Sashe Brankovski: Chromatic Point - Proton - great progressive rock fusion

Chromatic Point album: Zlaten Presek

Dushko Ichev (Pero) - Keyboard
Alen Spasevski (Alien) - Bass
Sashe Brankovski - Guitar
Vlatko Gjorgievski (Dalton)- drums

Chromatic Point is an ethno progressive band formed around 2010/2011 in Macedonia. The motive and the idea is to give one new dimension of the progressive rock music. Extracting an inspiration from the abundant Macedonian folklore, and also having the indivisible beats as a rhythmic base, that are specific in the Macedonian region, we have one homogenized fusion made of dozen kinds of music as: blues, jazz, metal, folk etc.

Chromatic Point - Proton