Friday, 6 December 2013

Kiko Loureiro: The White Balance DVD available

Kiko Loureiro
The White Balance DVD  orders/pedidos

Tom Quayle :Modern Legato Part 3 - available now in time for Christmas!

Tom Quayle
OUT NOW! Modern Legato Part 3 is available now from my website: -

I really hope you guys enjoy this - it's taken a lot of hard work to put together. Here's the blurb.

Part 3 of Tom's Modern Legato series is finally here and is his biggest tutorial yet. In this 1 hour 50min video lesson, Tom breaks down his methods and thought processes for creating his trademark flowing legato lines, bringing together all of the knowledge and technical skills from parts 1 and 2 into a fantastic resource for developing a modern legato style in any genre. Tom focuses on a detailed but easy to understand fragment approach to line construction and also tackles rhythmic awareness and accuracy, utilising melodic minor scales/modes and using legato in changes based playing. The tutorial includes 14 pages of lines and transcribed solos (in both standard and 4ths tunings) plus backing tracks to practice with. There are hundreds of lines to get to grips and analyse here. Combined with parts one and two this makes for the most comprehensive legato course available!

This video lesson includes: - 1 hour 50 min HD Video.
Detailed 14-page PDF transciption Booklet covering all the lines and techniques.
Backing Tracks and Drum Beats - inspirational practice aids.

Nili Brosh: stunning solo from the new album - great legato tones from that Ibanez

Nili Brosh
"A Matter Of Perception" - Solo
So...I've been looking forward to making this announcement for a long time! My new record is going to be called "A Matter Of Perception". More about the story behind the title at a later date, but for now, here's a video of the album solo from the title track - with Virgil Donati on drums and Bryan Beller on bass. Don't forget to stay with me for more updates!

Nili plays the album solo from "A Matter Of Perception", the title track from her upcoming second album. This track features Bryan Beller (bass) and Virgil Donati (drums).

Nili Brosh - Exit Strategy (Solo Section Jam)

Nili Brosh - "Groove On" Jam

Alberto Rigoni: Jingle Bells - human drum and bass - Three Wise Monkeys album - XMas Special Offer

Alberto Rigoni (bass) and Enrico Buttol (human drum) wish you a Merry Christmas with their remake of Jingle Bells. Enjoy!
Video by Riccardo Ali (

Jingle Bells (human drum and bass)

Three Wise Monkeys album - XMas Special Offer

Andy James: here is your first FREE lesson!

Here is your first FREE lesson! It talks about one of my approaches to warming up, a vital aspect of a practice routine or to prepare for a gig or recording session!

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Check it out here -

Included with the lesson is a PDF document you can download, print off and follow along with the exercises and as with ALL the lessons inside the Academy, you will also get a Guitar Pro file so you can slow this down, speed it up and get even more from it!

If you don't have Guitar Pro, you should. Its amazing software and we are using it inside the Academy to notate everything! I've used it for my own practice over the years and its really helped me get to where I am today!

You can get it here

Mike Dawes,Ben Lapps: Acoustic Rooftop Jam - Slap Attack

Mike Dawes & Ben Lapps Rooftop Jam - Slap Attack
After a fun day of shooting and pretending to be a pensioner, Ben Lapps and I had a romantic sunset jam on a London rooftop. It was cold, as it always is in England, but when the need to jam arises, well, you see. Check out what we were shooting here: Check out Ben's great YouTube channel here: Download this jam for FREE at TAB available, all proceeds go to the Jubilee debt relief campaign. Don't forget to 'Like' 'Subscribe' and 'Share', it makes a huge difference :)

Pietro Posani: Guitarsbrego - Parker Fly, Bogner Uberschall

Pietro Posani prova per noi la testata Bogner Uberschall
Song: Guitarsbrego - Daniele Gottardo (Cover)

Bogner Uberschall Test by Pietro Posani

John Savvides: Metal Guitar God 2013 Winner

This is the winner of Toontracks Metal guitar God 2013 contest. Mr John Savvides.
Congratulations John!

Metal Guitar God 2013 Winner -- JOHN SAVVIDES

Jennifer Batten: Ya Ain't Nothin' Like A Fast Car - live in Praga 2013

"Ya Ain't Nothin' Like A Fast Car" JENNIFER BATTEN 2013 - live in Praga

"Ya Ain't Nothin' Like A Fast Car" JENNIFER BATTEN 2013 - live in Praga

Al Joseph: new solos and News Letter

Album and backings -
CD (worldwide shipping) -
Also available in iTunes - search Al Joseph

JTC Records proudly presents the debut album from the incredible Al Joseph. 9 heavy rock tracks full of drive, emotion, charisma, riffs to die for and licks that will get stuck in your head for weeks on end. This is the way to launch your record career...

Al Says:

"Out In The Open" is a theme built on the unknowns of life. I believe we've been given all we need to face the pirates, whirlwinds, emptiness, and rejections of life. A lot of time and heart went into this project from everyone involved.

I had always dreamed the emerging of my career in so many different ways, but I'm so thankful it was through JTC.

I hope OITO is an inspiration to all of you who show your support! Thank you...AJ

The album backings deluxe version comes with the full album, all 9 official album backings with accurate TAB/Notation, plus 3 bonus video performances of Out In The Open, Sun Devils and Desperate Times.

"Desperate Measures" Solo by Al Joseph

Nothing But The Trooch! :P

Al Joseph's *NEWSLETTER*: How To Get Plugged In

Al Joseph: Out In The Open