News: luthier Philip Berne 18 String Banjo

Philip Berne is a luthier out of time navigating between the past and the future back to the present with instruments straight out of the imagination of the creator. ocassion At the Salon des luthiers guitar festival to be held in Issoudun 2 and 3 November, Philippe has made ​​what he calls a guitar banjo. The body of the instrument is equipped with a skin banjo or rather a skin drum in order to lighten the weight. 12 sympathetic strings steel were added to obtain the "cathedral". The strings are nylon 6 to soften the sound. Watch the video that we propose Philip, you can read more about the soul of this instrument. You can also get an idea of sound even though the demonstration is minimalist. We have the opportunity to Issoudun you have a demo further. "