Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Enrique Berdonce: Ibanez guitar solo competition

This is my entry for IBANEZ GUITAR COMPETITION 2013
Thanks to all the team GuitarSiam, for this new contest!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/enrique.diazb...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Enriddick09
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/enriddick09

-Ibanez RG350EX Custom
-Line 6 POD X3 Pro


Pop Woravit: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013 20 Apr 2013

Ioannis Anastassakis: The Prometheus Deception - original

Ioannis Anastassakis: This is my latest original, composition "The Prometheus Deception" which is included in the
Elite Guitar Coaching - Rising Stars, Vol.1 CD,
a compilation CD where all the people playing are students of my Elite Guitar Coaching online training program

The Prometheus Deception - Ioannis Anastassakis original track

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - Unplugged

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - Unplugged


Lynch Mob “Unplugged” (Live From Sugar Hill Studios) was recorded at historic Sugar Hill Studios in downtown Houston,Texas during the filming of “Slow Drag”, the video from the band’s highly successful Rat Pak Records release “Sound Mountain Sessions”. Produced by renown Houston engineer Dan Workman, “Unplugged” features rare acoustic versions of “Wicked Sensation”, “River Of Love”, “Where Do You Sleep At Night”, “All I Want” and also includes a 15 minute bonus interview track. The entire performance was also filmed by producer Ross W. Wells (Zen Film) for an upcoming episode of Live From Sugar Hill Studios due out in early 2013 and is sponsored by Vitamin Water. Lynch Mob “Unplugged” features George Lynch (Guitars), Oni Logan (Vox), Robbie Crane (Bass), Brian Tichy (Guitars) and Tyson Sheth on percussions. Official release date for EP is set for March 26th, 2013.

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - Unplugged

Lynch Mob "Unplugged" (Live From Sugar Hill) Limited Print Collectors Edition EP (Pre-order)


Featuring the Tracks:

* River Of Love
* Where Do You Sleep At Night
* All I Want
* Wicked Sensation
* Bonus Interview Track

Nili Brosh: talks guitar with Guitar Muse

Nili’s Second (upcoming) Album

We've definitely got something more to look forward to – she’s in the tracking process at the moment, and the new album features artists such as Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, Alex Argento, Virgil Donati, Aquiles Priester, and more. Nili hopes to have something ready for release by summer or fall of 2013.

Nili is a world class guitarist – with an uncanny sense of timing, brilliant phrasing, and lightning fast super accurate dexterity – so keep your eyes peeled for more of Nili in the future! You can stay connected with Nili by visiting the links below.

Keith Whalen: hot licks from August 2012

Keith Whalen: I'm going through some old Facebook uploads and redoing the licks so I can blog the tabs. Enjoy!

Keith Whalen - Licks from August 7th, 2012

Danny Gill: Rock Lead Guitar Lick for Beginners with TAB

We've had a lot of requests for a Beginners 'Lick Of The Week' lesson from you, so we've taken a clip from a lesson on Danny Gills 'Absolute Rock For Beginners' DVD. In this video, Danny plays a 'Pre-Bending' phrase in a rock style.

You can get the TAB for this lick here http://bit.ly/FREE_Facebook_Quick_Lick_23_TAB

and find more about this DVD here http://bit.ly/AB_Rock_Guitar

Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song #4

Milan Polak - Tracking Guitars Song #4
Documenting the making of my new album (Camera: Katerina Polak)
Fabio Trentini - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

Please support me by purchasing my music: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/milan-polak/id23227961?uo=6

Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit http://www.milanpolak.com/sites/disco.html

Copyright © Milan Polak 2013 All Rights Reserved

Yngwie Malmsteen: The Seymour Duncan Interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: The Interview
A sit down with legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen to talk about his career, how he achieves his tone and some playing tips for guitar players.


Jon Neto: demos Tesla pickups - Plasma-X1

A short review about the Tesla pickups - Plasma-X1, dynamic and super high output! Perfect!
Jon Neto - Review TESLA Pickups - Plasma-X1

Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited 2 Launch Party

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited 2 Launch Party

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited 2 Launch Party (PART 1)

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited 2 Launch Party (PART 2)

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited 2 Launch Party (PART 3)

Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited

Ltd. Edition 2CD Mediabook, 4LP + 2CD
The Chamber Of 32 Doors
Blood On The Rooftops
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Supper's Ready
Eleventh Earl Of Mar
The Lamia
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers…
Fly On A Windshield
Broadway Melody Of 1974
…In That Quiet Earth
The Musical Box
Can Utility And The Coastliners
A Tower Struck Down
Camino Royale
Please Don't Touch
Shadow Of The Hierophant

Guthrie Govan: Steven Wilson tour pedalboard

Daniel Thegigrig
It's been a mammoth couple of days, but I can finally show you the Guthrie Govan pedalboard that he'll be using on the Steven Wilson tour.
Its sounds freakin fantastic! — with Brian At Wampler Pedals.

My god it's full of pedals... an no tea tray!

Alex Hutchings: Wishaw Guitar Lessons Masterclass

Wishaw Guitar Lessons presents...Alex Hutchings Masterclass - Saturday June 1st 2013

One of the premier guitarists in the world, Alex Hutchings, will be at Wishaw Guitar Lessons for an exclusive Scottish masterclass on Saturday June 1st.

You can also catch Alex performing with the WGL house band, Chunga's Revenge, later that evening in Girdwoods lounge!

Tickets are limited to only 20 so book now to avoid disappointment!

Visit http://www.wishawguitarlessons.co.uk/events.php for tickets and more information.

Plus Alex Hutchings was in his home town of Bristol at the first Jazz and Blues festival at the Colston Hall. http://www.bristoljazzandbluesfest.com/artists/ Unfortuneately for Alex they forgot to include his name on the Artists appearance page... may be next year.

Alex sitting in with The Duval Project feat. Pete Josef (vox) playing an Original track named the Rush, at the 1st JAZZ and BLUES Festival Colston hall Bristol, featuring artists such as John Scofield, larry Goldings, Arturo Sandoval, and many more.

The Duval Project, ran by friend Gary Alesbrook, is an RnB, soul Jazz Project consisting of beautiful originals and select covers featuring Singer Pete Josef.

FACEBOOK link for The Duval Project,


Facebook and soundcloud for Singer Pete Josef.



Waiting Game - The Duval Project at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival, 02 March 2013 (Omar cover)

Alex Hutchings - sits in w/ The DUVAL PROJECT Clip1 by Gary Alesbrook

Alex Hutchings - sits in w/ The DUVAL PROJECT Clip2

Edwin Mclean: Guitaronsky - Shredding Contest II powered by Jam Track Central

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II close May 12th 2013 

Jamtrackcentral.com The number 1 in guitar improvisation http://jamtrackcentral.com/

Hi there, guitaronsky is back again with Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II. This time we're going to do some tribute to Modern Rock Guitar Hero. And Jamtrackcentral.com is the official sponsor of this event. Guitaronsky also having a cooperation with the great Sam Bell in providing the Backing Track for this contest.

All I want is a solo with the originality phrasing, lick, and shred in a concept. Harmonizing is also allowed but we only assess the main solo.

Here's the way to join:
1. Download the backing track herehttps://www.box.com/s/887vrwo29oadjjl...
2. Sign up at http://jamtrackcentral.com/
3. Record your solo
4. Post it as a video response on this video with this title format Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II - your name
5. Share it
6. Judges start to evaluate
7. Please note that we only approve the video response after we check your account at Jamtrackcentral.com
8. Follow the progress at http://guitaronsky.com/

Closing date on May 12th 2013
Winner Announcement on May 20th 2013

Get yourself in and you may win one of these prize:
1st Place:
1. 50$ Tracks Package from http://jamtrackcentral.com/
2. X-Drive OD 8

2nd Place:
1. 20$ Tracks Package from http://jamtrackcentral.com/
2. CT-20 Guitar Tuner

3rd Place:
Guitaronsky Album Set including:
1. Shred Freak Compilation Album
2. Guitar Force Album

Judges are:
1. Martin Goulding

2. Troy Stetina

3. Andy Wood

4. Ivan Mihaljevic

5. Leonardo Guzman

6. Mika Tyyska

7. Sam Bell

8. Hari Setyo Budi

9. Edwin Mclean

Hosted by: http://guitaronsky.com/
Sponsored by: http://jamtrackcentral.com/

Please subscribe and good luck!

Extra Note:
1. The first track in the video above is taken from the previous Guitaronsky Shredding Contest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ieEQC...

2. The second one is taken from Hari Setyo Budi's tune from the Guitar Force compilation album called Metal Warriorhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDWa-Y...

3. The last track is the backing track of the contest.

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II

Jeff Kollman: Cosmosquad baked potato bound!

Jeff Kollman and his band Cosmosquad are heading the the Baked Potato again on March 9th 2013

Juan Carlos Portillo: En Blanco single

jcp on iTunes: Juan Carlos Portillo - En Blanco
My first try on YouTube with an original composition. Originally published on November 9, 2009.

Boss GT-10/Fender Strat Hway One/En Blanco-Juan Carlos Portillo

John Drolapas: double taking GG

John Drolapas... Greek Guitar... GG... GG... Guthrie Govan... you decide :)

Γιάννης Δρόλαπας

Jens Johansson, Matias Kupiainen: South America tour dates

The new album details

The tracklist of the standard edition is as follows:

'Stand My Ground'
'Halcyon Days'
'Out Of The Fog'
'Castles In The Air'
'One Must Fall'
'If The Story Is Over'

Tour dates

16 - Gran Teatro Del Banco Central Del Paraguay - Asunción, Paraguay
18 - Carioca Club - São Paulo, Brazil
20 - La Trastienda Club Montevideo - Montevideo, Uruguay
22 - Groove - Buenos Aires, Argentina
24 - Blondie - Santiago, Chile
26 - Teatro ECCI - Bogotá, Colombia
28 - El Circo Volador - Mexico City, Mexico

Brad Gillis,Dave Meniketti, Ty Tabor,Robert Sarzo,Kelly Gray: Queensryche FU tour and new album

Geoff Tate along with bassist Rudy Sarzo, guitarist Kelly Gray, keyboardist Randy Gane, guitarist Robert Sarzo, drummer Simon Wright  and guest appearances by K.K. Downing , Brad Gillis , Dave Meniketti, Ty Tabor , Bobby Blotzer, Craig Locicero and Paul Bostaph

Frequency Unknown will feature the following tracklisting:
'When Lightning Strikes'
'Running Backwards'
'Life Without You'
'In The Hands Of God'
'The Weight Of The World'

Bonus Tracks: (2013 Versions)
'Silent Lucidity'
'Jet City Woman'
'I Don t Believe In Love'

Tour Dates

25th Anniversary Operation: Mindcrime Tour 2013

6 - Peppermill Casino in West Wendover, Nevada
11 - Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado
12 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico
13 - Chrome in Las Vegas, Nevada
14 - Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona
16 - Rialto Theatre in Tucson, Arizona
18 - The Canyon Club in Agoura, California
19 - 4th & B in San Diego, California
20 - Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California
21 - Fillmore in San Francisco, California

More dates to be announced.

Chris Broderick, David Ellefson: Japan Jackson clinic announced

Performance [Tokyo]

■ Location: Grand Omotesando
April 10, 2013 (Wed) 19:00 Open / 19:30 Start: Date ■
rates ■: / door (with 1Drink) ¥ 2,000 adv ¥ 2,500 (with 1Drink)
■ Lawson Ticket L Code: 79 158

: [Ticket] Contact: Lawson Ticket
booking telephone number
(required for L code) 0570-084-003
(for operator) 0570-000-777
[Performance] Osaka

■ Location: ★ Jungle Club
April 12, 2013 (Fri) 19:00 Open / 19:30 Start: Date ■
rates ■: / door (with 1Drink) ¥ 2,000 adv ¥ 2,500 (with 1Drink)
Lawson Ticket L Code ■ : 55 072

: [Ticket] Contact: Lawson Ticket
(L-code required) 0570-084-005
(for operator) 0570-000-777
Internet booking http://l-tike.com/ Lawson store: over-the-counter sales (common-PC or mobile) Loppi can be purchased directly.

Fumihiko Kitsutaka: XYZ → A Seventh Heaven new CD and tour dates

Track Details
‘Rising Anthem’
‘Patriot’s Dream’
‘Metal Heads’
‘While You’re Still Young’
‘Real Man’
‘Seventh Heaven’
‘Tenka Muteki’
‘Madamada Saiaku Yanaide’
‘A Song For You’
‘Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!’

Tour dates 

6 - Meguro (Tokyo) - The Live Station
7 - Chiba - Live Spot Look Chiba
9 - Hiroshima - Namiki Junction
10 - Okayama - MO:GLA
12 - Kobe - Wynterland
14 - Shiga - Bari-Hari

25 - Shibuya (Tokyo) - Club Asia
31 - Osaka - Ruido

1 - Nagoya - Ell Fits All

XYZ → A 7th New Album "SEVENTH HEAVEN" CM (Edit Ver. Fumihiko Kittaka and two real Ihara)

Yngwie Malmsteen: set for Dubai Rock Fest 2013


Event date: June 7th, 2013
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center Arena
Doors open at: 16:00 hrs (GMT +4)
Show starts at: 18:00 hrs (GMT +4)
For enquiries call +971 50 286 8981

M PREMIERE is proud to announce the Dubai Rock Fest 2013 - the largest rock festival in the UAE. Long awaited grandiose event will line-up on one stage biggest international rock names: YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (USA) - headliner of the festival - "One of the greatest guitarist to walk the earth" (CBS Grammy coverage News), DARK TRANQUILITY (SWEDEN), NIGHTMARE (FRANCE), MYRATH (TUNISIA), THE SANITY DAYS (UK), ANURYZM (UAE). Dubai Rock Festival will last for almost 8,5 hours featuring the full theatrical performance and best hits from the most famous rock bands worldwide.

Rock music is the biggest and most wanted genre with the largest numbers of followers around the globe and it creates an invisible bond when musical acts from different countries and cultures get united to play in one place sharing the same stage. Emirates Golf Club well known for its picturesque scenery and located in the heart of New Dubai right by the Sheikh Zayed Road will host Dubai Rock Fest 2013. It is a perfect spot to host Dubai Rock Fest 2013 as it is located only 5 minutes away from Nakheel metro station with great facilities on open air area surrounded by amazing city view.

Vinai Trinateepakdee,Jack Thammarat,Guido Bungenstock: Mike Stern tribute and International Jam Session

Vinai Trinateepakdee,Jack Thammarat,Guido Bungenstock

An International Jam featuring Guido Bungenstock (Germany),Vinai Trinateepakdee (Thailand) and Jack Thammarat (Thailand) on this Mike Stern Cover!


Guido Bungenstock (guitar), Jack Thammarat (guitar), Vinai Trinateepakdee (guitar),Norman King (tenor sax) Anton Davidyants (bass), and Frank Briggs (drums) connect up and pay tribute to this soulful Mike Stern ballad "Goodbye Again". Enjoy!

Meticulously recorded even featuring real upright, fretless and electric bass, these tracks are alot of fun to gig with solo and play over. Bobby's backing tracks is user friendly music zone catering to all levels of musicians. We are proud to be serving the worldwide musical community of practicing and gigging musicians . Are you a singer, guitarist, drummer, bass, keyboard or horn player? Are you in search of high quality professional CD quality backing tracks? Maybe you play bass, drums or keyboards and are looking for some great sounding play alongs? Need a special custom backing track? Tired of your old out of date sounding backing tracks?

Specializing in Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Bossa Nova genres. Check out our expanding catalog of great tunes. Bobby's are quick and easy to download. Professionally recorded and engineered, created by musicians for musicians.

Goodbye Again-Mike Stern Tribute( Full Video) International Jam Session

Tommaso Semrov: Mayones Duncan reprise

Guitar solo over "Mayones/Seymour Ducan competition" backing track.
Too late to enter the contest, but if you like it visit also:

Mayones Duncan competition backing track - Tommaso Semrov