Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kevin Peters: OneThaTaps - Waves Of Shred - classy two handed tapper returns!

Kevin Peter

This is my entry for the Waves of Shred guitar competition. Thanks to Wampler Pedals, Tsakalis Pedals, Tom Quayle, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Laurie Monk! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in competitions like these. Enjoy!!

Waves Of Shred Entry - Kevin Peters

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

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Ashley Freeman: Waves of shred Contest - 13 years old

This is my entry for the "Waves Of Shred" guitar competition,
My name is Ashley Freeman and I am 13 years old.

Waves of shred Contest - Ashley Freeman

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Chek The Metal: Waves of Shred

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChekTheMetal...

Competition from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmaeV3...

This video is my entry for this competition.
Guitar - Ibanez RG 320 FM
Effect - Line 6 Moto POD 2.0 + Zoom GFX5 + Digitech Whammy Drop Tune
Camera - Canon EOS 1100D - Lens EFS 18-55mm

Wave of Shred Entry - Chek The Metal Khamcharoen

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Karolina Sustova: Waves Of Shred

Hello, I am 22 years old Czech guitarist. Hope you like my entry. ,-)
Equipment: Ibanez S370, POD Line6
Special thanks to R. Frömmel for recording this video and to my uncle Petr Susta for his help with recording.

Waves Of Shred Entry - Karolina Sustova

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Angel Ruiz: Waves Of Shred Entry

Heres my entry for the contest. Good luck to all.


Waves Of Shred Entry- Ángel Ruiz

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Henky Backer: Waves Of Shred Entry

My entry for the 'Waves of Shred' Guitar Competition hosted by Wampler Pedals, Tsakalis Pedals, Tom Quayle, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Laurie Monk.
First and second guitar recorded in one continuous take.

Waves Of Shred Entry - Henky Backer

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Sebastian Bale: Waves of Shred Entry - Sebastian Bale

my entry for the waves of shred competition, using my new strat pickups from leosounds :)

Waves of Shred Entry - Sebastian Bale

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Luke Jaeger: Fryin' EMG's for Anabolic Salvation,Idiopathic Psychogenesis, Bruxist

Luke Jaeger of Sleep Terror visits EMG studios and performs "Anabolic Salvation".

EMG - Luke Jaeger - "Anabolic Salvation"

EMG - Luke Jaeger "Idiopathic Psychogenesis"

EMG - Luke Jaeger - "Bruxist"


Luke Jaeger (featuring Mark Hawkins) - Parasite

Andy James: Custom Metal Series 3 - coming soon!

Andy James is back this Friday and we can honestly say that his brand new Custom Metal Series 3 package is his best yet! Expect some of the most brutal metal tracks and solos you have ever seen from him. This package is Andy performing solos at his peak. And as ever, you can learn every single note as it is all fully transcribed! We cannot wait for this release.....and millions of metal guitar players can't either!
In the meantime, why not get his Custom Metal Series 2 with 25% off!


Guy Elyahu: The Eastern People - song from Guy's upcoming album.

Guy Elyahu and The Eastern People (REMBETIROCK)
REMBETIROCK is a song from Guy's Instrumental upcoming album.
Drums- Refael Hevrony
Bass and Keyboards-- Yoram Sade
Mixed and Mastered By Yoram Sade

Morten Faerestrand: Modes Drilling Course

Jazz Guitar Scales - Modes Drilling Course pt1 - Ionian (Regular Major)
This course is super-simple, but will cover ANY scale pattern you could ever encounter for any scale derived from the major scale (All the regular modes). We're doing one simple exercise covering one octave, and apply the same exercise to all the different string groups, in different keys. No need to think, just follow the instructions, and eventually you'll be able to play what you hear in any position.

Get TAB for this lesson here: http://www.mortenslessons.com/jazz-guitar-scales

Craig Goldy: Dio - King of Rock and Roll 1986

Dio - King of Rock and Roll (Finding The Sacred Heart Live In Philly 1986)
DVD: http://smarturl.it/DioFindingHeartDVD
Blu-Ray: http://smarturl.it/DioFindingHeartBlu
CD: http://smarturl.it/DioFindingHeartCD
Itunes Audio: Coming Soon
"Finding The Sacred Heart -- Live In Philly 1986" was filmed at The Spectrum in Philadelphia on 17 June 1986 during the second leg of the "Sacred Heart" tour, which featured new guitarist Craig Goldy. The show was issued in an edited form first on VHS and then DVD. Now for the first time the full concert is being released in the original running order, restored from the original 16mm film and with remastered sound. It's an extraordinary live show with a giant animatronic dragon towering over the stage and spectacular lasers and pyrotechnics. Ronnie James Dio is in fine voice as ever and the band deliver a blistering live performance featuring tracks from their first three albums alongside Black Sabbath and Rainbow classics. This will be a must-have release for any Dio fan!

James Norbert Ivanyi: APHASIA - teaser

James Norbert Ivanyi 'APHASIA' pre-production album teaser, due for release 2013.
(Please note: this is pre-production audio. It is yet to be mixed or mastered!)
Please like, comment and share! I would greatly appreciate it, and your feedback.
For all record info, and updates, please head over to www.facebook.com/jamesnorbertivanyi and become a member. Thank you.

Joel Stroetzel: Killswitch Engage - Caparison Guitars 2013

We caught up with Joel Stroetzel on the Killswitch Engage 2013 Disarm the Decent European tour.

Joel Stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) - 2013 Interview, Caparison Guitars

News: AweSome-Guitars.com - high-performance Pickup Switch Upgrad

Our high-performance Pickup Switch Upgrade products give you all the pickup tones that are silently "hiding" in your electric guitar or bass instrument. These passive upgrades will give you up to 76 pure analog pickup tones from your stock instruments and Give You Amazing Tones Without Changing Your Pickups. This is like an artist finding seventy one more colors of paint to work with.

Did You Know That Your Hidden Pickup Tones May Have Seductive, Aphrodisiac Qualities?

Another recent discovery is that all of your "hidden" pickup tones - to which our upgrade products give you access - appear to have a seductive and aphrodisiac-like effect on female audience attendees. Smart musicians are now upgrading their instruments with our products and silently leveraging this discovery to convert the female audience attendees into loyal fans and customers. A white paper that discusses this effect is now on our website Media page to give smarter musicians general guidance on how to financially exploit this new discovery.

Our Pickup Switch Upgrade products will give you a "Holy Crap" experience! Check us out now.


And now the first U.S. company offering 3D printed guitar and bass instruments

Andrew Gerard: Sweepy Tappy Fun

So I have decided to do a lick video every month, nothing boring, lots of crazy licks!
This one is in B Minor it is an Advanced Lick, not for the weak fingered !
Guitar is Tuned to E flat!
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http://www.DanhaOfficial.com - my Band

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Andrew Gerard: LOTM-May "Sweepy Tappy Fun"

David Cho,Gary Kuhstoss: This is your brain on guitar

David Cho,Gary Kuhstoss: This is your brain on guitar

David Cho/Gary Kuhstoss - "This is your brain on guitar..."

They say you can take a man out of the 80's, but you can't take the 80's out of the man! TIYBOG is an unabashed return to the heyday of guitar heros. But don't be mistaken, the eclectic compositions have twists and depth beyond the guitars.

Listen to all tracks from TIYBOG plus Gary Kuhstoss solo music:

Buy the CD or digital downloads:

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Oreste Benigno: Prossima Fermata - Torno Con Me - Benefit Concert for Alzheimer's - classy AOR solo

The italian musical group "Prossima Fermata" is formed by two doctors, an architect, a carbineer lieutenant, a policeman officer and an accountant. They play exclusively for charitable purposes to help people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and their concerts are always sold out.
The tune running in this video is titled "Torno Con Me", from the album "Fantasie di un Attimo".
Nicola Iorio (neurophysiopathologist), vocal - acoustic guitar
Roberto Petescia (cardiologist), keyboards
Luigi Di Sanza (architect), piano
Oreste Benigno (policeman officer), electric guitar
Andrea Ferrante (accountant), bass
Roberto Petrocelli (carbineer lieutenent), drums
Filmed and edited by HandEye Family

Prossima Fermata "Torno Con Me" (Benefit Concert for Alzheimer's)

Laguna Bluers: Martin Miller - Forever Eternal

Backing track and Tab Http://Www.Jamtrackcentral.Com/jamtra ...Difficulty of playing Quarter notes was the Biggest trap: D I Guess That this piece is not his typical style, but Shows That he is a very versatile Musician. He is my ideal player :) and also because you did not practice only part jammed sound number, the entire flame note minute ... 4 things array is arbitrary> and < * Gears * GuitarIbanez J.Custom RG1508 VST Plugins Modern LostAngel / AntressClaim TSE-50 / TSE AUDIO LeCabinet2 / LePou Plugins IIEQ / Ddmf Twin Delay / Oleg Sharonov Freeverb3 Impulser2 / Teru Kamogashira Camera / Sony NEX-F3 Lens / SMC Takumar 55Mm/F1.8

Martin Miller - Forever Eternal (Cover) - lagunabluers

Gretchen Menn: Joviana Marques captures the spirit of Gretchen from a Peter Jensen photograph

Gretchen Menn by Joviana Marques
Gretchen Menn
By the amazingly talented and gorgeous soul, Joviana Marques! I am honored!!!

Peter Jensen
I have embraced the contemporary remix culture as things I've done get remixed often and I'm usually not being paid royalties anyway. So it's all win as the work is given new life and new reach and a new spin with a new layer of creativity. But this was an altogether different level.

Joviana Marques!
A young artist from Brazil, Joviana Marques, straight up took me to school and sat my sorry ass in the corner. =) She made this painting based on one of my photos of the gorgeous guitar goddess Gretchen Menn, combing out all the injustices of my clumsy capture and restoring the subject to her full beauty. I really am duly humbled and wish I could make an image of such impact!

If you would like to have one of your photos made into a painting it's possible we could convince Joviana to do so...and for a few more minutes it may even be affordable. =) Talent like this once visible gets put to use, and I am proud to have been the middleman on this masterpiece.

This is the original photo by the super talented Peter Jensen

Alejandro Zuleta: Alejozul - Horizons

This video is a sample of the musical work, which is in production, conducted by Luis Guillermo Ramirez (bass), Juan Guillermo Aguilar (drums) and Alejandro Zuleta (guitar), along with the collaboration of Ricardo Gil (background vocals ) and Carlos Mario Diez (Keyboards). Location: Promix Studio (www.promixestudio.com). Mr. Cesar Bohorquez.

Alejozul - Horizons

Callum Williams: Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child Played By Callum Williams
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Gear Used
Orange Amplification
Fender Custom Shop
Timber Tones Plectrums
Darkhorse Strings

Eduardo Moreno: a little smooth jazz for a wet Tuesday afternoon - Nice!

Guitar Fusion

Akihiko Onji: Michael Dolce solo-8 Finger tapping version!

Akihiko Onji-Michael Dolce solo-8 Finger tapping version

Roma Ivakov: Chamber of Solace - Got Djent? Yes we have!

Roma Ivakov:  Chamber of Solace Download the album for free: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/x6i5ifedbgh5e/Chamber_of_Solace

Chamber of Solace - Overture (Guitar Playthrough)

Simone Fiorletta: Personalities - the new album announced

Simone Fiorletta is at the forefront of Italian rock guitarists with a style and technique which is winning over fans worldwide. With 3 instrumental solo albums already behind him, not to mention albums with progressive metal outfits Moonlight Comedy and No Gravity, Fiorletta is now ready to unveil his fourth and most accomplished solo offering to date in “Personalities” on 7 June 2013 on Lion Music.

Home to 11 tracks (or personalities) the new album is the perfect reflection of where Simone Fiorletta is in 2013 on his ongoing musical journey with a more mature and refined, sound.

“Personalities” goes from subtle to all out frenzy and offers something for guitar lovers of every genre with many tones and timbres to match the mood of each song.

Check out the sample track “Waiting To See You Again”

On “Personalities” Simone plays with drum greats John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen / James LaBrie / ARK), and Mario Riso (Rezophonic – Rock Tv ) as well as iconic Italian rock bassist Dino Fiorenza and sees guest performances from guitarist Fabrizio Leo on “Bottom Line”, keyboardist Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth) on “To The Station” and fellow No Gravity guitarist Davide Perruzza on “Your Grit Is My Reason Of Life”.

“Personalities” track listing

01. Ascent
02. Your Grit Is My Reason Of Life
03. Waiting To See You Again
04. April 14th 2010
05. Bottom Line
06. Thirty
07. Unconditional Love
08. Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hide
09. To The Station
10. In Time Of War
11. You And I (At The Weekends cover)

Simone Firoletta first became known to a worldwide audience with the 2004 debut album ‘The Life Inside’ from progressive metallers Moonlight Comedy on Lion Music with whom he recorded the 2007 follow up ‘Dorothy’.

It was clear from these releases that Simone was a guitarist of considerable skill and so Lion Music offered a solo deal to focus on the instrumental side of Fiorletta’s musical leanings. This led to the solo albums ‘Parallel Worlds’ (2005), ‘My Secret Diary’ (2006) and 2009’s ‘When Reality Is Nothing’. All were well received by press and fans alike.

2011 saw a return to a progressive metal band format with the - to date - only release from No Gravity entitled ‘Worlds In Collision’ which saw many of progressive power metals best vocalists contribute.

Lion Music is proud to continue their long running collaboration with Simone Fiorletta for the release of “Personalities” on 7th June 2013 which is available for pre-order now at https://itunes.apple.com/album/personalities/id639133032

Full information at http://www.lionmusic.com/cd/personalities.htm and www.facebook.com/fiorlettasimone

Walter Cianciusi,Dario Parente: Headless - the new album announced

Lion Music are pleased to announce the signing of HEADLESS, a metal band that sees Italian guitarists Walter Cianciusi and Dario Parente teaming up with one of Europe's premier rock vocalists in Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) and a drum legend in Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche).

The forthcoming album "Growing Apart" sees 10 songs shaped around the classy drumming of Rockenfield and melodic vocals of Edman which fuse hard rock and heavy metal with progressive elements and sees digital release on 7 June 2013 on Lion Music with pre-order and track samples available now at https://itunes.apple.com/album/growing-apart/id639132828

“Growing Apart” Track Listing

01. God Of Sorrow And Grief
02. Primetime
03. Nero Fantasies
04. Calf Love
05. The Backstabbers Around Us
06. Be Myself
07. Growing Apart
08. Sink Deep In A Fairytale
09. No Happy Ending
10. As Tears Go By

Formed in the early 90’s by Cianciusi and Parente at a very young age, the band released the self-produced e.p. “Future To Past” and then in 1998 the full length album entitled “Inside You” which saw distributions worldwide by 99th Floor. During those years Headless performed in Italy supporting more established metal acts. The band then disbanded in 2000. The two guitarists (and songwriters) then reunited in 2011 and started working on the new songs which appear on “Growing Apart”.

Walter Cianciusi comments, “We began writing the album at the beginning of 2012. It’s been a long process because Headless is an international band and it's not easy to arrange meetings and rehearsals. We mainly used the internet to talk to each other and properly arrange the songs. We have the precious ability to record in our personal studios so we don’t feel the pressure of studio time. The album was recorded in different locations around the world (Sweden, Italy, USA) and mastered in Hollywood at Universal MusicStudios by Peter Doell (R.E.M., Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth)”.

Lyrically there is a main subject matter in the songs: according to psychology Growing Apart is the reason why relationships come to an end. The band analysed how relationships between friends, lovers, man and God change and self-destruct through the years and put these ideas into the different songs.

"Growing Apart" gets its digital release through Lion Music on 7th June 2013.

Full details at http://www.lionmusic.com/cd/growingapart.htm

Web Links:


Peter Luha: great guitar lessons with tab.

The second of my tapping guitar lessons with useful tapping phrases for lead guitar solos, with notation and tablature. Guitar lesson for advanced, but beginners can also start to learn slowly how to play it..
If you enjoy, please, SHARE, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more guitar videos & guitar lessons: http://youtube.com/pitu1 ;)

guitarist Peter Luha: http://peterluha.com
guitar - Framus Tennessee Custom, with Elixir strings

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watch my youtube channel /guitar slap, tapping, fingerpicking, plectrum playing, sweep, tremolo.., classical compositions, original songs../
GUITAR LESSON No3 - Two hand guitar tapping 2 /guitar exercise with notation and TAB/

GUITAR LESSON No2 - Two hand guitar tapping 1 /guitar exercise with notation and TAB/

GUITAR LESSON No4 - Guitar arpeggios 2 - sweep picking arpeggios /exercise with notation and TAB/

Mike Philippov: How To Know If You Have Mastered Vibrato On Guitar

How To Know If You Have Mastered Vibrato On Guitar
Do you know how much your vibrato has improved over the last 6-12 months of playing guitar? Most musicians have no way to answer this question because vibrato is believed to be impossible to track progress with. Because of this, guitar vibrato rarely gets the practice time it deserves, leading to far too many guitarists playing with very inexpressive and simply ‘bad’ sounding vibrato.
To start, study the video below where I will show you how simple it is to assess your level of mastery over vibrato. Watch the video below before reading further:

To see the next part of this video, study this page about guitar vibrato technique.
After studying the above procedure for testing the current state of your vibrato, you need to adapt it as part of your regular practicing to track your progress with vibrato over time. Here is how you need to do this:

1. Don’t spend all of your practice time (for vibrato) practicing on only 1 pitch. You must also work on this skill in the real-life application scenarios of guitar licks and solos. Although this seems obvious, many people get stuck in practicing a certain technique in isolation without applying it into the real world.

2. Log the metronome tempos at which you are able to play vibrato technique, just like you track your progress with speed building exercises (scale sequences, arpeggios etc.). Of course when you do vibrato in actual music, it doesn't need to be strictly in time all the time, but you must have the skill to allow yourself to make it so, if needed. THAT is what will make it possible to choose the best and most expressive way of using vibrato in your songs and melodies. Knowing the precise metronome tempo at which you can do controlled vibrato will give you the perfect indication of how this area of your technique is progressing.

3. Spend some time recording your vibrato practice sessions and then listen back to the recordings at “half tempo” (this can be easily achieved in any computer recording program). Doing this will make it easier for your ears to perceive the nuances of how your vibrato sounds in real time. Most guitarists never analyzed their playing in that much detail and doing so leads to many new discoveries on how to make your guitar playing better.

4. When you do vibrato within guitar licks and solos, vary the rhythmic values you use to play it (exactly like I demonstrated for you in the video tutorial above). This is important to do because you don’t want to be boxed into only doing vibrato in a single way all the time. I also put this as a separate step from simply “training with a click”, because you will be thinking differently when playing over a musical track about your phrasing and vibrato than you will when practicing to a metronome.

Don’t forget the final result you are after: to make your vibrato sound GREAT. So don’t make the mistake of focusing on the tempo at which you are doing vibrato and losing sight of the other elements that must be refined to totally master vibrato.
Implement the above points into your practicing and you will start to see your vibrato (and your guitar playing) sound much better than ever before.

About the author:
Mike Philippov is an educational guitar author, professional guitar player and composer. He writes articles and publishes videos about the best ways to practice guitar that are studied by many musicians worldwide. To get more help with becoming a better guitar player, visit his guitar practicing website.

Guitar Vibrato Lesson - How To Play Vibrato On Guitar

Janos Kallai,Atma Anur: Snake Nest - from upcoming EP

Track from the upcoming K3 EP by Hungarian guitarist/composer Janos Kallai... groovy shredding to the max! This is an Atma Anur mix as well... enjoy

Atma Anur - Snake Nest/Janos Kallai

Eyal Freeman: Heineken Jazz Festival - אייל פריימן - Fusion

Rare live video of Guitarist Eyal Freeman, with his Jazz Fusion group band SHAZAM. A top player & instructor in his home country, Israel, who taught & mentored many players into fine professionals throughout the years. Live improvised solo footage from Heineken Jazz Festival.

Eyal Freeman - Guitar
Yuval Carmi - Keyboards
Edmond Gilmore - Bass
Amir David - Drums

Eyal Freeman - Guitar Solo - SHAZAM Live - Heineken Jazz Festival - אייל פריימן