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Godspeed Vivix: G5 Project 4th album "G5 2013"
I'm newcomer in G5! :)
"Dying to survive" from our new album G5 2013.
Paul Reed Smith - Mira (with Bare Knuckle Pickups - Aftermath)
Fractal Audio Systems - Axe-Fx II
Matrix Amplification - GT 1000FX
Friedman - 4x12
//G5 2013 Basic info
Evolution is now unveiled.
We're preparing a physical distribution via CDBaby.
G5 2013は他で発売中です。
//Where to buy
Amazon :
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CDBaby :
//Track list
01: Dying to survive composed and arranged by 大和
02: Emergency composed and arranged by ニケ
03: Kamuy composed and arranged by a2c
04: Flounder composed and arranged by Takajii
05: Virus composed and arranged by Godspeed
06: Fragile Seasons composed and arranged by Takajii
07: Journey composed by Godspeed
produced by Godspeed, John Graham and Koyo Sonae

//Guest musicians
violin: setsat (track 03)
chorus: chiemi (track 03)
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G5 Project - Dying to survive (from G5 2013)