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Yngwie Malmsteen: Massey Hall Canada 1986

Yngwie Malmsteen through time

Yngwie Malmsteen ' The Queen is in love ' - Massey Hall , Toronto , Canada 1986


Yngwie Malmsteen ' The Queen is in love ' + ' Deja Vu ' Live Trocadero , Philadelphia 1988

Yngwie Malmsteen ' Far beyond the sun '

Tom Quayle: 26-2 (J. Coltrane) Legato Practice

For lessons with me and to check learn my legato/hybrid technique go to: -

Hey guys,

I've been practicing improvised legato through hardcore changes (26-2 by John Coltrane) again and thought I'd shoot a video session of part of a practice session that came out okay. Not the most melodic playing ever but it's kinda getting there! Hope you enjoy it!

I'm using my Ibanez AS-103 into a Strymon Bluesky and TC Flashback delay into my Port City Pearl running into 2x12 OS and 1x12 Port City cabs. Recorded using a Motherload Elemental direct into my soundcard and into Logic Pro. Video courtesy of my Canon 550d and Tamron 17-55mm 2.8 VC lens.



26-2 (J. Coltrane) Legato Practice - Tom Quayle

Dan Baker,Dale Chapman: Imicus - smooth djent?

Smooth Djent: The brand new single and video from Imicus

IMICUS was born out of the diverse musical influences of its members. These influences led to a sound that has been labelled both melodic and heavy while being acclaimed for its focus on an epic soundscape and strong songs heaped in dynamics. It was this approach that lead to the band signing with Transcend Records in 2009.
Following the bands signing, IMICUS announced their arrival with their first single ‘Visceral’ in October 2009. The single was a real statement of intent and featured the band’s famed focus on big riffs, big choruses and big dynamics. ‘Visceral’ was released via digital platforms such as iTunes as well as a special Ltd edition CD. It was swiftly aired on Total Rock Radio and many other stations. The band released the ‘Visceral’ video in November 2009 and quickly gained support from the likes of Kerrang! and Scuzz TV who added the video to their playlist as well as increased interest from a growing fan base.
The band’s debut album ‘Animal Factory’ was released via Transcend Records in May 2010 to much critical acclaim with national magazine Rocksound among others labelling the band the surprise package of 2010. (For media coverage – please see the press section of this site)
The release of ‘Animal Factory’ lifted the bands profile further, with the album charting in HMV’s metal pre-order chart at No.3. This led to the track ‘Veiled Oedema’ featuring on the cover mount CD of Terrorizer magazine. The band quickly returned to the studio when asked to contribute to Metal Hammer’s special edition tribute to Judas Priest’s ‘British Steel’ album with the track ‘You don’t have to be old to be wise’ – IMICUS featured alongside acts such as Disturbed on the highly collectable CD and were widely praised for re-imagining the song rather than delivering a straight cover.
The ‘Animal Factory’ album’s tracks led to airplay on Bruce Dickinson’s radio rock show, Total Rock and many other national and regional stations and coverage in many national magazines and websites.
Shortly after the album release, IMICUS were confirmed to the line-up of 2010’s prestigious Download Festival alongside some of the world’s biggest bands such as AC/DC, Bullet For My Valentine, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rage against The Machine, The Stone Temple Pilots and Aerosmith among many others. The band cemented their reputation as a live favourite with a strong performance to a packed Red Bull stage on the first day of the festival.
The band also featured on many other high profile festivals including:-
• Hellfire I – alongside Breed 77
• Hammerfest I – with Sepultura, Opeth, Skindred, Paradise Lost & More
• Hellfire II – with Saxon, Anvil, Fields of the Nephilim & Katatonia among others
• The Bulldog Bash – three years running with bands such as Motorhead, Status Quo and The Damned.
• Hard Rock Hell – with Monster Magnet, WASP, The New York Dolls & More.
The band rounded off 2010 with their headline tour of the UK in support of their debut album.
In 2011, IMICUS continued to tour ‘Animal Factory’ culminating in a set at the Bloodstock Festival at Catton Hall in Derby. The band won a new set of fans alongside other acts including Motorhead, WASP, Devin Townsend and many others.
Following a line-up change in the summer of 2011, Matt Tilley returned to bass duties to re-join Miller, Dan, Dale and Mark Weatherley, who had joined prior to the release of ‘Animal Factory’. The band began making plans for a follow up to their debut album and went on to write the first songs since the line-up change.
In October 2011, IMICUS recorded ‘The Marionette’ single and support track ‘Chameleons’ and enlisted the knowledge of legendary producer Russ Russell to mix and master the songs at Parlour Studios. The new tracks featured atmospheric layering, thickening and expanding an already epic sound as well as keeping the dynamics and engaging lyrics the bands fans already admired. A run of just 400 limited edition booklets, illustrated by Richey Beckett, were printed and released in December 2011.
IMICUS will spend the early part of 2012 launching a new single and video whilst completing the writing of their second album – mixing with Russ Russell in May before spending the summer taking the new album onto the festival circuit.
Since forming, IMICUS have also shared the stage with bands such as Enter Shikari, InMe, SiKth, Panic Cell, Reuben, Breed 77, The Deathstars, Exit Ten, Devil Sold His Soul, Orange Goblin and many others.

IMICUS - The Marionette

Callum Williams: Joe Satriani Love Thing great cover

Joe Satriani Love Thing Covered by Callum Williams using a PRS Custom 24 and Orange Rockerverb MKII.

Joe Satriani - Love Thing Cover

Sean Duhaime: Fusion Trio - Rocky Mountains

May 23 at the Rainbow in Ottawa.
Sean Duhaime - Guitar
Laura Greenberg - Bass
Jansen Richard - Drums
The Sean Duhaime Trio was formed in Fall 2009. The band is an Ottawa-based group who performs Jazz, Fusion and Funk. They perform Sean's compositions and covers that Sean arranged such as The Beatles and Vince Rimbach. In May 2011, Sean formed a new jazz fusion trio with Laura Greenberg (Deja Vu Acoustic, Old Whiskey Road, Orienteers) on bass and Jansen Richard (JW Jones, Pia Ashley, Big Us) on drums. Laura and Jansen have been playing together since they were teenagers. They mostly perform rock, alternative and folk, so jazz was new ground for them, they enjoyed the challenge and have given jazz new life.

"Rocky Mountains" by Sean Duhaime Trio

Jason Becker: Jesse Vile interview "Not dead yet" and QA

Loud Guitars: Director producer Jesse Vile talks with us about the film, his influences and whats may be next.

Jesse Vile interview "Not dead yet

Jesse Vile Q&A

Yngwie Malmsteen: Beard WIN

Epic Viking Beard!

Yngwie Malmsteen- Vengeance- tv show.mp4

Wojciech Hoffmann,Atma Anur: tracking drums for instrumental CD

After 5 days of tracking wild double kicks and crazy shred grooves, Atma relaxes on this, the only song of it's kind, on the upcoming new Wojciech Hoffman CD. The Polish guitar legend is better known for this style of melodic rock than for the style played on this all instrumental CD. Watch out for great melodies, great chops and some other interesting surprises from this international collaboration... Wojciech Hoffmann and Atma Anur

Atma Anur -tracking drums (un-named/unfinished song) for Wojciech Hoffmann

Hello Wojciech, from Atma @RED STUDIOS

Vinnie Moore: presents his signature Dean guitar!!

Vinnie Moore presents his signature Dean guitar!!


Frank Gambale: Frank goes on Carvin FG1 factory tour

Click Here

The Frank Gambale Carvin FG1 guitar is available in a staggering variety of options direct from Carvin. Visit the FG1 page here

Guitar Solo Artist Frank Gambale and the Carvin FG1 Factory

News: Find The Best: Amp comparison web site

A great new tool to compare amps:

Noah says:

I'm a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara who loves to play guitar. In an attempt to make researching and comparing amps easier, I recently built this Guitar Amp Comparison Tool that lets you filter through hundreds of amps by output, configuration, power type, manufacturer and more.
It's really a great way to research amps, and actually a lot of fun to play around with. I'm really excited about the new tool, and was wondering if you'd consider sharing it with your readers - I just want to get it out there and see what the community thinks.


Manufacturer: Fender Guitar Amps, Line 6 Guitar Amps, Marshall Guitar Amps, Mesa Boogie Guitar Amps

Configuration: Amp Heads, Combo Amps

Amp Type: Modeling Amps, Solid State Amps, Tube Amps

Intended Use: Acoustic Amps, Live Performance Amps, Practice Amps, Studio Amps

News: Ibridoma endorses AMT Electronics

SG Records and Ibridoma are glad to announce the endorsement agreement with AMT Electronics.
The Russian company AMT Electronics produces mainly produces guitar and bass effects, Ibridoma proudly gears model E-1, pre-amplifier that has the peculiarity to reproduce the sound of the legendary ENGL Fireball.

Guido Campiglio: is now Schecter endorser

Guido Campiglio is a soloist guitar player of the power neo-classical school. He's musical style is close to that of the 80 shredders with special care to the melody of the compositions, enriched with original personal ideas: exotic cliches, tribal rhythmic elements, Arab and Eastern scales, use of electronic pads.
Guido is also active in electric guitar teaching and he do clinics and workshops throught Italy.SG Records is glad to inform that the guitarist

is now a Schecter endorser thanks to the Italian distributor Gold Music. Guido Campiglio explains in a video what motivated him to choose this brand.


Zakka: Harder Better Faster Stronger (Daft Punk)

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I've always loved this song and tried to come up with something that feels fresh while keeping the most memorable hooks and lines - the vocoder solo is just too good to be replaced by random notes. The parts that I actually composed were originated by endless improvs on this song. - Recorded them all. took my favorite bits, polished them and put it all together in an (hopefully) interesting order.

This video is heavily inspired by a video I did some time ago where was just jamming over the track for fun. Here it is if you're curious to check it out:
I intend to make a tab for this one in the future - specially if some people ask me.

MP3 of this video:
- Guitar: PRS CE22 (signed by Guthrie Govan)
- Audio Interface: Avid Mbox
- Camera: Canon 60D
- DAW: Pro Tools LE 8
- Guitar Plugiin: Amplitube 3


Zakka - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Daft Punk)

Frank Gambale: Jam along tracks

Get music and videos from the Frank Gambale shop: and new jam tracks:

This was recorded a few months before the tsunami. The song is Yang by FG from the Gambale Hamm Smith album called The Light Beyond.

New Amazing Guitar Solo by Frank Gambale Live in Sendai, Japan

Gambale's awesome rendition of the Hendrix classic.

Guitar Solo Artist Frank Gambale plays Hendrix "Little Wing"

Guitar Solo Guru Frank Gambale plays his new Signature Carvin FG1

Andy James: EMG pickups for the win

EMG Pickups Presents Andy James - For some time, he has been widely regarded as one of the U.K's rising stars in the realms of Shred & Metal guitar. Now, Andy James has undeniably earned himself a place among the very best in the world.

EMG - Andy James "Angel Of Darkness"

EMG - Andy James "What Lies Beneath"

EMG - Andy James "Interview"

Plus my video of Andy live at the Muiskmesse earleir this year

Andy James: Angel Of Darkness Musikmesse 2012