Monday, 13 August 2012

Tony Scozaaro: Gamalon 'Bidding War' 2002

Gamalon jamming out a tune entitled 'bidding war' from the latter part of the 20th anniversary show back in 2002... feat. musicians Tony Scozaaro - guitar, Jack Kulp- Bass, Ted Reinhardt - Drums and Bruce Brucato - Guitar. (Current line up at the time) Great Players/Musicians...Filmed at the Tralf, Buffalo NY 01-19-2002. A JamGarden Studio Production 2012

Gamalon 'Bidding War' Live 2002

Aaron Marshall: Intervals in the studio

You guys ready for a taste of what's to come from our upcoming release?
Keep your eye on our page at the beginning of next week for a little video we put together from our time in the studio with the man, the legend, Jordan Valeriote. Release date and info regarding pre-order bundles coming shortly!

Some footage from our recent time at Sundown Studios with producer/engineer Jordan Valeriote. IN TIME COMING FALL 2012.

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INTERVALS - Inertia Guitar Playthrough

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger ' In Motion' Album

This incredible new solo guitar album from Mr. Fastfinger is up there with some of the best we have heard in a while and is now available to download from our site:
Or, you can by the CD (and we can ship worldwide!) at:

This album is completely captivating from the first 10 seconds to the last. A truly mesmerizing listen with wonderful playing encased in a brilliantly ambient setting, each track is musically unique. Fastfinger's unparalleled bending technique throughout is impeccable and the album has been wonderfully constructed note for note. Mika has even pulled some other incredible musician friends in to help create this album too, notably Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater fame.
Any guitarist would appreciate this album and anyone with musicality and a sense of adventure would find themselves enthralled by Mr. Fastfinger's work.
Most definitely one for your collection.

Mr. Fastfinger ' In Motion' Album Trailer. Download now at

Emily Hastings,Warleyson Almeida: Mozart and Seal

Emily Hastings
Emily Hastings plays Mozart Medley. All rights reserved to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Emily Hastings plays Mozart Medley by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Guitar version of Seal's "Crazy" played by Warleyson Almeida and Emily Hastings

"Crazy" Seal live played by Warleyson Almeida and Emily Hastings

Greg Howe, Stuart Hamm, Dennis Chambers: Monteroduni 2011



Danilo Ciamprone,Daniele Gottardo: Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo sweeps and Monterodunij jam session with Daniele

Danilo Ciamprone, Daniele Gottard jam at Monteroduni

Danilo Ciamprone performs some sweep picking exercises from Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo! Enjoy ;)

Danilo Ciamprone plays Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo sweeps

Short and funny with Daniele Gottardo jams over the course dell'Eddie Lang Jazz Festival in Monteroduni. Imagine what would happen during a music festival Metal! \ M /

Playing Marrakech Market with Gottyboy - D. Ciamprone & D. Gottardo

Danilo Ciamprone plays Cardiology (Daniele Gottardo)

Ludovico Setten,Jason Becker: Ludovico, a pupil of Daniele Gottardo, plays End of the begining

This is me playing "End of the beginning" by the great Jason Becker. The arrangement is by my guitar teacher, Daniele Gottardo.

End of the begining (Jason Becker) played by Ludovico Setten

Plus A live tribute to the great guitarist and composer Jason Becker

The End of the Beginning - Jason Becker - Live By Daniele Gottardo

Chris Letchford: Scale The Summit for - Log on for the full feature tabs, text, and video. Chris Letchford discusses Scale The Summit's signature "sus2" sound and presents a lick that spans the length of the fretboard.

Chris Letchford - Scale The Summit: Artist Lick

Sashe Brankovski: Chromatic Point - Proton - great progressive rock fusion

Chromatic Point album: Zlaten Presek

Dushko Ichev (Pero) - Keyboard
Alen Spasevski (Alien) - Bass
Sashe Brankovski - Guitar
Vlatko Gjorgievski (Dalton)- drums

Chromatic Point is an ethno progressive band formed around 2010/2011 in Macedonia. The motive and the idea is to give one new dimension of the progressive rock music. Extracting an inspiration from the abundant Macedonian folklore, and also having the indivisible beats as a rhythmic base, that are specific in the Macedonian region, we have one homogenized fusion made of dozen kinds of music as: blues, jazz, metal, folk etc.

Chromatic Point - Proton

Dave Martone, Stuart Hamm, Jude Gold: Amazing Grace

Fun times with Stu Hamm and Jude Gold and Tom...

Dave Martone Amazing Grace

Michael Landau: Up From The Skies - Iridium 2012

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IridiumLive! 8 9 12 - Up From The Skies
Michael Landau Group
Michael Landau - Guitar and Voice
Gary Novak - Drums
Andy Hess - Bass

The world's new home of guitar, forever the home of Les Paul - The Iridium - Webcasting live from Times Square several nights per week! With select performances available for sale worldwide via our new audiophile record label, IridiumLive! For schedule and exclusive live content, visit

Michael Landau Group - Up From The Skies - IridiumLive! 8.9.2012

Timo Somers,Atma Anur: Atma watched the Delain show at Sibiu, Romania

Atma hanging at the Delain show in Sibiu, Romania... Timo Somers, Charlotte Wessels and the gang killin' a new song @ArtMania!! A great day and a great show!

Atma Anur - Delain live @ Sibiu

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)

The next month many CD's get signed by one or more artists that performed in Haarlem for Jason Becker.
— with Timo Somers.

Paul Gilbert: live at Guitar Center Hollywood

Paul Gilbert teaches a clinic and performs at Guitar Center Hollywood on 8/8/12

Paul Gilbert live at Guitar Center Hollywood

Michael Lee Firkins: announced for Satyr Blues 2012

Michael Lee Firkins has been added to the bill of the Satyr Blues 2012 festival in Poland

Misha Ryazhenka,Feodor Dosumov,Marco Minnemann,Damien Schmitt: experiments

Trailer for the DVD movie Mischa Kefir "experiments".
This is the Trailer for Misha Ryazhenka "The Experiments" Film. Buy this CD on iTunes: " The Experiments "is available for download on iTunes!

producer and composer \ Producer & Composer - Michael Ryazhenka
Director & Camera Operator - Krainev Maxim

 participated in the project:
Anton Davidyants
Fedor Dosumov
Valeria Antipov
Oleg Izotov
Fedor Lokshin
Damien Schmitt
Peter Ivshin
Alex Zavolokin
Stepan Yurlov
Sergey Bogolubsky
Nikolay Vengrzhanovich
Marco Minnemann
Eugene Sharafetdinova

Presentation CD / DVD "The Experiments" July 25, 2012. Club Alexei Kozlov. Buy it CD / DVD Edition / Buy this CD / DVD - http://misharyazhenka.com © 2012 Company "CD-MAXIMUM" http://

Misha Ryazhenka - "The Experiments" - Trailer №2/Трейлер #2 + Анонс/Preview

Amaury Cruz: G Double Pentatonic (Legato)

G Double Pentatonic (Legato) this is a lick to help develop legato playing.
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G Double Pentatonic (Legato)

Stéphan Forté: I Think There's Someone In The Kitchen - main riff demo

A new video from the Young Guitar magazine feature. This time the main riff of the song: "I Think There's Someone In The Kitchen" from my solo album "The Shadows Compendium"

Stéphan Forté - KITCHEN main riff.mp4

Stéphan Forté - Practicing Beethoven's moonlight sonata

Robert Marcello: Danger Danger May 2010

That's What I'm Talking About ' Live ' Danger Danger May 2010 Chicago, Elgin USA MRF2

Mark Grocki: Master Satriani Contest

Here is my submission into the "Master Satriani" guitar contest! This is a cover of Surfing With The Alien with plenty of nice improv licks. If you like what you hear, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! (it would really help me out in being reviewed by the judges). And if you like this cover, be sure to check out my originals. Thanks for listening!

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Like the great Satch? I think you'll be into my new album, Chaos Theory... now available on iTunes:
Master Satriani Contest - Surfing With The Alien (with Improvisation)

Brian Hunsaker: advanced tapping lesson

This shows an advanced Vai-like 2-handed tapping lick. This is a very flavorful and interesting technique that can grab the listener's ear. Tab for the tapping lick is here: in both GuitarPro and PDF format.

Thank you for watching and please check out my other videos if you enjoyed this one. I do both original music videos and guitar lesson videos. If you have any suggestions for future lesson videos, just let me know!

Advanced tapping lick lesson

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Commander In Chief: interviewed by SophieK at Bloodstock 2012

Commander In Chief gets interviewed post show at Bloodstock 2012

The Commander In Chief Sheds The Shit with SophieK at Bloodstock 2012

The Commander-In-ChiefI came across this picture tonight from one of my first gigs as The Commander-In-Chief, in London in 2009. At that point I had another guitarist doing my lead guitar parts on gigs since I did not start taking lead guitar playing seriously until 2010. A LOT has happened since then :)

Paul Gilbert: ZZ Top style Sam Ash Music Las Vegas

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Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big and Racer X covers ZZ Top's "Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago" at Sam Ash Las Vegas!

Paul Gibert Covers "Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago" - Sam Ash Music Las Vegas

Paul Gibert Covers "Cheap Sunglasses" - Sam Ash Music Las Vegas

Billy Sheehan: Talas backstageaxxess interview

Billy Sheehan and Paul Varga (Talas) Interview

Scott Gorham: Thin Lizzy memoirs

Omnibus Press has set a November 16 release date for THIN LIZZYguitarist Scott Gorham's memoir, "The Boys Are Back in Town". The book was co-written with journalist Harry Doherty and is expected to give the inside story of the band's days on the road.
Official description of the 160-page paperback "The Boys Are Back in Town": "One of the defining rock groups of the 20th Century, THIN LIZZY began life in Dublin in 1969 when childhood friends Phil Lynottand Brian Downey were approached by two former members of VAN MORRISON's band THEM, Eric Wrixon (keyboards) and Eric Bell(guitar). Now for the first time, their story is told by guitarist Scott Gorham and rock journalist Harry Doherty. The band's story is told by the people who were involved directly including former guitarists, road crew, management, family and friends. Their origins in Dublin as a three piece with the 'Whiskey In The Jar' single and a string of unsuccessful but highly creative albums. The move to London to chase the dream of being a major rock band. The chaotic arrival and departures of various members, including Eric Bell (who left the band mid-concert), Irish guitarist Gary Moore, Brian Robertson and co-author Scott Gorham. How the albums 'Jailbreak' and 'Boys Are Back In Town' took the band to the top of the charts just as they were to become bankrupt. Includes stories of the band on the road, the drink and drugs and how the years of partying, drug-taking and non stop touring eventually took its toll on not only the band members but on their families. The death of front man Phil Lynott and their legacy following his death."

Paul Gilbert: Italian Date information - now in English :)

By The power of people... so ashamed at my Google Translate... I now bring you Paul Gilbert in Italy... but this time in added English...

We love Paul Gilbert the King Of Guitar

From Sept. 4 through Sept. 12, American guitarist Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X) will be in Italy, conducting a series of guitar clinics.
If you missed him last year, you're in luck. Here's your chance to see him now!
This tour includes a four-day residency at Academy Voice Power in Caligari, for which Enrico Sesselego will translate.
Tour Date Information from Riccardo Cappelli:

September 4/5/6/7 - Cagliari - Fabrik (Guitar Campus) - Info:
September 8 - Fiorano (Modena) - MAF - Info: www.musicaafiorano.itSeptember 9 - Avezzano - Lucky Luke - Info:
September 11 - Padua - Live Music Terminal - Info: www.sweetbasil.itSeptember 12 - Legnano (Milan) - Land of Live - Info:
Information (incl. program / curriculum) for the Caligari seminar, in Italian and English:
Information for the M.A.F Festival:
At the picturesque Court Spezzano, Paul Gilbert will perform with a live rhythm section and explain unique aspects of his technique. Not to be missed! Tickets are 20 Euros.
Promoter for the Avezzano gig: