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Marty Friedman: The Artie Lange Show, Gear Gods and Six-String Samurai - news blow out!

I did see Marty Friedman at NAMM... but like cats... as soon as I got my camera out he was gone! So here's a roundup of the latest from Marty Friedman who has a new album out very shortly.

The Artie Lange Show - Marty Friedman (in-studio) Part 1

The Artie Lange Show - Marty Friedman (in-studio) Part 2

Marty Friedman live performance at NAMM 2014.
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NAMM 2014: Marty Friedman live at Boss/Roland Part 1 | GEAR GODS

NAMM 2014: Marty Friedman live at Boss/Roland Part 2 | GEAR GODS

NAMM 2014: Marty Friedman live at Boss/Roland Part 3 | GEAR GODS

The amazing and incomparable Marty killing it on his new PRS signature guitar. Sorry for the clipping - Marty insisted during soundcheck that the PA go AS LOUD AS IT COULD. The PA speakers themselves were clipping!

NAMM 2014 - PRS Marty Friedman SE launch: Amazing Grace | Six-String Samurai

NAMM 2014 - PRS Marty Friedman SE Launch: Devil Take Tomorrow

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob on MetalHeadRadio

Rob Interviews Mike Orlando from the Adrenaline Mob on MetalHeadRadio

Adrenaline Mob Interview on the Metal Asylum on MetalHeadRadio

Warren DeMartini: Wiki metal interview

Warren DeMartini: Wiki metal interview

Matt Stevens,Jem Godfrey: Lucid - new album pre order - New album coming from loopguitar virtuoso

Matt Stevens: Lucid
Lucid sees Matt Stevens joined by a host of guest musicians including Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth), Charlie Cawood (Knifeworld) Jem Godfrey (Frost) and vibes player Jon Hart.

Speaking about his new album Matt states; "Lucid took three years as I really wanted to make this one a significant step up from the previous albums. It's inspired by a bit of a dark time, but hopefully it's an uplifting record. I'm so proud of the people who played on it, working with people like Pat Mastelotto on drums from King Crimson and Jem Godfrey from Frost* was amazing but all the players really were outstanding. Stuart Marshall (Fierce And The Dead) and Charlie Cawood (Knifeworld) were the rhythm section for a lot of the tracks. And it was great to have Chrissie back who played violin on the previous records. Itâ?Ts a record that reflects my love of Jesu and Celtic Frost as much as the Mahavishnu Orchestra and King Crimson or even Peter Gabriel and I'm really proud of it. If you're not going to take risks and try and do something interesting what's the point?"

Pre-order for 31st March release.

1. Oxymoron
2. Flow
3. Unsettled
4. The Other Side
5. The Ascent
6. Coulrophobia
7. Lucid
8. Kea
9. Street And Circus
10. The Bridge
11. A Boy

Ivan Chopik,Laurie Monk: Guitar Messenger V's Truth In Shredding NAMM shoot out!

Laurie Monk by Ivan Chopick
Guitar Messenger
Laurie Monk of Truth In Shredding. Laurie, still got the other side of this shot?

Photos by: Ivan Chopick

Ivan Chopick by Laurie Monk
Laurie Monk
Ivan Chopik of Guitar Messenger V's Laurie Monk of Truth In Shredding.

there are no losers only winners in these shots!

Photos by: Laurie Monk

News: Dockers Guild - Female guitar player wanted for new album - join Amanda Somerville,Roxy Petrucci,Anna Portalupi and many more!

Dockers Guild

Would you like to perform on 2 songs for the new DOCKER'S GUILD album and be featured along with some of today's greatest female artists in prog and metal such as Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Amanda Somerville (Avantasia), Roxy Petrucci (Vixen), Anna Portalupi (Tarja Turunen) and many more?

DOCKER'S GUILD is giving this opportunity to an upcoming and promising


Send your demos, photos and bios to:
The winner will be selected from the 10 most promising guitarists by this jury:

  • Douglas R. Docker (Docker's Guild creator)
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio (Ivorytears Music Works)
  • Laurie Monk (

Submission deadline: March 31, 2014
Results announced on April 15, 2014

In collaboration with
IMW - Ivorytears Music Works

Docker's Guild Guitarist Competition 2014 for New Album!

Christophe Godin,Richard Daudé: when in France - thé pour deux

Christophe Godin,Richard Daudé - well when in France I guess you'd call it "thé pour deux" the French version of T42


Christophe Godin VS Richard Daudé ;)

Tom Quayle,George Marios: The T42 sessions

Tom Quayle,George Marios: The T42 sessions - my two favourite players captured in a series of jams sessions across time.

11 videos, an hour of crazy improvisation. I hope one day that there will be a T42 album of improvisation.

Tom Quayle,George Marios: The T42 sessions

Mirko Fadda: "IN-SANE" which will close my first solo EP

Pagina Fb:

This is my new song "IN-SANE" which will close my first solo EP after "Egolution", "Become" and "Light".
It will be available for streaming on digital platforms and in digital download from the stores.
Then the previous tracks will also be available (remastered) only on digital stores.
The EP will be available digitally and in hard copy.
Once again, enjoy it and THANK YOU for your attention and continuous support!
STAY TUNED... \m/ ;) \m/

Fb page:

Mirko Fadda - "IN - SANE" (NEW SONG)

Brian Larkin: Target Audience Magazine give great review to Brian's Album

Brian Larkin's Far Enough Into The Void is on my top albums list, so it's great to other reviewers stuck by the songwriting and musicianship available in this release.

Brian Larkin: Far Enough Into The Void
I could go on and on about the music that appears on this release. I’m in love with too many of these songs to do them all justice with just one review (even the ones I’ve already mentioned, I don’t feel I’ve adequately described). Whether it be the groovy nature of “Self-Deprecation Boogie”, the funkiness of “Habit Magnet”, or the back and forth melody and riff-ripping nature of “The Situation In Room 205”, I find myself entranced. As I said earlier, this is not an easy listen. There is so much emotional turmoil that one may not be able to successfully take it all in at one time. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t try. Brian Larkin has proven with Far Enough Into The Void that he is not only a masterful guitar player, but a great songwriter. We’d all do well to learn this sooner than later.  Full review

Conrad Bauer: ViK Guitars NAMM 2014

Amazing Conrad Michael Bauer at our booth at NAMM'14! Minds blown, hands down - what a player!

NAMM'14 - ViK Guitars - Amazing Conrad Bauer at our booth!

Adam Nolly Getgood: ViK Guitars NAMM 2014

Nolly demos new 6 string version of his Signature Duality model! Many nice sounds from hands of maestro! Enjoy!

NAMM'14 - ViK Guitars - Nolly's new Duality 6 Sig!

Alessandro Benvenuti: Dragoon Custom Speakers NAMM 2014

Alessandro Benvenuti

Thank to Kris Claerhout for posting this. That was a totally unespected performance at the Dragoon Custom Speakers booth. Not used to 009 strings, and having very hard times trying to find my playing into the namm noises!!!

Alessandro Benvenuti - Egocentric (NAMM2014)

Masaoka Japan,Godspeed Vivix: G5 Project - Dying to survive - JMetalFusion

Godspeed Vivix: G5 Project 4th album "G5 2013"
I'm newcomer in G5! :)
"Dying to survive" from our new album G5 2013.
Paul Reed Smith - Mira (with Bare Knuckle Pickups - Aftermath)
Fractal Audio Systems - Axe-Fx II
Matrix Amplification - GT 1000FX
Friedman - 4x12
//G5 2013 Basic info
Evolution is now unveiled.
We're preparing a physical distribution via CDBaby.
G5 2013は他で発売中です。
//Where to buy
Amazon :
TowerRecords :
CDBaby :
//Track list
01: Dying to survive composed and arranged by 大和
02: Emergency composed and arranged by ニケ
03: Kamuy composed and arranged by a2c
04: Flounder composed and arranged by Takajii
05: Virus composed and arranged by Godspeed
06: Fragile Seasons composed and arranged by Takajii
07: Journey composed by Godspeed
produced by Godspeed, John Graham and Koyo Sonae

//Guest musicians
violin: setsat (track 03)
chorus: chiemi (track 03)
For more information, visit our web site at

G5 Project - Dying to survive (from G5 2013)

Daniele Liverani: Joke a demo play through

Guitar videos - Daniele Liverani - Joke
Written by Daniele Liverani

In this video:
Daniele Liverani: Guitars

Other musicians in the song:
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Nicolò Vese: Bass
Simon Ciccotti: Drums

Guitar videos - DANIELE LIVERANI - Joke

Prashant Aswani: announces New single will be available for download!

Prashant Aswani
New single will be available for download Tuesday February 4th. Featuring Jose Pasillas II on drums and Rhonda Smith on Bass.

Tomo Fujita,Matt Schofield: talk blues at JJ Guitars NAMM 2014

As you see I have this thing going with Matt Schofield. He call this "Conversation in Blues"!!! Basically we just play what we like...we just play blues!

Matt is very rare in this business, his personality is a great guy, very sweet and kind to anybody! and his playing is one of best in this industry!!! Every time I hear his playing, I am learning something from him. He gives me a lot of joy and inspiration to my life. Thanks Matt!!! He is my blues brother!!!

We thanks to JJ guitars. Thanks Jeff!!!

Hope you like this! Don't forget to check his latest record "Far As I Can See" from Provogue.

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More info:
Conversation in Blues witn Matt Schofield at JJ Guitars NAMM 2014

Darius Wave: Orange Rockerverb 50 slayed with Hufschmid Helldunkel

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Demo of Orange Rockerverb 50 mk1 head. First part is a mix (double tracking, metalcore sort of) with a soft EQ. Second part is an absolutely raw, single guitar track (no EQ).

Gear used for this demo:
1. Hufschmid Helldunkel electric guitar (Seymour Duncan SH4 and SH2 pickups)
2. Orange Rockerverb 50 head (mk I)
3. David Laboga 2x12" Standard cabinet (212FS-PS)
4. Audio-technica ATM650 - dynamic microphone.
5. Presonus audiobox - usb audio interface

Position of the mic is clearly visible on the video. Distance - about 10 cm from the speaker. Cabinet is loaded with Celestion V30 speakers.
Song is available as a lesson on
Darek Wawrzyniak / Darius Wave
ORANGE ROCKERVERB 50 :: Demo / DL 2x12" Standard --- Hufschmid Helldunkel

Fabian Ratsak: sharing some cool neo licks

A Yngwie one for you guys:-)listening alot to him when i was younger:-) .......
hope you like it

if you want the tab.....
like my band page
and send me p.m here
and i will send it to you:-)

Fabian Ratsak-Licksharing-Malmsteen Madness and short impro