Gauravjeet Singh Gill,Ritvik Sharma: Altonus - Belief - guitar laden progressive djent - excellent!

Guitars - Gauravjeet Singh Gill
Guitars - Ritvik Sharma
Vocals - Daniele 'Roger' Soffiani
Bass - Anil Prasad

We love music and are looking forward to make good songs, that is our only moto. After years of listening and mulling over music from all around the world, we have embarked on the journey to find our own sound and in a way, find ourselves. So join us, as we delve into the mysticism i.e. Music

People say music is a universal language, but it is hard to express it in words. Especially for those who lack formal education in music theory ;) But the passion still counts and still we relate to the music that rings in our ears 24x7 and bring a flare to our life that ignites the whole other peaceful enigmatic dimension of our world.
We have kept our passion alive for music, and we hope to take it a step ahead and share our journey with you!

Belief is the debut single of Altonus.
Vocals - Daniele 'Roger' Soffiani
Guitars - Gauravjeet , Ritvik
Bass - Anil

Video Credits - Pravin Kadam, Amanpreet Bains, Christian Dragone, Davide Travaglini, Stefano Brizi, Valentina Soffiani, Lorenzo Valentini

Special Thanks to Gurvijay Gill, Deepali Chandra and Nitish Krishnatrey for the support throughout.

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Belief - Altonus