Christopher Moore: precision in motion - classy sweep etudes

Christopher Trebue Moore

Christopher Moore: Thanks for watching this video! I am a guitarist, composer, and music teacher currently living in Austin, TX. For information on taking private lessons, send me an email at I also teach students outside of the Austin area using Skype! The sheet music for this piece is available for sale, so contact me if you want to purchase a copy of the PDF. Additional information can be found below.

Praxis Etudes for Electric Guitar, no. 1
technical emphasis:
-- asymmetrical sweep arpeggios
-- polychordal harmonic progressions
-- rapid changes in time signature

More about me:
-- I am a former music faculty member at the University of North Texas.
-- With 25 years of playing experience and 20 years of teaching, I have performed extensively, made numerous recordings both as a performer and producer, composed dozens of songs in addition to many other classical compositions, with CDs, printed music, and articles published internationally.
-- I have taught students of all ages ranging from 5-60 years old.
-- I have earned multiple higher degrees in music, both as a guitarist and composer, from top notch universities.
-- I can teach you a variety of electric guitar styles in addition to classical guitar.
-- I have a thorough understanding of guitar technique, improvisation, music theory, music notation, arranging, counterpoint and orchestration.

Electric Guitar Solo, Crazy Sweep Picking Arpeggios, Praxis Etude No. 2

Electric Guitar Solo, Symmetrical Arpeggios/Pull-Offs, Praxis Etude no.1


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