UK - Corporation
19 - Nuneaton, UK - Queens Hall
20 - Plymouth, UK - White Rabbit
21 - Southampton, UK - Talking Heads
22 - London, UK - O2 Islington Academy
23 - Margate, UK - TBA

Tracklisting is as follows:

‘Wall Of Sound’
‘Losing My Mind’
‘Few Against Many’
‘The Undying Fire’
‘Another Dimension’
‘Edge Of A Dream’
‘Long Gone Tomorrow’
‘No Heroes, No Sinners’

Steve Stevens,Derek Sherinian: Billy Idol Euro Tour dates

Billy Idol is joined by Steve Stevens and Derek Sherinian for summer live shows

26 - Arena - Moscow, Russia
29 - Peace and Love Festival - Borlange, Sweden
30 - Kollen Festival - Oslo, Norway

2 - Musikhuset Posten - Odense, Denmark
4 - Tollwood Festival - Munich, Germany
6 - Moon and Stars Festival - Locarno, Switzerland
7 - Villa Contarini - Padova, Italy
8 - Porsche Arena - Stuttgart, Germany
10 - Stadtpark - Hamburg, Germany
11 - Zitadelle - Berlin, Germany
13 - Glam Rock Festival - Linz, Austria
14 - Forestglade Festival - Weisen, Austria
17 - Rock Star - Bilbao, Spain
19 - Sala La Riviera - Madrid, Spain
20 - Marés Vivas Festival - Oporto, Portugal
21 - Bikers Festival - Faro, Portugal

Fredrik Thordendal: Meshuggah playing "Bleed" Live at House Of Blues Dallas

May 04 - House of Blues - Anaheim, CA
May 05 - House of Blues - Hollywood, CA
May 06 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
May 08 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, B.C., Canada
May 09 - Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA
May 11 - Odgen Theatre - Denver, CO
May 13 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
May 15 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL
May 16 - St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, MI
May 17 - Sound Academy - Toronto, ON, Canada
May 18 - Theatre of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
May 19 - Palladium - Worcester, MA
May 20 - Olympia de Montreal - Montreal, QC, Canada
May 22 - The Fillmore - Silver Springs, MD
May 23 - Terminal 5 – New York, NY

Meshuggah Live at House Of Blues Dallas playing Bleed at a packed full house venue House Of Blues in Dallas Texas

Meshuggah playing "Bleed" Live at House Of Blues Dallas

Herman Li: BOSS

Herman Li: BOSS

Lachlan Barclay: Angry Video Game Nerd Music

Computer Game Music Covers + Angry Video Game Nerd Music + Toehider + Sarcasm = you've got Lachlan B ! Come join me in my wonderland of computer game music, metal chugging and of course playing as fast and as loud as possible!

Deep Mountain - Touhou Cover by Lachlan Barclay

R-Type Music Medley 80's Metal version!

Jason Becker: Guitar Player, Matt Blackett cover feature!

Editor Boy: GUITAR PLAYER Art Director Paul Haggard took this stunning and poignant photo of Jason Becker for the July 2012 cover of the mag. If you don't know the story, Jason was one of the most ferocious shredders in the world before he was stricken with ALS 23 years ago. That he is still making music and brimming with energy is a tribute to his incredible life force. I think Paul's photo captures Jason's essence perfectly. Please share this image with your friends if you dig it, and watch for Matt Blackett's incredible story on Jason in the July issue.
by: Guitar Player Magazine

Paulo Grua: Zoe Trio

Zoe is a power trio that seamlessly mixes the raw rock'n'roll energy, a jazz approach to improvisation and Brazilian inspired rhythms and harmonies.
Crappy image - decent audio.
Just we freely improvising over Eddie Hazel's masterpiece during our first rehearsal after one year without playing together. We didn't do the song justice, that's for sure...

For downloading our full length all originals album, go to

Zoe Trio - Free improv over Maggot Brain

News: Goulding Lindsay Wilson - stunning custom guitars

Goulding Guitars: and Lindsay Wilson Guitars: have teamed up to make Goulding Lindsay Wilson Guitars, or GLW Guitars:

Goulding Guitars: The Bohemian

News: win instruments with Rockschool

Rockschool, the leading accredited provider of rock and pop exams worldwide, are giving three lucky winners the opportunity to win one of the three instruments used on their 2012 Syllabus Book covers. The new 2012-2018 Syllabus has just been launched and to help celebrate the introduction Rockschool are announcing this special competition with a chance to win the following top musical instruments:

We're giving 3 lucky winners the opportunity to win 1 of the 3 instruments used on the 2012 Syllabus book covers! The prizes are:

Fender: Standard Telecaster
Arctic White with Maple Neck
Fender: Standard Jazz Bass Guitar
Arctic White with Maple Neck
Mapex: 14 x 5.5 Saturn Snare
Arctic white with black hardware

The new 2012-2018 Guitar, Bass and Drums Syllabus are the culmination of 21 years of experience and understanding of rock and pop music education. Material for the new Syllabus was recorded in one of the United Kingdom’s top studios and every track features live instrumentation and first-rate performances from world-class musicians. These include Grammy award winning legendary guitarist Larry Carlton, top session drummer Jason Bowld (Pitchshifter, Bullet For My Valentine) and session great percussionist Nir Z whose credits include Genesis, Chris Cornell and John Mayer to name a few!
To be in with a chance of winning one of the three instruments head to the Rockschool Site and answer the simple questions provided. The 2012-2018 Rockschool Guitar, Bass and Drums Syllabus is now available to buy from Music Room See