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Rick Graham: Hybrid Sweeping Sequence

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Cris Bertini: Jam - classy Italian jam!

Cris Bertini Jam on Music Off Backing track 2
APS Guitar Vintage/Modern Cris Bertini Signature
pickup Mama H: D.Gottardo signature Single Coils: Experience

Cris Bertini Jam

Cris Bertini Jammin on Guitar Sbrego.mpg

Jess Lewis: Rabbit - This Town Needs Guns

Hi, another TTNG song.. I'm abit addicted to this bands music so erm yeah, sorryyyyy......
It's not perfect but thought I'd give it a go..
Thanks for watching :)

Dan Parise: Parise1 - Rock CD with killer solos

Dan Parise: Parise1 

Resident reviewer:  J. Mercer gives the CD a spin in this in depth review

Album: Parise1

Track Listing
1   Into You   3:46
2   Dirty Amy   3:03
3   Love Killed The Hate   3:38
4   Lies Of Pain   1:00
5   Fade You Away   4:06
6   Gonna Die   3:12
7   (You're) the Reason Why   4:08
8   I Don't Want to Be Your Friend   3:25
9   Like a Satellite   3:44
10   Another Girl   3:20
11   Hit Me Up Tonight   2:48
12   Hey Nina   4:32

Runtime: 40:42
Released: January 2012
Label: Self-released
Mixing: Ty Tabor, Matt Harrington; Mastering: Howie Weinberg
Official Site

What a rousing dynamo of a debut! Every so often, music fans get treated to a stunning record where all the tracks have something fresh and rewarding to offer. Such is the case with 'Parise1', a streetwise modern rock platter laden with rich vocal harmonies, searing guitar, and heavy-hitting, intense rhythmic delivery. Each song offers a different creative hook. This collection of twelve uncontrived tracks, released in 2012, showcases both the exceptional and melodic vocal talent of Andrew Shaw (Say, 2 Die 4) and athletic guitar work from Dan Parise (Too Tall Jones). Alongside Parise and Shaw, the band features Matt Muckle (Buckcherry, Paul Gilbert) and Dave Zajdel (Powerage, Crisis/PA). Dynamic production with a punchy, clear, deep mix enhances the album. The album has a layered presentation that offers something new on each listen. 
Unapologetic, no-holds-barred lyrics speak mostly to the despondent, the brokenhearted, the lonely, and those who've been 'used and abused' in relationships. Each instrument, including the vocal, serves the song and the context it's in, with no gratuitous overplaying. Fans of fast, smoldering stringwork are going to discover many gems within these tracks. Original and crisp, with creative nods to many - from The Beatles to Velvet Revolver, from the Foo Fighters to Pantera - this album is sure to please fans of melodic hard rock.
Here are some thoughts, notes, and highlights for each track: 
  • Opener 'Into You' mixes gritty metal with a streetwise, blunt, masculine sleaze. Lyrics aside, 'boxing gloves are now required for a reason': this risque tune fights bare-fisted, raw and powerful.
  • 'Dirty Amy' has a wonderful twangy rock flair. It's a jaunty, riveting, mid-tempo tune. This song definitely makes you want to tap your feet, or get up and move. 
  • Contemporary, hooky 'Love Killed The Hate' features Shaw's vocal pyrotechnics with an interesting depth effect applied to some lines. Subtle, syncopated, bombastic percussion underpins this 'earworm' number. 
  • 'Lies Of Pain' is a short and sweet acoustic change of pace, reminiscent of both The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. It's a rare 'moody break' on an otherwise uptempo record. 
  • Nice vocal harmonies and subtlety mark the heavy, ballady 'Fade You Away'. The song features a wonderful counterpoint in the fretboard-smoking fast solo on an otherwise laid-back tune. 
  • 'Gonna Die' is my favorite tune on the album, as a fan of heavy or extreme metal. This is a killing, edgy tune, showcasing the band's firepower. The pounding, massive riffwork in this song has enough grit to peel paint: think 'mosh pit fodder'. In the live concert setting, 'Gonna Die' will be a tremendous, fist-pounding neckbreaker. As a highly appreciated bonus, we're treated to a cameo from Freddie Nelson (Triple X, Too Tall Jones, Paul Gilbert), raging ahead on bass.
  • 'You're The Reason Why' (Alive Again) croons "Wake up on a Saturday, I feel alive again." This edgy tune speaks to many. Listen for the magnetic octave or layered effect on the guitar near the end of the song.
  • We've all been there: after a breakup, one fires the salvo “let's just be friends”. 'I Don't Want To Be Your Friend' builds 'low and slow', effortlessly morphing into a mid-tempo rocker. Shaw captures the emotional element very well.
  • 'Like A Satellite' is another high-octane tune. It's got a neat effect used on the lead vocal at times. Parise goes for the throat on an album highlight solo. The tempo shifts grab and hold your attention; this massive song does not let go.
  • What I adore about 'Another Girl' is the “sweet” toned vocals mated to blunt, acrid lyrics. This guy pulls no punches. It's the unexpected contrast, coupled with incredibly strong melody, that makes this song stand out so much. It morphs in to another barn-burner - an American classic rocker. 
  • The first time I heard the burning 'Hit Me Up Tonight', I thought the lyrics evoked an instant picture: the hopeful lonely guy, waiting by the phone. Pairing Nelson's songwriting acumen with the musicianship from Parise brings us this incredibly catchy, melodic number. Make sure to check out the harmony guitar work and accents about two-thirds of the way through.
  • 'Hey Nina', another 'breakup' track, features acoustic guitar. This quickly morphs in to an electrified, modern, rocky beast with some delectable twang at all the right moments. As a parting missive, the lyrics send a former friend away: "Take your half and go, you mean nothing to me". Later, the chorus sings “she's gone away, aaah, away...”, which is a perfect ending to the disc.
Warm, full guitar and bass tone permeate each song. Many guitar solos have 'lyrical' points, where you'd swear they were composed by singing, and then transposed to guitar. This guitar-friendly album has just the right amount of face-melting spice added. I'd like to add: for the Paul Gilbert fans, if you liked 'United States', you're going to adore this album. 'Parise1' is coarser and darker lyrically, but offers a similar variety in both song structure and top-tier musicianship. It might be toned down a couple notes per second in the 'shred' department and a little more legato, but it's just as melodic and engaging, if not more so. The album is alluring and charismatic. The songs get up close and personal. It's not meek or mellow: it delivers the same intensity that a lot of fine classic rock possesses. This forward-looking album captures and blends the best elements of both 'United States' and the criminally under-rated Too Tall Jones album 'Bipolar', delivering an up-to-the-moment, current 'take'. I've listened to this album - a fantastic gift from Dan - critically, several times through, and it grows on me each time. Andrew Shaw boasts a stunning vocal range that's complimented perfectly by Parise and his all-star team of henchmen. You don't need a degree in music theory to enjoy this. It's rock and roll. It doesn't seek to change the world. Don't look for deep hidden meanings. Buy it at CDBaby or iTunes, turn it on, and crank it up. What a cracking platter.

Rating: 10/10

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Enrique Berdonce: Guitar Playback - tasty soloing

4 Demos backing tracks on the web page, with the following names, in order of appearance:

1. Dorian Lydian Dream
2. Aeolian Groove In E
3. Phrasing Phrygian
4. Blues In G

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Youtube Channel:

-Ibanez Custom
-Yamaha Apx700
-Fender Lite ash (Special Edition)
-Line 6 POD X3 Pro

Guitar Playback Demostration By Enriddick09

Richard Hallebeek: to appear on Sebastiaan Cornelissen DVD

The groovy track 'Not This Time' from the upcoming cd from Sebastiaan Cornelissen. With: Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums, Gary Willis - bass, Randy Brecker - trumpet and Richard Hallebeek - Guitar. This track will also be released on DVD with video from all three musicians recording this track. Look to Sebastiaan's website on how to support this!

Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: RHP II

Rowan J Parker: Outside Improvisation

Visit to get the backing track featured in this video. More great guitar at

Welcome to Fusion Essentials, a series of video lessons on developing fusion improvisation. This third episode pushes Melodic Minor concepts even further with the application of Dorian flat 2. Thanks to Rick Graham for permission to use the amazing backing track featured in this video.

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Fusion Essentials - Outside Improvisation Part 3

Morgan Pettersson: 8th Live4guitar guitar contest

8th Live4guitar guitar contest - 8th Live4guitar guitar contest.
I use a Fender Stratocaster with Tesla Opus 4 pickups straight into a Marshall YJM

Live4Guitar 8 competition

Andee Blacksugar: "Sublime 2 Ridiculous In Em

Andee Blacksugar: since i've been doing so many videos with the ultra-high-end Axe-FX2, i thought it'd be fun to go in the opposite direction and record a track solely with a tiny 4 watt, 4-inch-speaker Ibanez micro amp. all effects were added in the computer (except for a compressor pedal i used on the clean bits)

"Sublime 2 Ridiculous In Em" (Ibanez GA1G micro amp) by Andee Blacksugar


"Death By Diatomaceous Earth in Eb" (Axe-FX 2 & Eventide Pitchfactor) by Andee Blacksugar

"El Jimador in F#" (Axe-FX 2, Eventide Pitchfactor) by Andee Blacksugar

Ricardo Marins: Bogner Goldfinger 90 - Alfa Channel - tasty!

Fender Strat Custom Shop Middle and Neck pickups and some reverb from Line 6 M9, Gni Compressor, Alfa Channel, max gain...Walter Becker vibe, some

Same "Good Enough" backing track (JamTrack Central)

Bogner Goldfinger 90 - Ricardo Marins - Alfa Channel - Take2

Hard Alexandre: Eagle's Master Clean MTS Series 771

Demosntração sound Eagle's Master Clean MTS Series 771
Hard Contact-Alexandre
Music (Cool) Hard by Alexandre

Cool - Hard Alexandre

Sam Bell: Ibanez RG2228A - Axis Guitar - Mask of Judas

Axis is taken from "Axis" the mini album due April 29th

Find and Like Mask of Judas on Facebook.

AXIS Music Video:

Check out the new Mini album teaser here:

I am using:
Ibanez RG2228A, Bare Knuckle Pickups (Nailbombs), Blackstar Amplification (on the original recording), (and a Roland Mini cube for this playthrough!)

Mask of Judas are a unique blend of groove and tech metal hailing from the South coast of the UK. Featuring female vocalist Jo's vicious screams and quirky vocal lines, Mask of Judas's sound flows from raw heaviness to needle-precision tech. The bands inspirations are many, their goal to make interesting, new heavy music that will leave all metal fans with a fresh perspective

Influences: Michael Jackson, Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Monuments, The Faceless, Sikth, Lauren Hill, Guthrie Govan, Protest the Hero, and a huge variety more!

Press contact

Axis Guitar Playthrough Mask of Judas - Sam Bell (Ibanez RG2228A)

Khan Manuel - The Message - the new album

The Message is the 1st single and Title Track from the new Khan Manuel album due for release in April 2013.

Please visit: for more information and to pre order the album.

Khan Manuel - The Message [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Chris Bieniek: Shell Voicings

Free Lesson: The I,IV,V Blog Lesson #3 Shell Voicings
PDF for this lesson is available at
This lesson demonstrates an alternative to the more commonly used "barre chord" approach to rhythm guitar playing.
Barre chords are great and are obviously useful to know but can be a little dense sounding at times when used in a more funk/ R&B rhythm guitar context.
Shell voicing on the other hand have all the notes needed to convey harmony whilst being less dense harmonically.

Free Lesson: The I,IV,V blog lesson #2 : Voice leading arpeggios through chord changes.

Chris Bieniek: To Speak

Chris Bieniek: EQ

Norman Guy: Instrumental from the Wrecking Company

Instrumental from the Wrecking Company, featuring Norman Guy on guitar, when they played the MEZZ venue, in Breda The Netherlands.

Norman Guy - guitar, vocals

Sergio Paganini: Funk Fusion Jam

Funk Fusion Jam - Sergio Paganini

Funk Fusion Jam - Sergio Paganini

Claudio Pietronik: Improvisation over Tom Quayle's backing track

Improvisation over Tom Quayle's backing track : C# Dorian&Diminished
This is me improvising over this backing track from Tom Quayle's BT Pack 1 - Dorian Fusion Pack. Hope you enjoy it!

Elias Vilianen: demos ESP / E-II Sig.model

Guitarist of the metal band "Sonata Arctica" of Finland, Elias Vilianen introduced the Signature model itself. Of course, ESP, Blanc new specification also completed 7-string degrees "E-II".We showed you in the German Messeジークformulation, which will be held in April, is scheduled eyes. The basis of M-II, Signature model is equipped with a mirror pickguard original , the fingerboard is symbol of the band has been placed. Sonata Arctica Official Website Http://Www.Sonataarctica.Info/Http://Www.Espguitars.Co.Jp/Https://Www.Facebook.Com/ESPGuitarsJAPANHttps://Twitter.Com/ESPGuitarsJP

ESP Guitars: Elias Vilianen (Sonata Arctica) playing his new ESP / E-II Sig.model (日本语 字幕)

Eric Gales: Interview - Pinnick Gales Pridgen

Eric Gales on
Blues Rock guitarist Eric Gales from Pinnick Gales Pridgen. Interviewed by Jason Saulnier. February 18, 2013

Eric Gales is an American blues-rock guitarist, originally hailed as a child prodigy.
Eric Gales Interview - Pinnick Gales Pridgen

Dannyjoe Carter: New album due shortly

Dannyjoe CarterMy new CD is coming soon folks!! and as i have promised, there will be something on this one for everyone!!

Lyle Watt, Rob Chappers,Rabea Massaad: Dorje - Breath

Went to see Dorje at Stereo in Glasgow on the DD tour last night, got up for a jam on Breath - used the new Chapman CAP-10 prototype. Stunning guitar.

It's all pretty raw and rough, as you can see at the start with me arsing about with the strap on the guitar :D, but it was fun, and that's what it's all about - which is why I've disabled comments on this video, so that it doesn't get one of those guitar competition vibes...

Dorje - Breath (with Lyle Watt)

OK, so Rabea Massaad is an absolute BEAST of a player. This solo is just mental - I love it, so I had to have a go at it...

Check Rabea out at
Check Dorje out at

More videos coming this week, hopefully. :-)

Chapman Guitars ML-1
IK Multimedia Amplitube 3

Lyle Watt - Aeromancy Solo (Dorje)

Kyoji Yamamoto: Little Wing - 2013

February 3, 2013, Kyoto, Eldo Ya-でのplayedです.
Mayからthe Vocal theにstudents Kanazawa wooをYing-e the the 20thのNagoyaをPeel riにーがツアstarting ma riますon. Shun kikuta & Legend of Rockers of West-Japan Tour Ju Tian Jun referral Shun Kikuta (Vo, Gt of) Xiao original letter KazuhikoNobuhiko Shinohara (Key) = from Flower the Traveling BandWadaジョーji George Wada (Ds) = from Flower the Traveling Band Shimizu Hing Ko Shimizu (Bs is) = from NANIWA EXP Hill this Christine Division (Guest musician) Kyoji Yamamoto, (Vo, Gt) = from BOWWOW □ Executive Producer Moony (Table grams of the United States) / ONG co Ltd. □ Producer & ManagementMassie / ONG co Ltd., the Kansai □ Movie Shot & the Edit to the well-yung Woo Yosuke Mukai, Legend of Rockers HP .... Kyoji Yamamoto, HP

Little Wing / Kyoji Yamamoto(山本恭司) with Legend of Rockers (3/Feb/2013)

Phil X, Guthrie Govan: The drills - superstition with an extra guest!

Live at The Boileroom, Guildford
February 18th 2013

The Drills feat. Guthrie Govan - Superstition

PhilX & The Drills with Guthrie Govan, The Boileroom, Guildford, 18th Feb 2013

Divaldi Addina: The Coming Storm - World Vision

ok, here it goes

"World VIsion" it's the name for our Band.
and this is the 2nd song from our album. " World Collaboration"

well, so many Hard thing Happened during the procces of making this project video.
but with hardwork, focus, patience and
seriousness, we can passed through the obstacles.
me and my uncle Charles, lives in different side of the world. in different time too.
but, there is nothing is Impossible, if our Hearts and Arts always connected without boundaries.

i would like to thank my uncle Charles fitzgerald for this video,..
my uncle Mike carparelli and the Carparelli family for the Awesome Guitar..!
(carparelli F1)..,
my auntie Diana, uncle Rob, mr jason becker and the rest of the gang.. for sending me the lovely Hoodie..
and to all My dear Uncles,Auntie,Brothers,Sisters and Friends.. for your support,
Love And Care to me.

Soooooo..... we proudly Present
"the Coming of the storm" !!

(well.. i will coming to the place where it's meant to be... (soon)
:D.. :D

The Coming Storm (Original) -11 years old Divaldi Addina.

Christopher Moore: precision in motion - classy sweep etudes

Christopher Trebue Moore

Christopher Moore: Thanks for watching this video! I am a guitarist, composer, and music teacher currently living in Austin, TX. For information on taking private lessons, send me an email at I also teach students outside of the Austin area using Skype! The sheet music for this piece is available for sale, so contact me if you want to purchase a copy of the PDF. Additional information can be found below.

Praxis Etudes for Electric Guitar, no. 1
technical emphasis:
-- asymmetrical sweep arpeggios
-- polychordal harmonic progressions
-- rapid changes in time signature

More about me:
-- I am a former music faculty member at the University of North Texas.
-- With 25 years of playing experience and 20 years of teaching, I have performed extensively, made numerous recordings both as a performer and producer, composed dozens of songs in addition to many other classical compositions, with CDs, printed music, and articles published internationally.
-- I have taught students of all ages ranging from 5-60 years old.
-- I have earned multiple higher degrees in music, both as a guitarist and composer, from top notch universities.
-- I can teach you a variety of electric guitar styles in addition to classical guitar.
-- I have a thorough understanding of guitar technique, improvisation, music theory, music notation, arranging, counterpoint and orchestration.

Electric Guitar Solo, Crazy Sweep Picking Arpeggios, Praxis Etude No. 2

Electric Guitar Solo, Symmetrical Arpeggios/Pull-Offs, Praxis Etude no.1