Saturday, 4 January 2014

Drewsif Stalin: Fastback Beardcomber 7 String Pickups Demo getting heavy repeat viewing

Thanks to the wonderful Ryan Bruce AKA Fluff in conjunction with the gracious Fastback Guitars & Pickups, I got my hands on a pair of Fastback Beardcombers! These things are meaty as heck! Great bite, without the midrange quack that seems to be becoming the norm! I used my Ibanez Xiphos XPT707FX that I refinished myself with Ernie Ball 11 gauge strings running into my Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II. Filmed on a Canon T3i/600D. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Colour Corrected in Apple Colour.

Drewsif Stalin - Fastback Beardcomber 7 String Pickups Demo

Nicola Casamenti: demo for Fractal Audio AXE FX II and MAMA pickups

This is a jam he made for Fractal Audio and MAMA pickups on Rick Graham Carl Martin FX guitar competition backing track.

Nicola Casamenti used a Fractal Audio AXE FX II and MAMA pickups.

Specs pickups: Blade Rider (neck) Exploder (bridge)

Shot and edited at Deposito Zero Studios

We hope you enjoy it!

Nicola Casamenti demo for Fractal Audio AXE FX II and MAMA pickups

MAMA pickups demo by Nicola Casamenti

Tony MacAlpine,Vitalij Kuprij: Battle of Leningrad - Ring of Fire - preorder

Ring Of Fire, the symphonic metal band that features Tiny MacAlpine on guitars, Vitalij Kuprij on keyboards and Mark Boals on vocals, have their latest album available to pre-order at Amazon. The album will be called Battle Of Leningrad and it will be released on the 27th January 2014. To order go here:

Battle of Leningrad - Ring of Fire

Angel Vivaldi: first single from the upcoming Angel Vivaldi album, "Away With Words."

1 8
. _ _ _ _ first single from the upcoming Angel Vivaldi album, "Away With Words."

Away With Words :: Coming 2014

Track Listing:
._ _ _ _ /one
.. _ _ _ /two
... _ _ /three
...._ /four
..... /five

Tracked at The Machine Shop in New Jersey
Produced by Will Putney, Co-Produced by Randy Lebouef

Leonardo Guzman: trailer for new album Now!

Trailer of Leonardo Guzman's debut EP "Now!" out January 20, 2014 on jellybeard records.
Produced by jellybeard
Mixed/Mastered by Alex Argento

Order details follow the next week.
Available through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc

Leonardo Guzman Now! (2014) Album Trailer (out on jellybeard records)'

Lukasz Kulczak: Jamming over a minor Chord - LuKi

Jamming over a minor Chord - LuKi

Ioannis Anastassakis: The Power Gambit
Ioannis Anastassakis' latest videoclip, directed by Bob Katsionis!

The track is included in the upcoming Greek Guitar Power, Vol. 1 CD,
to be released in January 2014 by Wild Rose Angel Productions

Ioannis Anastassakis is the Guitar Coach of the rising guitar stars of Greece -
his students include Theodore Kalantzakos, Sinnik, Jim Nassios, Constantine, Gus Drax, Chris Mike, George Emmanuel, Jon Simvonis and many more!!

Checkout and LIKE Ioannis Anastassakis' Facebook Fan Page:

For personalized, interactive Electric guitar coaching, visit
Ioannis Anastassakis - The Power Gambit

Xander Demos: to perform at the Trenton Freedom Fan Experience in New Jersey and NAMM Metal Jam in California.

MTS Management Group is happy to announce that metal guitar virtuoso, Xander Demos will be performing at the Trenton Freedom “Fan Experience” on January 18, 2014. The free event will be held at Sun Bank Center Arena, located at 81 Hamilton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey, from 11am-5pm. In addition to watching Xander’s guitar pyrotechnics, fans can get photos with Freedom players, watch live tryouts and purchase their season tickets. Also performing will be Camp 4 Deranged Kidz. The event is being organized with help from Brian “Fishman” Fish, host of the Heavy Metal Happy Hour. For more information on the Trenton Freedom and the Fan Experience, visit

The following week, Xander will be heading to West Hollywood, California, for the NAMM Convention, and in particular, his 2nd appearance at the NAMM Metal Jam. That event is being held on January 22, 2014 at the Whisky A Go-Go located at 8901 Sunset Boulevard. Doors open at 5pm. Headliners for NAMM Metal Jam include Michael Angelo Batio with Deathriders, featuring Neil Turbin (original Anthrax singer.) Others scheduled to appear are members/former members of Dio, Whitesnake, Hurricane, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Iron Maidens, Circle II Circle and many more. Tickets are $12, and they are available on

namm metal jam 2014 Xander Demos is best known for his work with Sabbath Judas Sabbath and his solo band, XDB. Xander has performed with or recorded with Ged Rylands’ Rage of Angels, Modern Superstar, James Rivera, Liberty ‘n’ Justice and others. His current single, “Dancing Through Daggers” was mixed by J.K. Northrup of King Kobra/XYZ fame. Xander is endorsed with many top guitar manufacturers, including McNaught, who craft the XD signature model guitars. For more information, visit

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse want to know where you would like them to tour

Happy New Year Cursed Ones.  The band and management teams are hard at work finalising touring plans for Springtime and beyond.  Let us know where you want the band the to play as your support is absolute key!

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Thanks for your amazing support in 2013 ... We can't wait to see you on the road :)

Greg Howe: do you think Greg just noticed the number of friends?

Do you think Greg just noticed the number of friends... or is it just coincidence?

Chris Bieniek: to shred or not to shred that is the question?

Excessive Shredding
Excessive Shredding. Sometimes its just fun to shred.

Excessive Shredding with Wampler Brent Mason Hot Wired V.2 Distortion Pedal

Rob Scallon: Theater Girl - new 8 string song

Theater Girl (8 string song) - Rob Scallon

This video was made possible because of generous contributions from Liam Curson, Becca Nrg, Michael Christie, Rob Harper, Joi Isak & many other awesome people on my patreon page
Thank you so much!

My guitar is a Schecter Omen-8

keep in touch...
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Marcin Duński: hpm ? awesome cool funk fusion... friday... I mean Saturday just got better!

marcin dunski-hpm-?

marcin dunski-gitara
przemek smaczny-perkusja
kosma kalamarz-bas
michał rorat-klawisze
muzyka-marcin dunski

Leo LaPorte: Where the money for you is (or isn't) in digital and social media publishing Mr. Leo Laporte owns and operates a podcast network, Its shows are available on iTunes and other podcast subscription services.

In this video interview, with DemoCast NewsCraft, technology netcaster Leo LaPorte shares his views on how digital and social media are affecting the information media environment, and what the opportunities and risks are. Recorded at New Media Expo / The Podcast Awards at the Las Vegas Rio.

Before the expansion to new facilities in 2011, Laporte said TWiT earns $1.5 million annually on a production cost of only $350,000. In a 2012 Reddit posting, he commented that revenue is approaching $4 million.

Laporte calls his audio and video shows "netcasts," saying "I've never liked the word podcast. It causes confusion ... people have told me that they can't listen to my shows because they 'don't own an iPod' ... I propose the word 'netcast.' It's a little clearer that these are broadcasts over the Internet. It's catchy and even kind of a pun.

Leo LaPorte: Where the money for you is (or isn't) in digital & social media publishing