Monday, 3 March 2014

André Nieri: Trinity - Virgil Donati - very good!

Trinity (Virgil Donati) played by André Nieri

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André Nieri - Trinity (Virgil Donati)

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Sergio Paganini: Rock Fusion Guitar | Video Aula

Study Guitar Fusion line, with characteristic style ideas, arpeggios and intent out side applications, hope you like a hug. Sergio Paganini Solo Albums: on facebook: https://www / sergiopagani ... I will soon be going up the files to study at 4shared!

Richard Daudé,Suhermanto Harsono,Victor Solis, Luca Mantovanelli, Enrique Berdonce: Epic Jm - what the internet was made for

Great jam session, it is an honor to have participated in a jam with these great guitar players and friends worldwide, hug friends. hope you like.
Featuring in order of appearance:

Suhermanto Harsono:
Richard Daudé:
Victor Solis:
Luca Mantovanelli:

Epic Jam

Sam Bell: Laney IRT Studio - Pro Tone Pedals Dead Horse Overdrive & Ibanez UV70P

I am very proud to say that I am part of the Laney Amplification, Ibanez Guitars and Pro Tone Pedals Artist roster! My Laney IRT studio has just arrived today. Dennis at Pro Tone pedals very kindly sent me a Dead Horse Overdrive pedal, and I just got myself a new Ibanez UV70P! Here is a VERY quick test of all of these awesome bits of gear, I sat down as soon as the Laney arrived and recorded myself improvising and putting down demo tracks on a new song idea of mine! I hope you enjoy! I will be doing more indepth demos in the very near future.

Laney IRT Studio - Pro Tone Pedals Dead Horse Overdrive & Ibanez UV70P Quick Test!

Ethan Brosh: talks about his new release - Live The Dream

Ethan Brosh
Alright! Here's the last part of the video documenting the process of recording my 2nd instrumental album Live The Dream! Out tomorrow!! In this part you'll see Max Norman and I at Gateway Mastering where the great Bob Ludwig mastered the record!

Ethan Brosh - Live The Dream recording process PART 8 Final! BOB LUDWIG MASTERING

Check back here tomorrow for the album release!! For now you can already order it on amazon through this link:

Ethan Brosh: Live The Dream

Ben Kuzay: Bass Wizard returns from Hiatus For Two Concerts

After two and a half years on hiatus, The Ben Kuzay Band has returned to perform two back-to-back concerts: Friday, April 4th at Kettle N' Cup in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, and Saturday, April 5th at Frankie's in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The Kettle N' Cup show is their cd-release party, being held on the same date Kuzay's new cdA Celebration Of Life hits stores.

Replacing accompaniment guitarist Barry Kuzay is Britta Kuzay. About joining the band, Britta had this to say:

"I listened to Ben’s music the first time on Myspace in 2008. I was quite impressed by his virtuoso playing. What was new to me is that he used the bass guitar as the lead instrument in his compositions. I had listened to a bunch of guitarists that have the guitar in the lead, but the bass guitar, that was new. I ordered his album directly from him and some weeks later it made it over the ocean to Germany in my mailbox. I was very excited and put the album in my CD player. I was not disappointed. Great compositions and excellent arrangements. What is most important to me, as a listener, is that he is not only a virtuoso on his instrument; this man writes compositions out of his soul. As a composer myself I’m not a fan of virtuoso players who noodle down one technical concept after the other and then whip them together into an unmemorable song. I differentiate between musicians and real artists. What I found in Ben’s music is art on its highest level. He has a unique way of playing and composing. I become a huge fan of his music.In summer 2009 I flew over the big sea and visited Ben. I had the luck to see some band practices of The Ben Kuzay Band and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve seen a bunch of band practices in my life from other bands, but these guys where very professional. No drinking and dumb blabla, that was organised and on the dot. Over the years I’ve had a good look into Ben’s way of song-writing and practicing. He is the only composer I know of who does not write his music down or records it to try out how the other instruments in his compositions go together. He has the music completed in his head when he goes into the studio. Last year he searched for a replacement for his accompaniment guitarist, bassist and keyboardist Barry Kuzay. I’m a classical guitarist; I’m home on the acoustic guitar, so the thought had not crossed my mind to replace Barry. Ben had the idea that I should learn the songs. I was sceptical about that, as I’d never played an instrument for a project other than mine. Ben convinced me and I started to practice the songs. I had a lot of fun practicing the songs I like so much. I’m very excited about the upcoming shows and it is a great honor to me to be a part of the band I’m a fan of."

Like Barry in his time, her duties will also include playing accompaniment keyboard and bass guitar, where the songs call for it.

About his new band member, Ben Kuzay had this to say:

"Britta is a super- and multi-talented young lady who has a bright future ahead of her as a performing artist. She's been writing and recording her own music since she was just a kid, and has a clear vision of what she wants to create- musically, aesthetically, and commercially. She's a natural musician, relying completely on her innate sense of rhythm and melody, so inviting her into the band when a spot opened up was the obvious action to take. Rehearsals are going great, and I'm very excited to debut this line-up on April 4th."

Regarding Barry's departure, Kuzay explained it in this wise:

"Barry's record company Wolf Tower Records has turned into a multinational megaconglomerate. Quite frankly, it takes him about ten hours a day just to run the label, so he needed to choose between playing for me and letting his label either go under or be run by his employees, or quit the band so he can run his lable full-time. He opted for the latter, and I don't blame him, because he has a great business going there, and it's his, it's something he can be proud of, he's built it from the ground up, so I support him in his decision to leave the band and pursue his business. He was very professional about it, giving me notice in September, 2011 that he will play in the band through the end of that year, then be done. I couldn't have asked for a better band-member."

Ben Kuzay Band, 2014:

Ben Kuzay- bass guitar
Daniel Kuzay- guitar & keyboard (lead)
Britta Kuzay- guitar & keyboard (accompaniment)
Allen Sklar- drums

Ben Kuzay "Vortex" (live 4-30-2011)

Ben Kuzay playing bass in Monstrosity at the Maryland Death Fest in 2008:

A song from the brand-new Ben Kuzay album A Celebration Of Life:

Britta Kuzay performing an original composition:

The original Ben Kuzay Band in concert:

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Jonas Hörnqvist: Skype guitar lessons from Swedish prog metal band Treasure Land lead guitarist

Jonas Hörnqvist: Skype guitar lessons from Swedish prog metal band Treasure Land lead guitarist

Personalized Guitar Lessons!
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons.

* Scales
* Chords
* Arpeggios
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Quotes from other guitarplayers:
Vinnie Moore - Solo artist/Ufo
Your mp3's sounded cool. keep shredding

Derek Sherinian - Solo artist/Alice Cooper/KISS/Yngwie J Malmsteen...
Your music sounds great!

Joe Stump - Holy hell/Solo artist
A very cool mix of some great heavy riffage mixed with some killer
classically influenced playing, nice melodic ideas as well as some
serious Bach induced fret frying.

David Chastain - Solo artist
Sounds pretty damn cool! Rock on!!

Dave Sharman - Solo artist
Hey Jonas! you're smokin! keep that guitar shredding! man, i just checked it
out and i almost got burnt!

Roger Staffelbach - Artension
Kick Ass playing Jonas!

Skype guitar lessons

Sean Wayland: Barrenjoey - sound sample from the new release

Sean Wayland: Barrenjoey

New York, NY - Australian-born pianist, composer and keyboardist Sean Wayland has released the 23rd studio album of his prolific career, a magnificent and stylized take on jazz and funk with roots in Australian rock. In fact, this album, 'Barrenjoey', takes its name from Wayland’s homeland in Australia (not, as those familiar with the New York jazz scene might think, from famous local drummer Joey Baron). This album tells a different story, and one that’s highly personal to Wayland.

“I was inspired by surfing in Australia, New South Wales Coast, and Australian rock circa 1980,” says Wayland. “The title track is about a tombolo, or tied island, attached to palm Beach, the most northerly point of the Sydney region.” It’s not difficult to hear these inspirations shine through, particularly on the title track. With drumbeats that crash like waves, the landscape and the lighthouse the lyrics speak of come to life through the song. The passionate musicality and life of this album will transport listeners to the Australia of Wayland’s youth.

As a composer, Wayland is deeply rooted in the jazz piano tradition, and this is highly evident in all his work. He is a graduate of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, where he won the Jack Chrostowski Piano Award. He established himself as a creative star of the Sydney jazz scene before relocating to the States and making himself a fixture of New York City’s jazz scene. After moving to the city 14 years ago, Wayland has been recording at a staggering pace. Now, with Barrenjoey, he explores broadened stylistic territory in jazz and funk, while simultaneously harkening back to his roots.

“Better Down South” is a memory, an autobiographical piece about surfing in the Ulladulla and Jervis Bay regions of Australia when Wayland was young. Stories like these, told through his carefully constructed musical harmonies and rhythms, are close to the artist’s heart. “It’s a stylized, personalized take on various musical traditions including Australian rock, jazz and funk,” Wayland says. “There is a musical message that is hard to put into words.” Listeners to this album will certainly find the message easy to hear: a personal journey drawing from the music and recollections of Wayland’s past.

'Barrenjoey' features a number of other talented musicians and performers, including Keith Carlock on drums, James Muller and Nate Wood on guitar, and Jeff Harley on bass. Virna Sanzone lends her beautiful vocals to complement Wayland’s singing throughout the album.

'Barrenjoey' is available for download now on Sean Wayland’s Bandcamp page.

For more information on Sean Wayland, please visit

Hugh Myrone: Myrone - Victory Theme - They Said our love could not be done- from debut album

Hugh Myrone: Myrone - Victory Theme - They Said our love could not be done- from debut album
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Official Video directed by MYRONE
CRUISE video directed by EAZY PEAZY:

Brian Carroll: Buckethead Roller Coaster Track, Rainy Days and - three more from the coup

Brian Carroll: Roller Coaster Track Repair

1. Room 7 15:21
2. Room 12 14:45
Brian Carroll: Rainy Days

1. See-Through Cloud 09:03
2. Underwater Rain Drops 09:41
3. Light Through the Fog 09:30
4. Rainbow 02:53

Brian Carroll: Backwards Chimney

1. West of Arkham 10:02
2. Backwards Chimney 03:33
3. Cloth Held 06:30
4. Sentinel Hill 06:15
5. Other Paths 02:32

Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Mike Keneally: G4 Experience - Tickets on sale now

G4 Experience
  • Dates: August 11-15, 2014
  • Location: Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria, California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • Musicians of all ages and levels will converge in California’s scenic Central Coast for the G4 Experience with guitar virtuosos Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, and Mike Keneally.
  • This unique music camp combines entertainment, education and a vacation experience.
  • Produced by Dreamcatcher Events, the G4 Experience is an extension of the G3 tour.
  • The event will begin with a meet and greet with Joe, Paul, Andy, Mike, followed by a live performance from Joe and Paul that evening. Both Joe and Paul will offer master classes and there will be breakout sessions with Andy and Mike. Evenings will feature live performances and once-in-a-lifetime jam sessions where instructors and guests can collaborate.
Tickets for the G4 Experience are on sale now at
Admission includes lodging, meals, master classes, breakout sessions, live performances and jam sessions. Every attendee will also receive a welcome kit with items including Joe Satriani andPaul Gilbert guitar picks, an Ibanez guitar strap, and a commemorative G4 Experience poster.

Steve Vai: Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp

Steve Vai’s Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp

  • Dates: June 23-27, 2014
  • Location: Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • 2014 marks the inaugural Steve Vai’s Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp
  • This unique vacation experience will be hosted by multi-platinum three-time Grammy Award-winning guitar legend Steve Vai, who will be joined by various respected guitar and music industry heavies, including Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Guthrie Govan, and Vernon Reid.
  • The camp will focus on the evolution of a song. Attendees will learn how a song gets written, recorded, mixed, mastered, packaged, copyrighted, registered, digitally distributed, and marketed.
Tickets for Steve Vai’s Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp are on sale now at Admission includes lodging, meals, classes, live performances and jam sessions. As an added bonus, attendees who sign up by March 31, 2014 will receive a free Ibanez RG Electric Guitar, courtesy of Hoshino.

Don't forget Vai 360° 

With the Vai360 app, fans can view three songs captured using Mativision® multi-camera 360° video technology from Vai’s recent show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Each user can direct the show by manipulating Mativision’s multi-camera iOS player, seamlessly choosing to watch from among six different cameras. Users are able to rotate camera angles, use the device’s built-in gyroscope or simply switch to “auto pilot” choosing to enjoy the show without interaction. Users may also virtually tour Vai’s studio, Harmony Hut, using the same technology as during the concert, guided by Vai himself.

Tony Levin, Adrian Belew: The Crimson ProjeKCt

THE CRIMSON PROJEKCT is a stunning King Crimson offshoot feat. three current members of that historic band (Tony Levin, Adrian Belew and Pat Mastelotto) primarily focusing on repertoire from the early 1980s through to the mid-90s, with Robert Fripp's approval and support. The band has a "double trio" line-up, as made popular by Crimson between 1994 - 1997. "Live In Tokyo" covers 12 classic songs of the aforementioned King Crimson era, taped in Tokyo and preserved on CD! On tour in Australia/New Zealand in January & all over Europe in March/early April 2014.

"Live In Tokyo" track-listing:
1. B'Boom
3. Frame By Frame
4. Dinosaur
5. Industry
6. Elephant Talk
8. Sleepless
9. Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II
10. Indiscipline
11. Red
12. Thela Hun Ginjeet

The Crimson ProjeKCt tour dates:
05.03.2014 - Heichal Tarbut, Tel-Aviv - Israel
06.03.2014 - Bingo Club, Kiev - Ukraine
07.03.2014 - Usine A Gaz, Nyon - Switzerland
08.03.2014 - Amager Bio, Copenhagen - Denmark
09.03.2014 - Cosmopolite, Oslo - Norway
11.03.2014 - Ziquodrome, Compiegne - France
12.03.2014 - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London - UK
13.03.2014 - Trabendo, Paris - France
14.03.2014 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer - Netherlands
16.03.2014 - Arena Club, Moscow - Russia
17.03.2014 - Palace of Culture Lensoveta, St. Petersburg - Russia
19.03.2014 - Palladium Club, Warsaw - Poland
20.03.2014 - Klub Studio, Krakow - Poland
21.03.2014 - Neuberin Halle, Reichenbach - Germany
22.03.2014 - Konzerthause, Karlsruhe - Germany
23.03.2014 - Frankfurter Hof, Mainz - Germany
25.03.2014 - Grughalle, Essen - Germany
26.03.2014 - Z7, Basel - Switzerland
27.03.2014 - Archa Theatre, Prague - Czech Republic
29.03.2014 - Auditorium Supercinema, Chieti - Italy
30.03.2014 - Auditorium Manzoni, Bologna - Italy
31.03.2014 - Auditorium Verdi, Milan - Italy
01.04.2014 - Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome - Italy
02.04.2014 - Viper Theatre, Firenze - Italy
04.04.2014 - Kongresu Nams, Riga - Latvia
24.06.2014 - Auckland - the Studio - New Zealnd
26.06.2014 - Melbourne - The Hi-Fi - Australia
27.06.2014 - Sydney - The Hi-Fi - Australia
28.06.2014 - Brisbane - The Hi-Fi - Australia
02.07.2014 - Fremantle - Fly By Night - Australia

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Eric Steckel: Tone drenched blues guitar - classy live soloing

Vincent Lyons
Powerful, fluid, guitar work, and precision use of perfect tube tone, when Eric Steckel and his band delivered a cavalcade of high energy music to a delighted audience. The gig was hosted by the 'The Blues Connection' blues organization at 't Vermaeck venue, in Rijen, The Netherlands, on Sunday afternoon, February 9th, 2014

Eric Steckel - guitar, vocals
Rob Fraser - bass
Andrew Haley -- drums

Angelo Comincini: Pat Metheny - Episode d'Azur

Pat Metheny - Episode d'Azur - Cover by Angelo Comincini
Angelo Comincini
Angelo Comincini plays Pat Metheny "Episode d'Azur" (from "We live here")

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow: Conquering Dystopia - sampler from the upcoming album - very glad to be part of the fund raiser

Conquering Dystopia's 12 track self-titled debut out March 10th. Nearly an hour of brand new instrumental material!

Jeff Loomis- Guitars
Keith Merrow- Guitars
Alex Webster- Bass
Alex Rudinger- Drums
Conquering Dystopia- Debut Album Teaser

Andy Wood: shout for the RMA - Raleigh Music Academy.

Andy Wood for the RMA
Guitar phenom Andy Wood talks about the Raleigh Music Academy. For guitar lessons, workshops and clinics, contact us through our website. Please don't forget to sign up for our email list to be notified of special events.


Julio Valle: Donna Lee - Funk Version

Donna Lee - Funk Version by Julio Valle
Julio Valle
This is my improvisation over the jazz standard "Donna Lee" at the concert called "4th meeting of escuintleco´s musicians"
We love funk! So we made a funky version!
Hope you enjoy it! :)
Julio Valle - Guitar
Fernando Martin - Drums
Helbert Arias - Keys
Antonio Camargo - Bass
Noris Barrios - Vocals
Alfonso Juarez - Saxophone

Remy Hansen: Ibanez Clinic at Mupo Music

Ibanez Clinic at Mupo Music
Remy Hansen
Impression of the Ibanez Clinic at Mupo Music 1-3-2014
The opening track is a ( near finished ) track of my upcoming album ( sorry no date yet...)
I played some Freak guitar camp tunes as well.And some other stuff from my upcoming album. And some Racer X Viking Kong.
Thanks for watching and subscribing!

Ignazio Di Salvo: Solo on "Signs of time" - solo from debut solo album

Ignazio Di Salvo - Solo on "Signs of time"
Ignazio Di Salvo
Here's a solo over the song "Signs of time" . The song will be included in my debut solo album that we're going to mix during these weeks. I hope you enjoy!

Jamie Humphries: Guitar Jam DVD From Licklibrary

Jam With Jamie Humphries | Guitar Jam DVD From Licklibrary | Includes TAB
Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons­es Jam With Jamie Humphries.
This DVD comes with on screen Notation and TAB so you can learn everything this DVD has to offer!

This superb DVD is a new and unique way to have fun, study and jam all at the same time. The DVD contains three top quality backing tracks, and can be approached in two ways, first you can "JAM" with the tracks flying solo, experimenting with different ideas, licks and solos. Alternatively you can trade solos with Jamie, drawing inspiration from the ideas and techniques used in his solos.
Each track has three performances from Jamie working across three levels of difficulty. Although the solos are improvised he has taken care to go for a basic intermediate and advanced level for each track. All the solos are transcribed and are available in pdf form along with the lessons. On screen graphics with chords and scales are provided when it's your turn to Jam.
Order online today;­es

George Marios: Bass Day-Elixir Booth , improvised Jam

Bass Day-Elixir Booth , improvised Jam
George Marios
Here is a small clip elf what went down on sunday.

I had the pleasure of performing on the Elixir Booth with the great Jack Stevens and Doug Harper.

It was great and the Elixir crew made us feel like home.



Yasi Hofer: Rubina - Joe Satriani - live

YASI HOFER & Band - Rubina - Joe Satriani (Live)
Yasi Hofer
08.02.2014 Ulm Roxy

buy the album
Yasi Hofer: Yasi

Samuli Federley: tribute to Dimebag Darrel

Samuli Federley - Cemetery Gates solo
Samuli Federley
This is my version of this legendary solo and tribute for one of my favorite guitarists of all time, Dimebag Darrel. I hope you enjoy it. Please check out also www.samulifederley.c­om

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire | The Gold Room |

Red Seas Fire | The Gold Room | Official Music Video
Red Seas Fire