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Nathan Frost,Marco Sfogli,Taka Minamino,Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann: Synecron new progressive metal album - my god it's full of stars!

Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Marco Sfogli and Taka Minamino on new progressive metal record "synecron"

Virtuosos Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Marco Sfogli and Taka Minamino perform on Nathan Frost's progressive metal album, which incorporates influences spanning jazz fusion, classical/symphonic, techno/industrial, funk and new age.

Virgil Donati and Marco Minnemann each perform two versions of the same seven minutes of music, providing a unique opportunity to compare how these two celebrated drummers interpret the same composition in each of their inimitable, jaw-dropping styles.

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Nathan Frost web sites

Nathan Frost,Marco Sfogli: synecron

  1. Empire Rising, 2000 A.D. (feat. Marco Minnemann, Taka Minamino, Derek Sherinian & Marco Sfogli) 8:09
  2. Singularity (feat. Virgil Donati, Marco Sfogli & Taka Minamino) 9:33
  3. Empire Falling (feat. Marco Minnemann & Taka Minamino)10:24
  4. Samsaara 8:56
  5. Consilience (feat. Marco Minnemann & Taka Minamino) 6:43
  6. Empire Rising, 505 A.D. (feat. Virgil Donati, Taka Minamino, Derek Sherinian & Marco Sfogli) 8:16
Album Notes
For over thirteen years, Nathan Frost honed the distinctively ultra-progressive, genre-fusing, stream-of-consciousness metal that became "synecron" in between developing high-profile videogames. When he was finally afforded the time to record, he contacted Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, PlanetX, Yngwie Malmsteen) -- mostly since he lived nearby in LA, and Nathan thought it would be a fun excuse to email one of his personal musical heroes. When Derek heard the material, he offered to produce and engineer Nathan's keyboards.

Nathan already had a clear vision for the music, and didn't feel the need for an outside producer, but it didn't take long for Derek to demonstrate that his Beachwood Manor Studios indeed had "the killer everything" (his words), and that he effortlessly grasped Nathan's aesthetic and how to push the already-progressive compositions to a new level of complexity.

After putting the music through the Derek filter (including inspired arrangements involving his custom Hammond B3 organ setup, modern and vintage hardware synthesizers, and other keyboard wizardry), Sherinian introduced Nathan to another of his musical heroes -- drummer Virgil Donati (PlanetX, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth) -- and some of the best performers in progressive metal today: drummer Marco Minnemann (Tony Macalpine, Kreator, Paul Gilbert), and guitarists Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, Alex Argento, Creation's End) and Taka Minamino (Derek Sherinian).

Painstakingly mixed and mastered by veteran sound engineer Steven Seibold (Hate Dept, Pigface, Information Society), the compositions take the listener through an intricate musical journey overflowing with dramatic twists, virtuosic performances and uncompromising creativity.

Nathan started playing piano at age 3, and started playing Pong shortly thereafter.

Picking up a high school girlfriend's bass, he cofounded Strychnine -- an all-originals progressive metal band in Vancouver, British Columbia -- where he played bass, keyboards, and sang whenever he wasn't programming videogames, studying music theory, and slouching through classes.

Nathan then enrolled at premier videogame development school DigiPen Institute of Technology in the Seattle area, and musically scored several of the videogame projects he completed while earning his degree in Realtime Simulations Engineering (Honors). He began writing the material that became synecron in between semesters.

synecron gradually took shape during vacations from professionally developing videogames for Crystal Dynamics/Eidos (Project Snowblind, Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Underworld), PlanetMoon/THQ (Drawn to Life The Next Chapter [Wii]) and GiantSparrow/Sony (The Unfinished Swan). synecron was finally recorded in 2012 with some of Nathan's favorite musicians.

Nathan continues to take great joy in videogame programming "to the metal" and technical instrumental workouts.

Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Marco Sfogli, Taka Minamino, Derek Sherinian, Nathan Frost:synecron

Miroist: Curve - Leibniz would understand - progressive ambient djent - great stuff!

I'm currently working on CURVE, my debut album following The Pledge EP that you so appreciatively purchased last year. Production has ramped up over the last few months and I'm really starting to see the album realised. It's been a reasonable time coming, I know - nobody likes being between releases more than me and I can't wait to get this music out to you all, but you know what? It's better to do it properly and put enough blood, sweat and tears into it to make it worthwhile.

But good news! I've put together a new music trailer, and you also have the chance to tell me what merch designs you'd like to see with CURVE...

Leibniz would understand

Miroist - Schopenhauer's Fallacy playthrough feat. Aled Lloyd

Jennifer Batten: TrueFire course, MEOW conference, India and Europe tours!

I have loads of fresh news for you for the fall/winter 2013!


First off, I’m happy to announce the birth my premier bouncing baby instructional course for This one is on creative rhythm guitar which includes a left brain section on chord scales and tools, and then moves quickly onward to the fun right brain section of rhythmic creativity. The course takes you through a ton of different rhythmic techniques and styles including rhythmic tapping. There are also a pile of jam tracks included for you. You have a choice of a download or download plus physical disc. You can get more info and check out samples here:

Last week, I recorded a follow up to that course, on soloing. It will come out probably in the spring of 2014.


I’m performing my final Portland area show for 2013 this Sunday 10-13 for you PDX locals. Tickets are service fee free (unheard of right?) and parking is free as well: C’mon out Portlanders! Dinner party to follow.

At the end of October (24-26) I’ll be appearing in Austin for the weekend M.E.O.W. music conference

Oct 25 Fri 4 PM features the premier of the “She Rocks” documentary that I’m in, along with Kaki King, Orianthi, Mimi Fox, and a pile of other female talent.
Oct 26 Sat 1PM I’ll be interviewed by M.I.’s Beth Marlis
Oct 26 Sat 11:30PM I’ll do a short multimedia performance


Oct 27 Sunday- I’ll be doing an intensive workshop on my new course on Rhythm Guitar and jamming with attendees at the end, followed by Mexican food and no doubt---tequila. Entrance fee of $75 includes a free copy of the course disc. It’s at Mac’s place (Austin Zip code 78754). Write to Mac to sign


November 5 I’m flying off to Nagaland, India for a series of events including:
Nov 9 Dimapur guitar contest + clinic
Nov 10 Nagaland Guitar Festival (Dimapur)
Nov 11 Kohima guitar clinic + playing M Jackson songs with locals
Nov 12 Mount Tiyi Music Festival (Wokha)
Nov 13 Mokokchung
Nov 15 Note Grid (Dimapur)


European Shows will begin with my multimedia film performance, followed by playing with a band: John Macaluso on drums, Simon Fitzpatrick (Carl Palmer band) bass , Nazzareno Zacconi on rhythm guitar.

Check back for updates but the current Euro dates to follow India are:

Nov 22--Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia - Blue Note
Nov 24--Vienna - Austria
Nov 27--Kulturfabrik cafe' - Kufstein (Austria)
Nov 28--Spielberg - Kultur im Zentrum (Austria)
Nov 29--Velden - Austria Bluesiana
Dec 4---Downtown Bluesclub - Hamburg (Germany)
Dec 5---Das Bett - Frankfurt am main (Germany)
Dec 6---Kaminwerk Ressler - Memmingen (Germany)
Dec 8---Qubiq - Monteforte Irpino (italy)Dec 10 - Papozze (Italy)
Dec 11--Teatro Caruso - Papozze (Italy)
Dec 13--Il Peocio - Trofarello (Italy)
Dec 14--Il Giardino - Lugagnano di Sona (Italy)verona Club

Michael Lee Firkins: Hard Rock Heaven reviews Yep and Oscar interviews the likable guitarist

Closing track “The Cane”, however, justifies the entire album as a prelude to this final revelation. Primal and haunting, it becomes half-invocation, half-lament with Firkins’s processed vocals magnetizing the spellbound soundscape. Here he breathes life into blues with such lofty, overwhelming power, you instantly know this final shot into stratosphere was worth waiting for.

Hard Rock Heaven full review

Plus Oscar interviews Michael Lee Firkins:

Carl Verheyen: Europe Tour with Deeflexx

Carl Verheyen Europe Tour with Deeflexx
The top guitarist from the USA – Carl Verheyen – will use Deeflexx Systems on the Europe tour – CVB “MUSTANG RUN” TOUR!

Since July Carl has tested the Deeflexx very intensively, both alone and with his guitar tech. Whether at home, in clubs or big stages, one thing was very quickly certain: Carl won’t be going on stage without the Deeflexx any more!

His first email was very short, but he used a lot of exclamation marks:

These things are AMAZING!!!!! I'm sold!!!

Carl has informed himself down to the smallest detail what, how and where he can use the tricks and cutting advantages on stage or in the studio!

I realized very quickly that there was a very experienced man on the other side of the line – and he is an incredibly pleasant guy too!

Carl will get to the start line with his wet-dry-wet rig, I can only advise everyone to come to one of his shows!

And we will meet on tour, that’s for sure!

“I am particularly grateful to JANNEK ZECHNER. He was the one casually mentioning the Deeflexx to his good friend Carl during a phone call …

… who wanted to hear more about it and couldn't’t believe what he was about to hear…”

08/10/2013   Coventry, GB - Nexus Trust (CV solo clinic; 3:15pm; gig 9:00pm)
11/10/2013   Culdaff, IE - McGrory's
12/10/2013   Belfast, IE - The Cube/Crescent Arts Centre (CV solo clinic, 3:00pm; CVB gig, 8:30pm)
15/10/2013   OFF
16/10/2013   Aachen, DE - Outbaix
17/10/2013   Amsterdam, NL - Max Guitar (CV solo clinic, 6:30pm)
17/10/2013   Amstelveen, NL - P60
18/10/2013   Hamburg, DE - Downtown Blues Club
19/10/2013   Merseburg, DE - Oelgrube
20/10/2013   Reichenbach, DE - Bergkeller-Reichenbach
21/10/2013   Berlin, DE - Crystal
22/10/2013   Gottingen, DE - Norgelbuff
23/10/2013   Essen, DE - Grend
24/10/2013 - Nordhorn, DE - Alte Weberei
25/10/2013   Schwerin, DE - Speicher
26/10/2013   Erfurt, DE - Museumskeller
27/10/2013   Burgkunstadt, DE - Alte Schuhfabrik
29/10/2013   Nitra, SK - Music a Café
30/10/2013   Graz, AT - Generalmusikdirektion
01/11/2013   Athens, GR - Athina Live
02/11/2013   Athens, GR - Athina Live
03/11/2013   Roccaforzata, IT – Go West Saloon
04/11/2013   Foggia, IT - Moody Jazz Café
05/11/2013:  Rome, IT - Casa del Jazz
06/11/2013:  Ascoli Piceno, IT - Break Live Club
07/11/2013:  Bovisio Masciago, IT - Music Factory Academy (CV solo clinic, 4:00pm)
07/11/2013   Cermenate, IT - Black Horse Pub
08/112013    Stuttgart, DE - BIX
09/11/2013   Weng, AT - Wengerwirt
11/11/2013   Salzburg, AT - Rockhouse
12/11/2013   Munich, DE - Orangehouse/Feierwerk
13/11/3013   Oftringen, CH - Luscher Musik (CVB clinic, 8:00pm )
14/11/2013   Hard, AT -  Kammgarn
15/11/2013   Ludwigshafen, DE - dasHaus
16/11/2013   Nijmegen, NL - Max Guitar (CV solo clinic,  2:00pm)
16/11/2013   Tilburg, NL - Paradox
17/11/2013   Paris, FR -  Sunset Sunside
20/11/2013   Verviers, BE - Spirit of 66
21/11/2013   Bruchsal, DE - Fabrik
22/11/2013   Euskirchen, DE - Altes Casino
23/11/2013   Minden, DE -  Jazzclub Minden

Gauravjeet Singh Gill,Ritvik Sharma: Altonus - Belief - guitar laden progressive djent - excellent!

Guitars - Gauravjeet Singh Gill
Guitars - Ritvik Sharma
Vocals - Daniele 'Roger' Soffiani
Bass - Anil Prasad

We love music and are looking forward to make good songs, that is our only moto. After years of listening and mulling over music from all around the world, we have embarked on the journey to find our own sound and in a way, find ourselves. So join us, as we delve into the mysticism i.e. Music

People say music is a universal language, but it is hard to express it in words. Especially for those who lack formal education in music theory ;) But the passion still counts and still we relate to the music that rings in our ears 24x7 and bring a flare to our life that ignites the whole other peaceful enigmatic dimension of our world.
We have kept our passion alive for music, and we hope to take it a step ahead and share our journey with you!

Belief is the debut single of Altonus.
Vocals - Daniele 'Roger' Soffiani
Guitars - Gauravjeet , Ritvik
Bass - Anil

Video Credits - Pravin Kadam, Amanpreet Bains, Christian Dragone, Davide Travaglini, Stefano Brizi, Valentina Soffiani, Lorenzo Valentini

Special Thanks to Gurvijay Gill, Deepali Chandra and Nitish Krishnatrey for the support throughout.

For better audio quality please visit our soundcloud page -
Connect with us on Facebook -

and subscribe below to hear more from us!

Belief - Altonus


Achilleas Diamantis: announces the upcoming new release Loaded

Solo Projects
Achilleas Diamantis – Loaded (2013)

1. Fake Face
2. Give Me A Sign
3. Heavy Weapon
4. Big Hearted Love
5. It Hurts To Want You
6. Blue Stone
7. Just for You
8. Leave Me Alone
9. Diastims

Achilleas Diamantis : Guitars, Bass , Keys
Takis Intas : Drums

All Songs Written ,Arranged
,Recorded ,Mixed At Soundlab Music Productions
By Achilleas Diamantis

Achilleas Diamantis - Fake Face from the album Loaded (2013)

Muris Varajic: NEW Drive Safe - a welcome return of high class!

Greetings folks,

here's a new tune, hope you'll like it.
Gear I used is "Lucas" custom guitar by Ilianni Guitars (w/ Goran Custom Stuff PUs)
and Fractal Audio AxeFx Ultra.
Special thanks to Kenan Pasic for doing great video and AL Studio for mastering!

Cheers. :)


NEW Drive Safe by Muris Varajic

Jeff Kollman: Kollmanation - signature dual overdrive guitar pedal.

Here's the kollmanation dual overdrive pedal in action with a low output custom shop tele and a 4 10 blues Deville on the clean channel. The signature tone of guitarist Jeff Kollman.
Order the Kollmanation dual overdrive at

kollmanation _Tele_Blues Deville

The signature tone of guitarist Jeff Kollman. Available NOW!
We give you Kollmanation!! Bigger, fatter, and meaner overdrive. Hand wired with the best components by Tim Jauernig- The tone guru who designed the Gristle King,the Luxury drive and more. Kollman states "We've been tweaking tones for months now and finally have captured an explosive tone that's sounds great in front of Fender, Marshall and vox type amps. And it's 2 rad pedals in box with the option of switching the order OR playing both pedals together.
Order it now at

Kollmanation- Jeff Kollman signature dual overdrive guitar pedal.

Toby Knapp: new archives of magick album coming soon

Michael McDowell

Been listening to this all weekend! DONT will be able to get a copy soon! Until then pick up Toby's latest release Static Warfare at,, or

Jakub Żytecki: Coming to Jam Track Central... soon!
What full length track should we put up on our YouTube channel next.....?

Laurie Monk open plea: Jakub Zytecki please record some videos for jam track central Laurie...3 tracks are already filmed should be released sometime soon!

Laurie Monk Yeah!

Laurie Monk ask and you shall receive!