Wednesday, 30 October 2013

George Lynch: ESP clinics for Canada and the eastern United States

Clinic dates have just been announced for Canada and the eastern United States. Montreal, Quebec, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Please see the poster below for additional information!

Tom Quayle: Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

Tom Quayle at Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

Guthrie Govan: Gryan Beller and Marco Minnemann talk about Guthrie's tune Gaping Head Wound

We continue with the interviews and now is the turn to track 5 of CULTURE CLASH, a Guthrie Govan composción called "Gaping head wound",es

5 Gaping Head Wound CULTURE CLASH

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - Promo Video

The Towering Richie Allan
Heavy Metal Ninjas:

Richie Allan - guitar
Quasar - guitar
Joe Brownless - drums
Stu Kora - guitar
Fran Kora - bass

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas: Interstellar Abduction

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas: EP

Heavy Metal Ninjas - Promo Video

Marcin Duński: dirty loops - hit me guitar solo

dirty loops-hit me-marcin duński guitar solo

Per Nilsson: almost complete list of guest solos

Per Nilsson
Some dude had the energy to rally up an almost complete list of guest solos (and solos for a few projects/bands I am or have been a part of) I've done in the past, and put them all together in a YouTube video! I had almost forgotten about a few of these... not of all them are very good, but a few are among the best I've ever recorded.

Bands/projects included in the video are: God Forbid, Threat Signal, The Absence, Kaoskester, Bootcut, The Storyteller, World Below, Isole, Ereb Altor, Loch Vostok, Fuelblooded, Feared, Catacomb, Paradigm Shift,Christian Muenzner - Official Site, Akeldama, Antoine Baril and Zierler Projects

Hfd/kaoskester, bootcut, storyteller, world below, absence, isole, ereb altor, loch vostok, fuelblooded, feared, catacomb, paradigm shift, zierler, christian muenzner, threat signal, god forbid, akeldama, antoine baril

Sam Bell: Tapping Arpeggios Lesson Preview

Purchase here:

Want to learn how to create tapping arpeggio sequences in the style of Michael Romeo, and Guthrie Govan? Check out my downloadable lesson!

In this tutorial I break down my approach for string skipping tapping arpeggios, I start by breaking down the technique itself, practicing the technique, and muting. Then we look at 5 foundational arpeggio patterns that use the 2+1 tapping technique. To round it all of, I then demonstrate 4 challenging, musical licks that I use in my own solos with my band Mask of Judas. You can take these licks and create your own ideas around them. Take your playing even further with this compact, informative, and affordable HD tutorial!

Price $15 (£9)

HD 720P WMV 10+ minute video tutorial featuring:

* Detailed breakdown of string skipping tapping technique
* 5 Foundational 2+1 arpeggio tapping shapes
* 4 terrifying tapping licks to get your teeth into.

This package also includes:

* Neck diagrams PDF file for 2+1 tapping arpeggio shapes
* Guitar Pro and PDF file of the 4 terrifying tapping licks

BONUS: £5 discount on a Skype lesson (message Sam Bell for details, Skype lessons retail at £25)

Tapping Arpeggios Lesson Preview

Tommaso Semrov,Julian Scarcella: Laney & Mattias Eklundh Competition 2013 entries

Laney & Mattias Eklundh Competition 2013 - tommasosemrov

Laney & Mattias Eklundh Competition 2013 - Julians

Danny Bryant: adds some UK shows in November

Danny and the band have been extremely busy recently, September saw them complete a three week tour in Eastern Europe covering Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. A great time was had by all with some fantastic shows and lovely people, we'll be back in 2014! This was followed by a quick blast of Autumn sunshine in Spain where the band performed their first ever Spanish show at the Calella Rock Festival. This was an incredible gig and as a result we are now working on more shows and festivals for 2014, so stay tuned!
We have UK shows coming up in Cheltenham (Friday 1st November)Bassingstoke (Saturday 2nd November) and Billericay (Saturday 16th November), don't miss out as Danny will not be hitting these areas again until mid-2014. The band will then head to Europe on 22nd November for a 15-date tour to include The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Complete gig listings

Rusty Cooley: Lickopedia - Guitar lessons from TrueFire

Full Course w/ Tab & Jams:
Rusty Cooley:
More Rock Guitar Lessons:

Rusty Cooley: Lickopedia

Jeff Loomis, Christian Muenzner, Fountainhead, Per Nilsson, Ron Jarzombek, Jimmy Pitts: Hannes Grossmann - "The Radial Covenant" indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

About "The Radial Covenant"


I decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign, because I want to have full artistic freedom for this project. Producing a professional metal album takes a lot of time, dedication and of course money. In days of constantly declining record sales, most record labels won't take the risk to finance your album and cover all the expenses necessary to get the best possible result if there's not a big name on the cover. My bands might be an individual I am not.
I want to deliver the best possible sound quality, have the best production possible for my songs and also have a great artwork in order to give my music a visional counterpart. If you agree with that, please help me to make this album happen!

What I Need & What You Get

The money will be used to produce the album and the t-shirts. There will be no personal enrichment with funds collected!

You'll get my best 45 minutes of progressive death metal OBSCURA style songs so far, including me playing drums and guitar. Here you get an idea of how it sounds:

Hannes Grossmann - "The Radial Covenant" indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Ron Jarzombek: announces digital double single release!

Acclaimed guitarist Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCEWATCHTOWERSPASTIC INK) has announced the November 1 digital release of two new tracks, available via iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets.

Following the "Beyond Life and Cosmic Kinetics" (a.k.a. B.L.A.C.K.) app/digital release in November 2012, Jarzombek has re-worked a couple of tracks from his 2009 archives release "PHHHP! Plus""Razor Blade Baby" and "Blessed Corpse." Retitled "Razor Blade Babies" and "B. C. 2013", bothsongs have been re-recorded with current sounds, production, and with a few extras thrown in.
"I had planned on releasing these 2 'remakes' as multi-tracking apps months ago. Due to an M.I.A. programmer and Apple’s ever-changing requirements for submitting apps and problems with iOS7, I have not been able to release them.  When "B.L.A.C.K." was released, the app came first, then months later the 4 digital singles. Rather than continue to wait for something to happen with the songs as multitracking apps, I just decided to release them as digital singles. If the apps happen at a later time, great, if not, oh well. "
Jarzombek is currently focusing on finishing up his instructional DVD, "Dissecting Bugs" , on which he will play all guitar parts, and explain all of the music theory involved in the writing of the BLOTTED SCIENCE - 'The Animation Of Entomology' EP.  "Since I will be taking apart everything, it will appropriately be called "Dissecting Bugs". Many thanks to the fans who have shown interest in the DVD, have been asking me where to pick it up, and about a release date. At this point, I'd say possibly early 2014, but as usual, don't hold me to any definite release dates."
"BLOTTED SCIENCE is in the early stages of writing for a third release, which will be a full-length CD. At this time, Alex, Hannes and I all have other projects happening, but come early 2014 we will kick it in to high gear."  Florida-based label Antithetic Records recently issued both Blotted Science titles on limited edition vinyl, available from  .
In other news, Jarzombek is a featured guest on the new PROTEST THE HERO album, "Volition", trading licks with PTH's Luke Hoskin on the song"Drumhead Trial":  "I've been a fan of these guys for several years  so it's really cool to have been asked to contribute and be a part of this album.  It was also great playing with Chris (Adler) again."  
Jarzombek has also tracked a guitar solo for Blotted Science drummer Hannes Grossmann's upcoming solo CD"The Radial Covenant", which is the subject of an ongoing IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign at

Blotted Science vinyl on Antithetic Records

Kelly Simonz: live performances from EffEXPO 2013

10月27日に行われたEffEXPOのBEEAST presents Kelly SIMONZスペシャルデモンストレーションより。

Opus#1 - Kelly SIMONZ @ EffEXPO 2013

Pray For The Moon - Kelly SIMONZ @ EffEXPO 2013

RONDO KSV007 - Kelly SIMONZ @ EffEXPO 2013

Zakk Wylde: Gibson Moderne of Doom

Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom From his own band Black Label Society, to tours and recordings with Ozzy Osbourne and a wide variety of solo outings and collaborations, Zakk Wylde has established himself as one of the fiercest players in rock. With a tone and visual style as unique as his incendiary chops, Zakk has wreaked his havoc on a series of Gibson guitars—from Les Pauls, to Explorers, to Flying Vs—but this new take on a near-mythological retro-modern Gibson is perhaps the best suited of all to this artist’s uncompromising individuality.

The Limited Edition Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom is based on the legendary, yet never released, third member of the Modernist Series of the late 1950s—the Gibson Moderne. Intended to complement the revolutionary Explorer and Flying V, the Moderne never saw the light of day, though rumors of existing examples persist to this day. In the hands of Gibson USA, the radical Moderne style taken from factory design sketches of 1958 unfolds as an unrelenting, flamethrowing modern-rock tone machine.

With a body constructed from a solid Grade-A mahogany with Grade-A maple top, the Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom launches its attack with time-tested tonewoods. But it quickly takes the look to another planet with the ultra-radical Moderne body style and a natural nitrocellulose finish with Zakk-certified black pinstripe top graphic. A glued-in Grade-A maple neck is carved to Zakk’s preferred profile for full-on shred, and topped with a beautiful dark Grade-A Richlite™ fingerboard. A pair of Zakk’s beloved EMG™ active humbuckers—an EMG™ 85® in the neck position and an EMG™ 81® in the bridge—provides unequalled power and sustain for everything from crunch-of-doom rhythm licks to hellfire leads. And to take the guitar’s versatility to the next level, there’s a Floyd Rose™ vibrato with locking nut ready to scream out your wildest dive-bombing action.

With matte-black pickup covers, black hardware, and a trio of black speed knobs, the Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom has the wild looks to match Wylde’s tone. Feel the heat now at your authorized Gibson USA dealer—production is limited to 250 guitars, so secure yours before it’s too late.

More shots and specifications:

Khan Manuel: Tears From The Heart

The 2nd Single 'Tears From The Heart' from the new Khan Manuel album 'The Message'.
To download the album or order the physical CD visit -
Khan Manuel - Tears From The Heart [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Dean Murphy: Point Pleasant - 8 string tapping piece (RG2228)

Dean Murphy - Point Pleasant - 8 string tapping piece (RG2228)
so this may be my favorite video ive done as of now. this piece has allot of pretty awesome parts as well as the video came out great (imho) anyway this song is called Point Pleasant which was a beach/boardwalk/city where i was raised in NJ, and its just an overall happy sounding name for a happy sounding song, hope you guys enjoy as much as i did

Remy Hansen: A short impression of the Ibanez day at Music all in Noordwijk

Ibanez Day at Music All In
A short impression of the Ibanez day at Music all in Noordwijk. I wonderful day at a wonderful store!

News: Fender CD-60 VA - folding guitar!

Here's a look at just how remarkably portable—and great-sounding—Fender's new CD-60 VA folding dreadnought traveler's guitar is. Guitarist Patrick Matera has places to go, and his rich-sounding CD-60 VA makes it easy with a special patented hinged neck design that lets the guitar actually be folded in half and packed in its specially designed gig bag for incredibly convenient transport.
For more product info, visit

News: Kompozit Guitars - a light weight "plastic" body guitar

Guitar with a body "Kompozit" lightweight 2kg 780 and completely "Made In France"! Quality and a unique sound for a featherweight! Choose your color, graphics, microphone kit, handle ...
Corps : Résine Kompozit
NECK : Maple
ELECTRONIC : 1 Vol / 1 tone + 1 switch 3 positions + Split

Kompozit Guitars - test Great Tone + Marshall !!!

Terry Syrek: available for guitar lessons - learn from the best.

Terry Syrek
I have a few spots open for guitar lessons. If you're not in NY, it's ok! I've had many Skype students over the years. It's easy and works very well. All levels are welcome; beginner to very advanced. Contact me for more info.
Terry has performed with such esteemed artists such as: Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X), Allan Holdsworth, John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), Brett Garsed, Alex Skolnick (Testament), Reb Beach (Dokken, Whitesnake, Winger), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Ty Tabor (King’s X), Jon Finn (Boston Pops, Berklee Faculty) and the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra.