Sunday, 4 November 2012

Darius Wave: Funky Djent

Darek Wawrzyniak: Funky meets DJENT on a Low F Fretless guitar (work in progress) :: Darius Wave

plus a great guitar jam

‎Richie Kotzen: Europe shows latest

2012 Live Shows
Waiting for a few more confirmations including Nice France
november 10th - People - Catanzaro (Italy)
november 13th - XS Live Club - Roma (Italy)
November 14th - teatro triaton - napoli (italy)
november 16th - Black stuff - Udine (Italy)
november 18th - Reigen - Vienna (Austria)
november 19th - MMC- Bratislava ( Slovakia )
november 20th - Nova Chmelnice - Prag (Czech rep.)
november 22th - Bluesiana - Velden (Austria)
november 23th - Legend 54 - Milano (Italy)
november 24th - Il Peocio - Trofarello (Italy)
november 27th - Lindenbrauerei - Unna (Germany)
november 28th - Uhlenspiegel - Rutesheim (Germany)
november 30th - Borderline - Pisa (Italy)
december 1st - Sala Caracol - Madrid (Spain)
december 2nd - Salamandra - Barcelona (Spain)

Richie Kotzen

Fender Guitars will be selling Richie Kotzen's signature model telecaster GLOBALLY starting this January... The guitar was previously only available in Japan and Europe... Good news for those interested parties in North and South America

Matt Moliti: Major Add9 arpeggios

Matt Moliti - Major Add9 arpeggios
This is a short example of a way I might play major add9 arpeggios, moving through D and C major. I also include the 11th as a passing tone. Be kind, I recorded this at 4:30am :-) drum track courtesy of Tom Quayle.

Check out my guitar lesson blog here:

Floyd Fernandes: Chaotic pentatonics...emulating noise

Chaotic pentatonics...emulating noise
by fcubic
Using scale degrees to create sounds.Listening to dissonant sounds by legendary saxophone players and emulating the vibe.Some ideas follow a harmonic rhythm and once in a while I repeat motifs randomly to create a sound.It is okay to play fast and make some things happen.You will fall on your face but that's the point...fuck being safe.Every once in a while switch your mind off and play free of fear,try to reach for your own sounds,and stop analyzing the shit out of everything...have fun.When you feel like play a blues line and go back to the rubbish you were doing :)

Christian Muenzner: Anticosmic Overload in HD

"Anticosmic Overload" now in HD on the Relapse Records Dailymotion page!!

Obscura - Anticosmic Overload by RelapseRecords

Divaldi Addina: Jason Becker tribute goes viral!

The song call "Flow like water".
i call it that. because every tones run like water, very smooth and very Fast.
these arpeggios movement, i got inspired from The Great Legend Mr Jason Becker.
so.., I made these pathway for each pattern, according to the capacity of my fingers.
and i develop it, and became one great idea of song.
This is for you Mr Jason and for every one who love sweep picking.
thank you very much, enjoy the song, and have a great day ! :-)

Thank you very very much for watching..
and checkout my others videos

My Tribute to Jason Becker. (11 years old Divaldi) using Carparelli Arco-F1 & Boss GT-100

Jeff Loomis: Ultimate Guitar interview

You had worked with Neil Kernon on the "Zero Order Phase" album but on "Plains Of Oblivion" you brought in Aaron Smith to produce. Were you looking to approach the music with a new set of ears?

Neil Kernon is obviously a much more seasoned producer. He's been around for a very long time and his roster of bands is incredible with people and bands he's worked with. He's worked with Judas Priest, Queen, Dokken and all these bands that have had a huge impact on guitar and stuff like that. I was just kinda looking for somebody new and I became friends with Aaron because he literally lives right down the street from me. He was coming over and helping me a lot with ProTools sessions because I was kind of new to ProTools and I'm more of an old school guy too sometimes. I was just using a little Tascam 8-track digital recorder and he was like, "Dude, you gotta move up in the world." I ended up purchasing all this studio stuff and he was coming over and helping me with sessions and I'm like listening back to some of the stuff he helped me with and it sounded fantastic. So I'm like, "Would you like to produce my record?" and it was as simple as that. He just said yes and did a great job. He's just a young kid you know what I'm saying? He's done probably five or six projects or something like that but he’s very talented and has a great ear and just a great guy to work with. Very patient and had a lot of great input and ideas as well for the record so I would definitely work with the guy again.

David T Chastain: Metal In Your Face - compilation CD

Leviathan Records has just released "Metal In Your Face" from CHASTAIN. This CD features the heaviest tracks from the Kate French-era CHASTAIN CDs: "In An Outrage", "Sick Society" and "In Dementia". All songs were remastered in 2012.

"Metal In Your Face" track listing:

01. Seven
02. In Dementia
03. Human Sacrifice
04. Tongue
05. Blackening
06. Bullet From A Gun
07. Tortured Love
08. Lucky To Be Alive
09. Hamunaptra
10. Destructive Ground
11. Violence In Blame
12. The Vampire
13. Angel Falls

Jimmy Page: remastering every Zep LP!

Peter Mensch, the manager of LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page, told the U.K.'s Sunday Times that the legendary axeman is holed up in a west London studio "remastering every LED ZEPPELIN LP." It is believed that the new remasters, which are tentatively due next year, will possibly include alternate takes and unreleased material as well.

Russ Parrish: Loudwire Steel Panther "Fat Girl"

"British Invasion" track listing:

Main DVD

01. Eyes Of A Panther
02. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
03. Fat Girl
04. Hair Solo
05. Party All Day
06. Hell's On Fire
07. Stripper Girl
08. Asian Hooker
09. Turn Out The Lights
10. Girl From Oklahoma
11. We Want Pussy
12. Community Property
13. The Shocker
14. Death To All But Metal

Bonus Disc

* 40-minute documentary
* Deleted scenes
* Download Festival 2012
* "Supersonic Sex Machine" video
* "Community Property" video
* "Just Like Tiger Woods" video
* "17 Girls In A Row" video
* "Death To All But Metal" video (featuring Corey Taylor)

Loudwire Exclusive - Steel Panther "Fat Girl"

Jeff Loomis: Interview Euroblast 2012

Jeff talks with Shockwave-Hannover / Metal Radio about his participation in the Euroblast Festival/Tour, his new record, musical influences
and Nevermore

Jeff Loomis Interview Euroblast 2012

Jordan Rudess: At Swarnabhoomi academy of music

At Swarnabhoomi academy of music, Tamil Nadu, with the very great Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater. Jordan shares some insights on Dream Theater and answers a few of my questions. Enjoy! :)

Rendezvous with Jordan Rudess

Jordan talks about breaking all illusions(1)

Jordan teaching breaking all illusions2

Marty Friedman: Toulouse 2012

Marty Friedman Toulouse Guitar Universe Connexion Live 22 10 2012


Marty Friedman: Toulouse 2012

Joe Bonamassa: Black Country Communion - is the sermon over?!

Are the cracks beginning to show?

Joe Bonamassa commented on Glen Hughes' recent statement that this could be the group's final album, telling the site, "Never say never."

The war of words goes back to early September 2012, when Hughes began telling journalists that Bonamassa's solo touring schedule was preventing BCC from touring and fulfilling its potential. He stated that if the situation didn't change, "Afterglow" could be the group's last recording project.

Asked if there is going to be more touring for BCC, Bonamassa states flatly, "Probably not. At least, not with me. You know, the deal was, three years ago when this thing started, everybody had day jobs. Everybody has a good day job. I tour the spring and the fall, religiously.


Jordan Rudess: Microsoft Build 2012 gets some keyboard help from the maestro

Jordan Rudess live at the Microsoft BUILD 2012 conference.

Jordan Rudess - Microsoft BUILD 2012 - Ra

Jordan Rudess - Microsoft BUILD 2012 - Screaming Head

t-cophony: New Encounter - parts 1 and 2

New encounter (part 1) - T-cophony

New Album is

Facebook -

New encounter (part 2) - T-cophony (2012)

New encounter (part 1) - T-cophony

Gaspar Muntwyler: Tribute to Kelly Simonz

Opus 1 - Gaspar Muntwyler - Tribute to Kelly Simonz

Basically is the Opus number one from Kelly Simonz. Hope you enjoy...!!!

Facebook account:

Opus 1 - Gaspar Muntwyler - Tribute to Kelly Simonz

Marcus Deml: music store Fair 2012

Marcus Deml as Fender endorser on the music store Fair 2012 with an additional version number of "Tata" from Errorhead album "Modern Hippie"

Marcus Deml - Tata