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Domenico Gallo: Steve Vai MusicOff Contest

Steve Vai MusicOff Contest - Domenico Francesco GALLO

Daniele Gregolin: Django's Roots

Daniele Gregolin & Gabriele Boggio Ferraris DJANGO's ROOTs
with Massimo Manzi on drums & Giacomo Tagliavia on double bass
Debut gig @ Milestone Piacenza, Italy 12 october 2012

DJANGOs ROOTs @ Milestone Piacenza (IT) 12/10/2012

Darius Wave: Sad Guitar Symphony - 30 guitar Orchestra - just amazing!

Darek Wawrzyniak (Darius Wave) - Sad Guitar Symphony

Classical and rock/metal blend. Almost 30 electric guitar tracks used to simulate Classical Orchestra behavior. All guitars recorded on Hufschmid H6E + headphone amp VOX AMPLUG AC30. Huge thank You and sort of Tribute to Patrick Hufschmid and Masahiro Lee (designer of amplug series) for their great work and for being possessed in what they do, such as I'm am in case of playing.

No midi or any symulator used for this recording. Contrabass parts recorded on detuned Spector bass via Amplug AC30.

You can find me on facebook:

More originals:

SAD GUITAR SYMPHONY (almost 30 guitars symulating classical orchestra) :: Darius Wave

Nicolas Waldo: Dominate The Fallen with tab and backing track

Nicolas Waldo - Dominate The Fallen - [HD 1080p] - NEW VIDEO!
Music composed and interpreted by Nicolas Waldo


Nicolas Waldo - Dominate The Fallen - NEW VIDEO 2012 WITH TABS!!

John Norum: Europe UK dates and BBC appearance

Following EUROPE’s interview about the making of The Final Countdown on last night’s edition of BBC 1 Television’s “The One Show”, the band will start their “Bag of Bones” UK tour at the Birmingham o2 Academy on Wednesday 21 November, with special guests StoneRider.  Read the official press announcement HERE.

If you missed Europe’s interview on The One Show last night, you can view it online via BBC iPlayer HERE.  

Europe vocalist Joey Tempest believes that 2009’s Last Look At Eden album was a significant turning point for the band. That album proved to be Europe’s most important record since The Final Countdown. Now, with the release of their current album Bag of Bones, Tempest says, “Europe is ready to do some serious damage.”

Europe’s November 2012 UK Tour with very special guests “StoneRider”

Wed Nov 21    Birmingham 02 Academy 
Thur Nov 22    Glasgow 02 ABC
Fri Nov 23       Manchester HMV Ritz
Sun Nov 25     Newcastle 02 Academy
Mon Nov 26    Leeds 02 Academy
Tues Nov 27    Nottingham Rock City
Thur Nov 29    Bristol 02 Academy
Fri Nov 30       Cardiff Coal Exchange
Sat Dec 01       London 02 Shepherds Bush Empire   

Tickets for the upcoming UK tour can be ordered from, and or call the 24-hour box office: 0844 477 2000.

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Mata Hari - awesome new playthrough

Video by Ben Dundas & Sean Curry | Filmed at Revolution Recording in Toronto, Ontario.

// IN TIME // is available through:
Discs and merch bundles:



News: luthier Philip Berne 18 String Banjo

Philip Berne is a luthier out of time navigating between the past and the future back to the present with instruments straight out of the imagination of the creator. ocassion At the Salon des luthiers guitar festival to be held in Issoudun 2 and 3 November, Philippe has made ​​what he calls a guitar banjo. The body of the instrument is equipped with a skin banjo or rather a skin drum in order to lighten the weight. 12 sympathetic strings steel were added to obtain the "cathedral". The strings are nylon 6 to soften the sound. Watch the video that we propose Philip, you can read more about the soul of this instrument. You can also get an idea of sound even though the demonstration is minimalist. We have the opportunity to Issoudun you have a demo further. "

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: Voyager - The Meaning Of I

VOYAGER - THE MEANING OF I (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from their latest album "The Meaning Of I".

Simone Dow: Voyager - The Meaning Of I

buy the whole album download directly from

Daniel Estrin - vox, keys
Simone Dow - guitar
Scott Kay - guitar
Alex Canion - bass
Ash Doodkorte - drums

Voyager - The Meaning Of I (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - Buy it Here

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Christophe Godin: Mörglbl Brütal Römance Tour France

Mörglbl Brütal Römance Tour (suite !)
- 10 nov 2012 : Mörglbl au K-fées à Belfort (Kartoon Guitar Clinic avec Christophe l'après-midi)
- 11 nov 2012 : Mörglbl à la convention Saico à l'Hötel l'Europ à Colmar

- 24 nov 2012 : Mörglbl à la Luciole à Herblay (Kartoon Guitar Clinic avec Christophe l'après-midi au Conservatoire
- 28 & 19 nov 2012 : Kartoon Guitar Clinic avec Christophe au MAI à Nancy

- 30 nov 2012 : Mörglbl à l'Antirouile à Talence et band clinic au Ciam à Bordeaux l'après-midi
- 7 déc 2012 : Mörglbl au Divan du Monde à Paris pour le Bend Note Guitar Talent
- 8 déc 2012 : Mörglbl au Jas'Rod aux Pennes-Mrabeau
- 14 & 15 déc 2012 : Kartoon Guitar Clinic avec Christophe à l'Apejs (Chambéry)
- 11 jan 2013 : Mörglbl au PFMM (détails à venir) en banlieue parisienne
- 19 jan 2013 : Mörglbl à Vannes (Concert et band clinic)
- 16 & 17 jan 2013 : Kartoon Guitar Clinic avec Chritsophe à Tous en Scène à Tours

Christophe Godin


5 full length tracks in MP3
5 backing tracks in MP3
5 extended jam tracks in MP3
5 video performances in MP4
Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab format

Christophe Godin 'Jazz Metal Soloing Vol.1' available at

Rebecca Dirks: tribute to Steel Panther's Satchel!

Rebecca Dirks is Satchel!

One of the best Rig Rundowns ever... period!  With the ever inspirational Satchel (aka Russ Parrish)

Rig Rundown - Steel Panther's Satchel

Tom Quayle: Greg Howe Fusion Style Am7 Arpeggio Lick

Greg Howe Fusion Style Am7 Arppegio Lick - Free Guitar Lesson With Tom Quayle Licklibrary Tom Quayle shows you how to play a Greg Howe influenced Fusion style lick in this Free guitar lesson as featured on our facebook page.
TAB is available by heading to:

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Rick Graham: Changes in A minor

Rick's Guitar School - The Practice Room: Changes in A minor
Hi guys, the backing track is available for free download. Please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources. This content will ONLY be available to subscribers:

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I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

Kenny Serane: Noodling 3

Find more about Kenny Serane :

Kenny Serane: Rainbowmaker

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Femme Fetale's new shred attack!

Femme Fatale

IT'S OFFICIAL: Femme Fatale is F-ing Stoked to announce "NITA STRAUSS & COURTNEY COX" - Femme's New SHREDDERS!! XOxo This is NITA STRAUSS! — with Sumantri Wongso and Ironwan Rock.


Femme Fatale is one of Metal's Fav Bands & Fronted by the Sexy, Sultry, In Your Face vocals of Lorraine Lewis-One of Metals few Women Pioneers-MCA Records


Femme Fatale are an outfit that were remembered for the hot looks, rockin' voice and over the top stage presence of its front woman Lorraine Lewis. In an era that was dominated by testosterone driven rock, Femme Fatale became a popular frontrunner in the 80's Rock and Roll scene. The band came together in their hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico and consisted of Lewis (vocals), Mazzi Rawd (guitar), Bill D'Angelo (lead guitar), Rick Rael (bass and Lewis' brother) and Bobby Murray (drums). They quickly picked up and moved to Los Angeles amid the late eighties glam explosion, and after only ten live shows managed to score a major label contract.

The debut album was a moderate success, thanks mostly to M.T.V., where the videos for "Waiting For The Big One" and "Falling In & Out Of Love" were in high demand by teenage males who couldn't stop drooling over Lewis. M.T.V. gave heavy rotation to the videos "Waiting For The Big One" and "Falling In & Out Of Love" (both directed by Marty Callner), the band's two signature songs. The heavy airplay helped the album to sell nearly 250,000 copies, not bad for a baby band. The self-titled album, released in 1988 landed on the Billboard charts and shortly thereafter, Femme Fatale began touring the world in support of one of their favorite bands Cheap Trick.

Femme Fatale was snatched up so quickly in the L.A. scene that at that time had only written twelve songs together. The record label, MCA had a love affair with Lorraine. She was obviously the one getting the attention and filling the seats. So they made pictures of Lorraine and printed the words 'Look Out Lita!' on them and she became 'the new Lita Ford to the people at MCA' - But Lorraine was and remains a BIG FAN OF LITA FORD - ("Lita is the real deal, an amazing woman & I am happy to call her a friend") - The image stuck with the band and they released their one and only self-titled album "Femme Fatale". It contained ten killer rock songs, all which where very catchy and well written. It showed Lorraine's main influences, as she had always been a fan of Aerosmith, Bad Company, AC/DC and Janis Joplin. On stage, Lorraine wanted to be the female version of the former Van Halen front man, David Lee Roth. She was determined to become "the #1 Metal Maiden of the late eighties.", "Waiting For The Big One" was chosen to be the bands first single release. In the U.K. it came out as a limited 12" with a fold out poster of Lorraine. The producer of the "Femme Fatale" album, Jim Faraci was becoming a respected new producer with the success of Poison's first record and Femme Fatale was receiving good reviews, because the music was hot. The next single was called "Falling In & Out Of Love" re-recorded by Tom Werman (Motley Crue). It was backed with an AC/DC cover, which didn't appear on the album. ("It's A Long Way To The Top"). By this time the U.K. obviously had the hots for Lorraine - Oops - I'm sorry, I mean Femme Fatale of course! The best next move was to get the band over to play live.

Femme Fatale played the Marquee club in London, England. The press were very excited about it all. Lorraine brought her mega-watt performance along with a road worthy rockin' band. Femme Fatale was a tight band on stage, sweating their arses off. Of course they'd already played a lot of gigs in America, but England was something else. The kids went totally crazy for Femme Fatale and the band gave them the full hundred percent. Femme Fatale had finally been given the respect they were seeking in America. They released a third single in England, called "Rebel." After such respect in the U.K., the expectations were high. The band was asked to play on the famous Castle Donington festival next to Vixen and Whitesnake. Sadly, the whole event was cancelled, because a year before two people were killed during the event.

The band remixed the song "Touch And Go" from their debut album to release it as a fourth single, which was released by Kerrang! (England's leading metal magazine) as a 'free' flexi disc with their magazine. Femme Fatale was asked by MCA to record a second album and even though a lot of songs were already written, the album was never released, Until now, And with that Suncity Records is proud to announce the release of Femme Fatale - Lady In Waiting. The album was written and recorded in 1988 in Hollywood California. It has been re-worked, re-mixed and re-mastered. The original recordings were engineered by Toby Wright and Femme Fatale. The album was re-mixed by Scott Gutierrez in Hollywood, California. Stand out tracks include, "Lady in Waiting", "I Know" (Co-written with Wes Arkeen - considered the sixth member of Guns 'N' Roses), "One More For The Road" and the heartfelt ballad, "Buried Alive". Lewis' voice is at the top of its game and the band sounds like an aggressive well-seasoned force to reckon with.

In recent years, satellite radio and VH-1 Classic have given the band's two signature songs a new life, with display on VH1C's Metal Mania and the two main satellite networks' 1980s-themed stations. The newfound attention has sparked interest in re-releasing Femme Fatale and possibly the unreleased demos for the band's second studio album. Suncity records released "Lady in Waiting" a couple months back.Femme Fatale recently did a couple shows and proved that they still can rock!!!!

Allan Holdsworth, Virgil Donati: ATAK gig in Enschede

Devil Take The Hindmost/Letters Of Marque/Red Alert compilation_Part 2 from Enschede, Netherlands. from Virgil Donati PLUS

Another chapter from the ATAK gig in Enschede, Netherlands on October 20, 2012. 'Devil' features the harmonic brilliance of Holdsworth, 'Letters' has moments for Holdsworth, Crawford, and Donati to stretch out, and in 'Red Alert' Crawford holds it down while Donati bends rhythms...

Devil Take The Hindmost/Letters Of Marque/Red Alert compilation_Part 2 from Enschede, Netherlands. from Virgil Donati on Vimeo.

Guthrie Govan: Fractal Audio demo

Guthrie Govan using an Eternal Guitar

Callum Williams: Driving Blues - but too young to drive!

You can download this jam track package for FREE at:
It comes with solo example track, backing track, extended jam track, video performance and complete TAB and notation.

One of the most rewarding things at Jam Track Central is the ability to assist putting raw talent on the map. Recently, 13 year old guitarist Callum Williams came into the JTC studio to film his own original solo over one of our backing tracks, Drivin' Blues, taken from Guthrie Govan's Contemporary Series. His performance was so good and effortless that we just had to share it with you. Better still, Callum agreed with us to offer this track as a free download as well!

When we showed this amazing performance to the guys at TC Electronic, they were happy to get involved and sponsor this free download as well. They also believe in supporting young talent, so a huge thank you to them.

Callum is most certainly one to watch out for. It is safe to say that he has an exciting career ahead of him.

This free download comes with the solo example track, solo backing track, extended jam track, video performance and complete TAB and notation.

Director of Photography: Gabi Norland
Film Editor: Jan Cyrka

*NEW* Callum Williams Jams Over Our Drivin' Blues Jam Track FREE

Marco Sfogli: Remarcoble New CD Pre Order



Expected despatch date 19th November 2012

The incredible Marco Sfogli is back with his second album reMarcoble, released through JTC records.

Featuring 11 songs ranging from the blistering metal of the album title track 'reMarcoble' through to the chilled acoustic 'Song of Ben and C' this album takes you on a journey of pure guitar playing musical brilliance.

Marco Says:

"I think reMarcoble is a more mature record, it reflects what I was looking for in terms of guitar playing and where I wanted to go musically speaking. The production and sound is more modern and I am very proud of it! Hope you'll enjoy this too."

Get your copy now and prepare the repeat button, it's going to be needed!

Marco Sfogli 'reMarcoble' New Album Teaser