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Antonio Soncina: Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition - great solo work

Being the background track quite simple (not easy - simple) all is demanded to the lead guitarist to spice it up, so this is was quiet challenging to me. Here it is, I hope You appreciate it :^)

Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition - Antonio Soncina

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Seymour Duncan FIRE Blackouts

Gus G. FIRE Blackouts
"This system combines the massive tone, kick, and distortion of Blackouts with the rich tone and expressive feel of my favorite passive pickups. It responds perfectly to all my picking techniques, and more of my personality comes through than with any active pickup I've tried." —Gus G.

For more information on the Gus G. FIRE Blackouts visit:

Doug Aldrich: Doug's SteamRoller will be touring across Europe this coming September.

Doug Aldrich's SteamRoller ready to flatten Europe!
Doug Aldrich' SteamRoller will be touring across Europe this coming September.

Where hard rock meets electric blues, where guitars are played with gritty fingers, where the hot iron meets the pavement, this is where you’ll find SteamRoller.

After a yearlong world tour promoting the latest release of multi-platinum selling band Whitesnake, guitarist and songwriter Doug Aldrich, bassist and singer Michael Devin and drummer-percussionist extraordinaire Brian Tichy decided to come together and form a homegrown band during Whitesnake’s 2012 hiatus.
Word quickly spread. Crowds gathered to hear the band lay it down during their initial brief run through Europe in early 2012. It comes as little surprise the power trio creates a sound as big as a six piece.

Doug Aldrich spent years rippin’ his guitar alongside metal master Ronnie James Dio before moving on to Whitesnake, where he has co-written the last two albums with legendary frontman David Coverdale. Bassist and singer Michael Devin spent years on the road, playing bass with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and George Lynch, before joining Whitesnake.

As original drummer Brian Tichy was unable to join SteamRoller this time around, due to his involvement with Sass Jordan, monster drummer Matt Starr will join Doug and Michael. Matt sits behind the kit for Ace Frehley and is also one of the talented players in Doug’s band Burning Rain who released their third album on Frontiers earlier this year. SteamRoller celebrates their unique individuality both as musicians and personalities. Their brand of music is raw and full of essential rock spunk.

Now for their European tour which will rock & roll through Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Northern Ireland and Poland in 2013. Bring it on !

12.9. AUSTRIA – Velden/Bluesiana Rock CafĂ©
14.9. ITALY – Genoa/Angelo Azzuro
15.9. ITALY – Milano/BluesHouse
16.9. SWITZERLAND - Uster/Rock City
19.9. HOLLAND – Roermond/ECI CultuurFabriek
20.9. NORTHERN IRELAND - Londonderry/The Nerve Centre
21.9. NORTHERN IRELAND - Belfast/Strand Arts Center
22.9. POLAND – Opole/Drum Festival

Achilleas Diamantis: Fake Face from the album Loaded (2013)

Achilleas Diamantis - Fake Face from the Album Loaded - The album will be ready very soon Enjoy !!!!!

Music By Achilleas Diamantis

Guitars ,Keyboards ,Bass - Achilleas Diamantis

Drums - Takis Intas

Arranged ,Recorded and Produced by Achilleas Diamantis at Soundlab Music Productions

Achilleas Diamantis - Fake Face from the album Loaded (2013)

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks No: 9

Monster Licks No: 9, G Minor Pentatonic Blues Scale. Please visit for your transcription. Thanks and I hope you enjoy, GP. ;)

Glenn Proudfoot - Monster Licks No: 9

Apernit Singh: 60 second solo contest entry#2 - SUHR S3

This solo composition is called as "A MOONLIGHT CONVERSATION" ,
GEAR- Egnator tweaker head and cabinet amp,SUHR S3 guitar,RV-5 BOSS reverb
thank you.. love from india.. :-)

60 second solo contest entry#2- Apernit singh (india)

60 second solo contest entry - Apernit singh (india)

Don Lappin: The amazing two handed tapper presents Mixolydian Backing Track For Guitar Please check out my NEW album, Tapped In!
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This video is the first to feature my new HD camera! Now all of my videos with be in 16:9 1080P HD!

All of my backing tracks will begin with a quick demonstration of me playing. Then, the actual backing track will begin for you to jam to. I have also provided the scale diagram and chord chart so you know what the chords are. If you do not know how to read the music chart, no worries. You can just use your ear and play along. Be sure to subscribe to my channel because there are going to be a lot of these! Good luck!

F Mixolydian Backing Track For Guitar

D Mixolydian Backing Track For Guitar

C Mixolydian Backing Track For Guitar

A Mixolydian Backing Track/New Camera

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Don Lappin:Tapped In

Thomas Bissot: Vigier - Jazz funk smooth improvisation

Funny... I just woke up... but Thomas Bissot well "I need to rest and sleep..."

Jazz funk smooth impro

Funky Fusion Guitar Impro

Fusion guitar legato

Rick Graham: Smooth Shifting Sweeping Sequence

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18) Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Smooth Shifting Sweeping Sequence One

Rick Graham's 'The Practice Room' - 10) Limitation Improvisation

Elmo Karjalainen: Releases Guitar Backing Tracks, Videos and Free Music

Guitarist Elmo Karjalainen, whose debut solo album “Unintelligent Designs” received much praise from reviewers, has just released his first set of backing tracks. The set includes eleven backing tracks, most of which are publicly available as videos here. To download two of the backing tracks for free, go to He has also made some of his music available for free. Get two songs for free here. The Body: The backing tracks cover a variety of different styles, ranging from bluesy tracks (in the style of Gary Moore) to metal (in the style of Meshuggah), with everything in between (such as Jimi Hendrix and Steve Vai style backing tracks). The videos are available on YouTube on Elmo’s channel, but they have been collected onto one webpage on for convenience, or so that they aren’t mixed with Elmo’s original music (which can also conveniently be found on another page of Boilerplate statement: Elmo Karjalainen is a Finnish guitar player who plays in such bands as Deathlike Silence, Conquest, Seagrave and Helena & Kalevi. He has also released one critically acclaimed instrumental album under his own name, called “Unintelligent Designs”, and an instrumental digital EP, called “Unintelligent Leftovers”. 

Guitar Songs (original guitar videos) 
Guitar Jamz (backing track videos) 
Guitar MP3 (free tracks) (access to backing tracks) 

Contact Information: Elmo Karjalainen

David Valdes: Paradise Lost available on Bandcamp

1.Paradise Lost 05:13
2.Legend 05:03
3.An Old History 04:38
4.Time up! 04:33
5.Fall Angel 05:01
6.My Enchanted Forest 04:32
7.The Lord Of Fire 04:24
8.BWV 1046 Adagio 03:47
9.Hidden Minds 04:08
10. Eternal Dream 05:27
11.Cacophony 08:24

“David Valdes was my official intro to the neoclassical shred genre and still remains one of my all time favorite guitarists. His speed and precision is uncompromising and his passion shines brightly through his playing. I'm so stoked to get my hands on this record after so many years of searching!” Favorite track: Legend

Alek Darson: Wood Guerilla jam

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