David Valdes: Paradise Lost available on Bandcamp

1.Paradise Lost 05:13
2.Legend 05:03
3.An Old History 04:38
4.Time up! 04:33
5.Fall Angel 05:01
6.My Enchanted Forest 04:32
7.The Lord Of Fire 04:24
8.BWV 1046 Adagio 03:47
9.Hidden Minds 04:08
10. Eternal Dream 05:27
11.Cacophony 08:24

“David Valdes was my official intro to the neoclassical shred genre and still remains one of my all time favorite guitarists. His speed and precision is uncompromising and his passion shines brightly through his playing. I'm so stoked to get my hands on this record after so many years of searching!” Favorite track: Legend