Mohini Dey, Terry Syrek, Lalle Larsson: Bass on Terry Syrek's Song-Balloon Ride Over a Jigsaw Map

Rusty Cooley, Terry Syrek: Guitar Autopsy - Episode 7 featuring Terry Syrek

Terry Syrek, Troy Grady: discussion about Terry's experience with focal dystonia

Terry Syrek: TrueFire - many notes were hurt in the making of this video - Shred Frenzy

Terry Syrek: TF Raw - new sweep picking instructional for TrueFire - coming soon - smoking solos!

Christian Muenzner,Terry Syrek,Per Nilsson:

Terry Syrek: Machine Elves will be working over time this Christmas... rescue one and put it in a good home!

Terry Syrek: available for guitar lessons - learn from the best.

Terry Syrek: Genesis "In the Cage" keyboard solo! - yep, on guitar!

Terry Syrek: Have a Cigar

Terry Syrek,James Hogan,Tobias Hurwitz: Ruby Mountain guitar summit!

Jeremy Krull: "Getting ready to unleash the fury" says Terry Syrek

Terry Syrek: Laurie Monk gets inside the mind of the Machine Elves

Terry Syrek: Machine Elves - stunning new CD available

Johan Randén, Terry Syrek: two awesome slabs of music!

Terry Syrek: the Machine Elves are on the march!

Terry Syrek: In The Dead Of Night UK

Terry Syrek,Andrew Jay: tis the season to be ripping, fire up the Slurpie!

Terry Syrek, Guthrie Govan: NGW clinc dates

Terry Syrek, Jeremy Krull: Machine Elves in the mix