Jared Dines, Arnaud: Shred Wars - Jared Dines VS NeoGeofanatic

Panos Arvanitis, Arnaud: Guitar duel - Panos Arvanitis VS Neo

Arnaud: Neo Geo - Jamtrackcentral - Jam of the month solo improvisation - January 2016

Arnaud: NeoGeo - First guitar solo improvisation of 2016 !

Arnaud: Neo Geo - Freedom - new metal album teaser

Arnaud: Neo Geo with 8 minutes of classical shred with 2 Yngwie Malmsteen Fender Strats

Arnaud: Neo Geo - Melodic Bm Metal guitar solo improvisation

Neo: Into the Rain - Original song from new album

Arnaud: Neo - New Album announced

Arnaud: New - Neo Welcome to Neocity - new album announced

Arnaud: NeoGeofanatic - "Stupid" shredder VS "good" shredder

Roman Rouzine, Arnaud: NeoGeofanatic jam session with Duality in Darkness

Arnaud: Neogeofanatic - E phrygian dominant guitar solo improvisation

Arnaud: Neogeofanatic - Metal solo improvisation over Andy James backing track

Arnaud: My Gibson Les Paul is crying ...

Tristan Klein,Arnaud: Guitar Solo Collab - Tristan Klein / Neogeofanatic

Roman Rouzine,Arnaud: 6th Sense - Metal guitar solo collaboration

Arnaud: Neogeofanatic Metal Soloing - Andy James BT

Arnaud: Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas gets all emotional on me

Arnaud: Sweet Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Gold Top