Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rob Chappers: ML-7 & MLB-1 and Chapman Guitars Roadshow

Chapman Guitars ML-7 & MLB-1 News

Chapman Guitars ML-7 & MLB-1 News

ESP LTD Elite Guitar Demo - New Japanese Made LTD Guitar

Come and check out the Chapman Guitars Roadshow:
Sat 21st Sept Manchester -
Sun 22nd Sept Bradford -


The Roadhouse,
8 Newton Street,
M1 2AN
10am - 3pm

The Leeds Bradford Guitar Show:
Pudsey Civic Hall
Dawsons Corner,
LS28 5TA
10am to 4pm

I'll be there with Rabea Afro and Matt Hornby (Artist relations),

Chapman Guitars Roadshow - Part One (Manchester & Bradford 21st - 22nd Sept 2013)

Saki: Runaway Train - Micheal Lee Firkins and Mother Head's Family Reunion - Richie Kotzen

Micheal Lee FirkinsのRunaway Trainを弾きました。

Sound Setting:Suhr Guitar - Ibanez TS-9 - Boss DD-2 - Jet City(333)20 Amp Head+Marshall JCM800(1960)Cabinet.

Saki - Runaway Train (Micheal Lee Firkins)

Saki - Mother Head's Family Reunion(Richie Kotzen)

Adam Fulara: Full-X - Colosseum - An Introduction to Counterpoint

Check out Track #6 from new Full-X CD called "An Introduction to Counterpoint" (2013). Adam Fulara (g,k), Tomasz Fulara (b), Michał Bednarz (dr). Music by Adam Fulara. Camera: Daniel Stanisławski.

Full-X - Colosseum - An Introduction to Counterpoint (Adam Fulara)

Tristan Klein,Arnaud: Guitar Solo Collab - Tristan Klein / Neogeofanatic

Guitar Solo Collab - Tristan Klein / Neogeofanatic

It's an honour and a pleasure to play a solo with Tristan Klein, thank you so much Tristan ! Tristan : audio mix and backing track / Nono : video editing

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Torpedo C.A.B. :
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Tom Quayle: Preview of New Lesson Backing Track - sounding great!

Preview of New Lesson Backing Track -
Get HD Video Lessons with me at
Hey guys - I'm writing new material for my website and wanted to give you a quick preview of one of the tracks from one of the new lessons. All improv with my Fibenare TQ Basic Jazz - Wampler DF Pedal - Axe FX II Cameron Ch 2 amp - UA Audio Apollo Duo - Logic Pro X

Kirk Hammett,Jason Becker: ESP LTD KH-330 Guitar donated to the Not Dead Yet Movie and Music

Kirk Hammett ESP LTD KH-330 Guitar donated to the Not Dead Yet Movie and Music to End ALS: Benefiting Jason Becker & ALS Research to support the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust and ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI), happening at Bimbos 365 Club

Visit the event at Facebook and search "Jason Becker" or "Not Dead Yet Movie and Music".

Kirk personally autographed this guitar to support Jason and ALS research. Proceeds benefit drug development for ALS patients, and Jason's trust for his long term care.

Shipping Cost for guitar varies but will be in the vicinity of $100.00 - $150.00 with Insurance, packaging and shipping cost

Visit ALS TDI at to find out more about ALS research and how you can help.

Nicole Papastavrou: Shreddelicious catches up with the high class 8 stringer from Eye Ra Haze

Nicole Papastavrou: high class 8 stringer
[Shreddelicious] What made you decide to take guitar seriously?

[Nicole Papastavrou]
SERIOUSLY seriously? When I tossed my 3rd year BioChem, Physics, and Calculus books and told my mom I was moving out and going to tour full time. I toured the country a bunch and went around the world a few times playing hardcore/metal.

Didn't ever really profit but it seemed to pay for itself and I would always find temp jobs between tours. Although at the moment the project I'm working on is a lot more promising. Either way, I'll die playing guitar. Its all I really know how to do.

Find out more about this exciting talent