Darren Nelsen: Passing Through Veils: Guitar Loops & Improvisations album

Album of guitar loops and improvisations.
released 04 October 2011
All sounds on this album were performed in real time with an electric guitar and a few effects pedals. There are no studio overdubs, and except for mixing, there is minimal editing. To create the multiple layers of sound, I used a process called live looping, which allows me to record and play back samples of my playing into loops. I then manipulate the loops on-the-fly by changing their pitch, speed, direction, and volume. Looping opens up whole new worlds of sound expression, and with it my guitar becomes a virtual orchestra. I can create rich textures, otherworldly effects, and sonic landscapes. With this album, I sought to explore what I could do with looping and improvisation. I’m delighted to share with you what emerged from my hands, feet, heart, and imagination. I present to you, dear listener, Passing Through Veils...

For guitars, I used two custom Telecasters. For effects, I used a Vox ToneLab LE, Boss SL-20 Slicer, Line 6 FM4, two Line 6 DL4s, and two Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedals.

Thanks to my beloved family, my dear and close friends (seen and unseen), and my spiritual community. You know who you are and I love you.

Special thanks to Margie Deeb, SaraBeth Cullinan, Jeri Goldstein, Andre LaFosse.

Dedicated to my musical heroes, of which there are too many to mention, but particularly the spirits of Jimi Hendrix, Charles Ives, and Frank Zappa. And to the loop guitarists that inspired this album--Robert Fripp, David Torn, Andy Summers, and Andre LaFosse.

Performed and recorded by Darren Nelsen

Produced and mixed by Darren Nelsen and Andre LaFosse

Mastered by Bob DeMaa

Photography by Jeff Grove, Jim Perdue,and Mark Gresham

Design by Margie Deeb