Ben Eunson, Sean Wayland, Nate Wood: Arc Is Enough March, 2014 NYC

Ben Eunson, Sean Wayland: Brad Miller - Arc Is Enough - check out that solo!

Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri, Sean Wayland: Non Brewed Condiment Iridium

Sean Wayland, James Muller: live top fusion concert from Melbourne 2013

Sean Wayland, James Muller: live at the side on cafe Sydney jan 28 2003 - great jazz fusion

Sean Wayland, Ben Eunson, James Muller,Tim Miller: Foodland available on bandcamp

Ben Eunson, Sean Wayland: Autumn - dreamy jazz fusion

Sean Wayland: Barrenjoey - sound sample from the new release

Sean Wayland,James Muller,Nate Wood: Barrenjoey album available