Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Timo Somers: Zylver - A little Lullaby

A little Lullaby (Intro for Zylver)

Jikki: demos the Vox SDC-22

Defeat play the SDC-22! !

22 series and the beautiful symmetry-body design, the 3D contour-body shape to fit your body and lightweight, inherited the playability distinguished similar to the top model. By the deployment of extra Loud Minihamu backing pickup of new development, served as a rich sound variations further, I am finished with the guitar to a distinctive VOX only.

Please see the performance of consecration by nova guitar heroine Jikki! ! Song Title: Death and Rebirth of the Soul Composition: Jikki SDC-22  information, click here ... Http://Www.Voxamps.Jp/products/Guitar Jikki official blog http://blog.livedoor.jp/jikkimickeyfi ...

Allen Van Wert: Endless Sacrifice solo - smoking version

Practicing the solo sections while standing. Started improvising some stuff in the rhythm section for fun. Sorry about the low end rumble noise on the rhythm part. This camera audio is lame at times.

Endless Sacrifice solo cover guitar Dream Theater

Bruno Pinheiro Machado: Recording the next album - tapped rock solo

Bruno Pinheiro Machado/Anaxes (pré produção 2013)

Recording the next album pre Anaxes with Benhur Lima and Thiago Caurio.

Frank Gambale: Blues Solo and Jam 2013 NAMM

Gambale Blues Solo and Jam 2013 NAMM

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013 - classy solo alert!

Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013 - Yiannis Papadopoulos
For lessons with me visit: http://www.yiannispapadopoulos.gr or drop me a mail at:g.papadopoulos@yahoo.gr

Hello guys!!
This is my take for the Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013! For this video I used an Ibanez guitar, my signature preamp and poweramp models by Tsakalis (Obsession and Perfection respectively) , Wampler Pinnacle, TC Electronic G force and a Mesa Boogie 1x12 mini rectifier Cabinet. Please share rate and comment!!

I hope you like it!

Official site: http://www.yiannispapadopoulos.gr
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/YiannisPapado...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YiannisPGuitar

Daniele Liverani: Dream League Force - performance playthrough

Daniele Liverani - Dream League Force
Taken from the instrumental guitar album "DAILY TRAUMA"
Recorded on 1998 at Fear Studios
Released later on 2004 by Frontiers Records

All Guitars, Bass and Keyboards by Daniele Liverani
Drums by Dario Ciccioni

DANIELE LIVERANI - Dream League Force

Chris Gordon: heart felt tribute to Chris's late father

A piece I composed for my Father, the man who made me the musician and man that I am!For you Dad! Thank you for being my Father and best friend! You are so missed! I love you! Fly High Dad, and Best Friend!

Davide Montorsi: Guthrie Govan - Funk Fusion Lick

by  Davide Montorsi

A lick of one of the best guitar player I've ever heard!!
Hope You'll like it!!

Marcelo Souza: French Guitar Contest 2 - Brazil!

Hi Friends this is my entry for "French Guitar Contest 2" , i hope you like ! don´t forget to share and subscribe my channel !!!! thanks !
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French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Dweezil Zappa,Tom Quayle, Chris Buono, David Wallimann, Derryl Gabel,Oz Noy: Dweezilla Bootcamp tutors announced 2013



The Dweezilla Music Boot Camp along with the mighty Fractal Audio Systems wants you to join a lethal group of forward-thinking guitar educators hand-picked by Dweezil himself for a completely mind-blowing guitar experience.

Interested? Dig this…
Entering its fourth year Dweezilla 2013 is offering the most comprehensive modern guitar training course. The charge is summed up in this year's camp battle cry: Learn and Destroy! Propelled by this mantra the goal of this incredible gathering is to turn you on to innovative playing and tone creation methods that are designed to inspire you to break down your barriers and have the confidence to open your eyes to playing without boundaries.

Dweezil and his crew want nothing more than to help you break down any walls that may be blocking your creativity thus allowing you the freedom to explore your truest musical expression. To make this goal a reality as well as bolster the the learning experience Dweezil is offering a completely new approach to the Dweezilla concept. “The guitar is such a versatile instrument and deserves to have a multi-contextual training program. I wanted to create an environment where distinctively modern styles could be taught in conjunction with in-depth tone laboratory workshops. Tone is the delivery system to the audience. The character of your sound is as important as the notes you play and I think it’s important to explore this topic in detail.”

Dweezilla 2013 will take place July 1-5 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York. This guitar summit will feature specially invited guest instructors. “I had the idea to ask guitarists whom I consider to be at the forefront of modern guitar to join me as teachers this year. I’m really excited about it because besides being amazinguitarists they are also extremely adept at imparting their knowledge in easy, compartmentalized ways.”

"I had the idea to ask guitarists whom I consider to be at the forefront of modern guitar to join me as teachers this year. I'm really excited about it because besides being amazing guitarists they are also extremely adept at imparting their knowledge in easy, compartmentalized ways." -Dweezil Zappa

The rigorous daily student schedule will include master classes with Dweezil and his guest instructors: Tom Quayle, Chris Buono, David Wallimann, Derryl Gabel and Oz Noy. On the guitar sound design front, Fractal Audio's Matt Picone and James Santiago will hold court with daily workshops on the Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 and more!

As always students of all skill levels are welcome. However, this year's classes are specifically designed to accommodate smaller groups of students with comparable skill levels so that they can assimilate the information at an appropriate pace. This will also allow students to find the best practice groups for their playing level bolstering lesson review and implementation. But, to help us help you you'll need to fill out the Skill Assessment document honestly so we can help place you in the right group! Don't worry - the teaching staff has a mind bending assortment of lessons replete with finger twisting exercises and insanely cool sounds and ideas for every student. This is a guitar course of monolithic proportions!

Your time as a student at Dweezilla will be a total immersion experience exposing you to the very best teaching methods relaying the most coveted information related to guitar playing as well as tone shaping. You'll learn the fundamentals of theory, important improvisational strategies, scale analysis, playing over changes - even the real secrets to a killer legato technique! You'll explore cool rhythmic subdivisions for better phrasing as well as creative usage of pentatonics and all 28(!) modes through parallel comparison. Techniques like sweep picking, economy picking and hybrid picking will be demonstrated in detail. Most importantly, you will learn to take these tools from the world of practice and apply them all to your world of music. At the end of each day the teachers will have a chance to learn from each other in special workshops designed to be an open forum for questions about playing, gear, tone etc.

At Dweezilla you'll be surrounded by people who all love guitar and want to become the best musicians they can be so come join the fun and reserve your spot in class NOW!

In addition to the gourmet meals, special guests and knowledge-quenching master classes, Dweezil has a special 4th of July celebration planned including fireworks! Bring your family, friends and band mates for the spectacular event!

As a participant at Dweezilla, you will find that by check out on Friday morning, you will leave with new found inspiration, new mastery of techniques and a whole camp full of new band mates from across the globe.


E-mail music@fullmoonresort.com

Call 845-254-8009

Danny Bryant: Blues master Dutch CD Release party announced

We always have fun at De Bosuil but this promises to be a special night!

Danny Bryant 'Hurricane' Album Preview

29/03 UK Harbour Rooms, Blakeney
04/04 UK New Crawdaddy, Essex
05/04 UK The Flowerpot, Derby
06/04 UK The Camerons Club, Hartlepool
07/04 UK The Ferry, Glasgow
12/04 NL Blues Café, Apeldoorn
13/04 NL De Bosuil, Weert
18/04 Germany Lindenbrauerei, Unna
19/04 Germany Yard Club, Cologne
20/04 Germany Uhlenspiegel, Rutesheim
21/04 Germany Jazzhaus, Frieiburg
22/04 Austria Rockhouse, Salzburg
24/04 Germany Garage Deluxe, Munich
25/04 Germany Museumskeller, Erfurt
26/04 Germany Kulturbastion, Torgau
27/04 Germany Quasimodo, Berlin
28/04 NL Bluesmoose Festival, Groesbeek
02/05 UK The Maltings, Farnham
10/05 UK The Bootleggers, Kendal
11/05 UK Rock & Blues Festival, Mainsforth
18/05 UK Memorial Hall, Newmarket
06/06 UK Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst
12/06 UK The Venue @ The Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
14/07 UK The Box @ The Royal Hotel, Crewe
04/08 Belgium Gouvy Festival, Gouvy
30/08 P/CZ/SO TBA
31/08 P/CZ/SO TBA
01/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
02/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
03/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
04/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
05/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
06/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
07/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
08/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
09/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
10/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
11/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
12/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
13/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
14/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
15/09 P/CZ/SO TBA
12/10 Spain Calella Rockfest, Calella JUST ADDED!
01/11 UK Tubby’s Blues Club, Cheltenham
02/11 UK Basingstoke Blues Club
03/11 UK Greystones, Sheffield
11/11 Belgium Banana Peel, Ruislede
16/11 UK Blues at the Farm, Billericay
24/11 NL The Wilhelmina, Eindhoven
14/12 UK Borough Blues Club, Pontypool

Louise Maggs: Jazz Noodle with Jess Lewis

Louise Maggs doing some Jazz noodling
An amazing female jazz guitarist that I know, thought I'd record some of her playing :-) She's Awesome!

Sarah Longfield: Evan Brewer cover

Sarah Longfield-Currency (cover)
Hey guys, this is my cover of Currency by Evan Brewer. I hope you enjoy it! :D


Eric Johnson: UK tour starts tomorrow - tickets available

Eric Johnson, the critically acclaimed American electric guitarist, hailed by Joe Bonamassa as “one of the greatest guitar players of all time,” starts is 6-date UK tour at London’s o2 Shepherds Bush Empire on Wednesday 3rdApril. Tickets are available from www.thegigcartel.com0844 478 0898.
The UK tour will showcase material from his new album Up Close- Another Look, which is released this week. Eric’s stage time for each of the UK shows is 8.30pm.   
London o2 Shepherds Bush Empire                            Wednesday April 3 
Harrogate Theatre                                                        Thursday April 4
Edinburgh Queen's Hall                                               Friday April 5
Manchester Royal Northern College of Music             Saturday April 6
Birmingham Town Hall                                               Sunday April 7
Salisbury City Hall                                                      Monday April 8 

Guitar Player magazine describes Johnson as "one of the most respected guitarists on the planet.” His platinum-selling 1990 recording Ah Via Musicom produced the single Cliffs of Dover, for which he won the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. In 1996 he teamed up with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai for the original G3 tour that garnered a worldwide audience with the platinum selling CD/DVD. Johnson plays Fender Stratocasters and Gibson ES-335 electric guitars through a triple amp setup, consisting of vintage Fender and Marshall amplifiers.  

Full details http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/ericjohnson/tour2013.htm

Christophe Godin: new Jam Track Series coming soon

Every week is witness to a new package release and this week is no different. The highly entertaining and incredibly talented Mr Christophe Godin was back in the studio recently and we filmed his brand new High Octane Rock Volume 1 package. Be prepared for some insanely good tracks, hard hitting riffs and around a thousand new licks for you to learn and steal!!
This package is Christophe at his best and the tracks are a perfect follow up to his sought after debut package of last year. We can't wait to get this one out!!

In the meantime this is Christophe Godin's first solo series



 5 solo example tracks in MP3
 5 solo backing tracks in MP3
 5 extended jam tracks in MP3
 5 video performances in MP4
 Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab format

When we met up with Christophe Godin at the Frankfurt Musikmesse show back in March, we just new that he was the perfect fit for the JTC roster. Based on the 5 superb jam tracks that he has created for Jazz Metal Soloing Vol.1, then we were most definitely right. This series contains 5 superb heavier jam tracks with Christophe showing you just how you can improvise over them. Filmed live in the JTC studio he shows off an array of techniques, such as string skipping and trem work, that will not only help improve your playing but give you inspiration for when you come to jam over the tracks yourself. The tracks were also recorded by Christophe's band and the quality of the backing and jam tracks are immense. This package contains all 5 full tracks, backing tracks, extended jam tracks, videos and complete TAB and notation. Check out the promo below!

Plus the latest jam track promotions http://www.jamtrackcentral.com/blog/promotions/