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Devoted student of the guitar, totally in love with music, solo album, Hale Souls, available at:
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Gretchen Menn: After Learning to fly interview

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Live at the Catalyst - a bucket full of crazy notes!

First part of an 80 minute concert. Buckethead plays the Catalyst Nightclub in Santa Cruz, CA; September 8 , 2012

Buckethead - Live at the Catalyst - 9/8/12

Buckethead - Live at the Catalyst, Part II - 9/8/12

Gary Moore: Blues for Jimi, Blue Ray, DVD, LP and CD

This unique concert was filmed at the London Hippodrome on 25 October 2007. It formed a part of the launch for the Jimi Hendrix "Live At Monterey" programme and featured Gary Moore and his band performing classic Hendrix tracks. At the end of the night Gary was joined by Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox of the Jimi Hendrix Experience for 3 tracks. Gary Moore was one of the finest British guitarists of all time and is one of the few players who could pay homage to Jimi Hendrix's groundbreaking and truly distinctive guitar style. This is a stunning tribute from one master guitarist to another.

Gary Moore - Purple Haze (Blues for Jimi) ~ 1080p HD

News: CapoSonic - Incredible Capo for Every Chord... join the Kickstarter campaign!


Ben Ryan: I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ben Ryan. I have invented a cool new musical device / instrument / innovation / invention. The device is based on the theory of using standard tuned guitars yet arriving at “open and alternative tunings” sounds. This enables the player to use standard chords, fingerings, scales and familiar progressions to arrive at new and unique "voicings" - It is truly revolutionary! In the next week, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign and in the mean time one is able to sign up at our site for updates as well as view the video. I am very excited by the effort and I am hoping we can work together to spread the word far and wide! website:

Caposonic - the capo for every chord - announces today a new musical instrument and invention - The CapoSonic “Classic”. Similar to a regular capo which attaches to the neck of the guitar and presses the strings, the device enables you to make the “chord” of your choosing. It delivers a rich, full “Open” and “Alternative” sound for musical arrangements. The CapoSonic “Classic” allows the guitarist to play with the familiarity of “standard tuning”, using “regular” chords, “absolute” fret notes, normal scales and patterns, yet arrive at the richness of “OPEN TUNING” sounds with much sought after drone like qualities. Many accomplished professional musicians use “Open and Alternative” tunings for the unique sounds in their “hit” songs. “The guitar is at least 3,000 years old. There have been very few significant changes or improvements to this wonderful musical instrument, in the last 100 years with the exception of the introduction of electric guitars. CapoSonic’s expansion of a guitar’s musical capabilities is an exciting development that opens new horizons” says Ben Ryan, musician and CapoSonic designer. The CapoSonic “Classic” delivers a new level of performance and sound from chords never heard nor playable previously. As a result musicians experience a new “method” which reframes the way they play the guitar and create songs. CapoSonic Classic offers a much broader level of creativity for musicians.

Musicians across the country are experiencing a new level of enthusiasm resulting from the exploration, discovery and creation of unique musical arrangements using this new instrument. When it comes to sparking a new creative endeavor on the guitar for musicians, the new CapoSonic Classic deserves a standing ovation! The CapoSonic is simple to use and easy to become familiar with its many benefits. It can expand for multiple styles and genres, embellish arrangements, unique voicings, easy to “crossover”. It is easy and quick to attach and remove. CapoSonic reduces the need to retune for different songs or carry multiple guitars! This dynamic, “must have” instrument is revolutionary in concept, design and aesthetics. Not only does CapoSonic bring to the world a new musical device, using precision technology and state of the art manufacturing, it introduces a new and valuable “method” for teaching and learning the guitar.

With the growing interest and awareness of “Alternative and Open Tunings”, and the resurgence in the search for “unique voicing”, CapoSonic offers unique solutions. It enables guitar players opportunities for cool inversions, stacked chords, embellished “bell-like” qualities, and an exponential number of ways to breathe new life into the guitar. Not only is CapoSonic a new musical device and accessory, it is a new “Musical Concept and Method” - whose time has come! It opens one’s eyes and ears to recurring patterns on the neck of the guitar. It sounds fantastic and is fun to play. CapoSonic leverages the use of “CapoSonic Chords”, to a higher level - a completely unique and novel approach - which is available only by playing with the new CapoSonic device and methods.

CapoSonic is producing a KickStarter Online Video Campaign to launch in September 2012 to run for approximately 30 days. This will be the exclusive opportunity to obtain a CapoSonic at this early stage. CapoSonic has recognized many valuable aspects and attributes for music performance, education and enjoyment. There will be wonderful, unique and multiple rewards offered to adopters and supporters in return for donations. There is something for everyone - whatever size of the donation. The primary reward is the CapoSonic Classic, however, there are packages with rewards from the “Collector’s Limited Edition” that includes a Special Carrying Case to receiving updates through email articles and invitations to events and concerts. Other CapoSonic merchandise and “swag” will be made available.

The main purpose of the KickStarter Campaign is to provide an exclusive vehicle/platform to pre-ordering the CapoSonic instrument.


© Caposonic 2012 - All Rights Reserved

CapoSonic Kickstarter Video from CapoSonic on Vimeo.

News: Eastwood Guitars introduces the “Hi-Flyer Phase 4”

Eastwood Guitars introduces the “Hi-Flyer Phase 4” series

In true Eastwood style, the new Hi-Flyer Phase 4 series offers up true vintage mojo with tones of attitude and playability. The Hi-Flyer phase 4 is based on the last model of the long running Univox Hi-Flier series, which was produced from 1968 through 1977. The Eastwood series features the best of the Univox and more with a hardtail model and a tremolo model.

Both Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 models are true replicas of the originals, with laser accurate details on the shape and dimensions of the basswood body and the profile of the maple bolt-on necks. These recreations nail the original feel and sound right down to the bridge and the pickups, making them modern day tributes to the Univox classics.

The Hi-Flyer Phase 4 hardtail is a replica of the white model used by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain in their 1993 video of Heart Shaped Box. It features a white pickguard, a maple fingerboard, Phase 4 Open Humbuckers with black surrounds, and a Mindtech 3-way adjustable wrap-around hardtail bridge. A must for any Nirvana fan and it is also available for lefties.

The Hi-Flyer Phase 4 Sunburst features a Roller Bridge with tremolo, a rosewood fingerboard and a pair of vintage Mosrite style P-90 pickups.

“There is just something so right about the look and feel of the Hi-Flyer Phase 4" said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, "I have always loved the Univox models and we’re so excited about how accurate the Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 series“.

The Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 series is available now, to find your closest dealer visit  

About Eastwood Guitars
Canada’s Eastwood Guitars is one of the world’s fastest growing guitar companies with over 40 distinctive models combining retro styling with modern playability. Eastwood is committed to developing and promoting independent music through the following initiatives: The Eastwood Artist Endorsement Program; The Eastwood Big Pick Program; The Eastwood Guitars Partners Program; and Eastwood Radio

Doug Aldrich: Stream Rollers Europe with a swathe of tour dates

Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio) takes his trio SteamRoller on the road in Europe

Marshall Roadshow feat. STEAMROLLA
Mon Sep-10 Rockland Music: Witten, Germany - mobile
Tue Sep-11 Rock Shop: Karlsruhe, Germany - mobile
Wed Sep-12 Soundland: Fellbach, Germany - mobile
Thu Sep-13 Music World: Augsburg, Germany - mobile
Fri Sep-14 Musik-Meisinger: Burghausen, Germany - mobile
Steam Roller
Mon Sep-17 TAVASTIA-klubi: Helsinki, Finland - mobile
Marshall 50 Years Of Loud Live
Sat Sep-22 Wembley Arena: London, UK - mobile, Site
Steam Roller
Sun Sep-23 Sigurdsgatan 25:Vasteras, Sweden - mobile
Mon Sep-24 Club Nova Chmelnice: Praha, Czech Republic - mobile
Tue Sep-25 MELODKA: Brno, Czech Republic - mobile
Steam Roller - Drum Fest
Thu Sep-27 Filharmonia Opolska: Opole, Poland - mobile
Fri Sep-28 Radio Wrocław: Wrocław, Poland - mobile
Sat Sep-29 Centrum Kultury Studenckiej Mrowisko: Gliwice, Poland - mobile
Steam Roller
Sun Sep-30 Blue Note club, Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia - mobile
Tue Oct-02 A38 Hajo: Budapest, Hungary - mobile
Wed Oct-03 Bluesiana Rock Cafe: Velden, Austria - mobile
Thu Oct-04 ECI Cultuurfabriek: Roermond, Holland - mobile
Fri Oct-05 Tepee Strictly Rock: Limassol, Cyprus - mobile
Sat Oct-06 Savino Rock Bar: Larnaca, Cyprus - mobile
Sun Oct-07 Jazz Rock Cafe Club Kavala, Greece - mobile
Tue Oct-09 Galery Music Bar: Pratteln, Switzerland - mobile
Fri Oct-12 Teatro Delle Celebrazioni: Bologna, Italy - mobile

VIP packages and tour merchandise

Virgil Donati,Simon Hosford: OTV, the serious young insect are back for the attack!

On The Virg - Serious Young Insects (1999) Vorticity Native Metal [Download the full track] Malfunction Alien Hip-Hop Sort Yourself Out Pyramids on Mars Dragon Bones Trencherman Out of the Haze Invasion of the Ants Running from the Aliens Penthalon Virgil Donati - Drums Phil Turcio - Keyboards Simon Hosford - Guitar Evripides Evripidou - Bass Special Guests: T.J Helmerich Ric Fierrabracci Brett Garsed

back again and in rehearsal... what awaits us?

OTV Rehearsal - Melbourne Australia Aug 19th, 2012 - Part 1

OTV Rehearsal - Melbourne Australia Aug 19th, 2012 - Part 2

Nori Bucci: Recurring Nightmare - Gamalon 2005

Gamalon performing one of Nori's tunes,recurring nightmare. this is not the same video / audio as the one here...

filmed by Bene 2005

Gamalon "Recurring Nightmare" by Nori Bucci 02-17-2005

Sam Bell: Organic Donkey Mallet

Sam Bell: Organic Donkey Mallet (ft. Liam Young)

t-cophony: Remember September

Original version
This is my favorite tune from "Load before departure"
Facebook -

Remember Sept (Acoustic version) - T-cophony

Slash: Win a Slash Signature Cry Baby Classic!

Win a Slash Signature Cry Baby Classic!

We're working with our friends at Westside Distribution to offer UK players a chance to win a Dunlop Slash Signature Cry Baby Classic!

Throughout his career, Slash has used the Cry Baby to create his trademark epic solos that he weaves into his groundbreaking gritty, blues-influenced rock. We worked closely with him to design the Slash Cry Baby Classic, custom-voiced for the raw, expressive sound that influenced a generation of guitar players. Tuned to a lower frequency and featuring a custom-wound resonance inductor, this wah pedal has a huge dynamic range and a wide sweep.

Richie Kotzen: cooking up something special for the baked potato!

Richie Kotzen
Richie Kotzen: 

Hello Friends and Fans,
   Tomorrow night (Tuesday Sept 11th) we are playing again at
The Baked Potato in Studio City, Ca.
2 sets.. 9:30 and 11:30.
Come by if your in town.

Jim Root: Win the ultimate rig!

Win the Ultimate Jim Root Rig!

EMG Pickups, Fender, Orange, and Dunlop are giving away Slipknot & Stone Sour guitarist Jim Roots’ rig. The rig includes Root’s signature Fender Telecaster with EMG 81/60 pickups, his signature Orange Terror 15-watt head and 2 x 12 cabinet, along with MXR and Dunlop pedals including the Hendrix Cry Baby. More »

Darren Nelsen: Passing Through Veils: Guitar Loops & Improvisations album

Album of guitar loops and improvisations.
released 04 October 2011
All sounds on this album were performed in real time with an electric guitar and a few effects pedals. There are no studio overdubs, and except for mixing, there is minimal editing. To create the multiple layers of sound, I used a process called live looping, which allows me to record and play back samples of my playing into loops. I then manipulate the loops on-the-fly by changing their pitch, speed, direction, and volume. Looping opens up whole new worlds of sound expression, and with it my guitar becomes a virtual orchestra. I can create rich textures, otherworldly effects, and sonic landscapes. With this album, I sought to explore what I could do with looping and improvisation. I’m delighted to share with you what emerged from my hands, feet, heart, and imagination. I present to you, dear listener, Passing Through Veils...

For guitars, I used two custom Telecasters. For effects, I used a Vox ToneLab LE, Boss SL-20 Slicer, Line 6 FM4, two Line 6 DL4s, and two Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedals.

Thanks to my beloved family, my dear and close friends (seen and unseen), and my spiritual community. You know who you are and I love you.

Special thanks to Margie Deeb, SaraBeth Cullinan, Jeri Goldstein, Andre LaFosse.

Dedicated to my musical heroes, of which there are too many to mention, but particularly the spirits of Jimi Hendrix, Charles Ives, and Frank Zappa. And to the loop guitarists that inspired this album--Robert Fripp, David Torn, Andy Summers, and Andre LaFosse.

Performed and recorded by Darren Nelsen

Produced and mixed by Darren Nelsen and Andre LaFosse

Mastered by Bob DeMaa

Photography by Jeff Grove, Jim Perdue,and Mark Gresham

Design by Margie Deeb