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Eric Calderone: Let It Go (from Frozen) Meets Metal

Let It Go (from Frozen) Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So I haven't seen this many requests to do a tune in my inbox since the "Call Me Maybe" days haha. I knew I'd be singing this for days bc one of my favorite musical soundtracks (the book of mormon), Mr. Lopez also had something to do with. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the absolute world. Big ups for all the suggestions, messages, subs, comments, donations, fan art, and support. I couldnt do it without you. Once again and as always you ROCK my casbah.

Best to ya


Richard Daudé: Electro Fusion Shred improvisation - spine chilling licks

Electro fusion shred guitar solo improv (Recorded @ Richard Daudé's Guitar Academy , Nîmes , France)

Electro Fusion Shred improv (Richard Daudé)

Electro guitar solo (Richard Daudé improv)

Fabrizio Leo: signs to jellybeard records for an awesome 3rd CD!!! - great news for one of my favourite players!

Italian master guitar player Fabrizio Bicio Leo has recorded 14 tracks for his third studio album, “Spectrum Of My Past”, with Alex Argento (Marco Sfogli, Virgil Donati) mixing and mastering at the MixFactory Studio in Palermo, Italy for a June 30 release via jellybeard records. Bicio’s third album has been recorded with Flavio Scopaz (bass), Alex Argento (keys), Bruno Valverde (drums, 12 tracks) and Valerio Lucantoni (drums, 2 tracks).

“It’s great working again with Alex Argento because he always knows what I want to achieve from my music in terms of sonority, so never change a winning team! It was a good experience working with Shrapnel in the past, but I felt the need to switch to jellybeard because I really like the direction the company is going and the vision they have for the future”

After the recordings Bicio finally felt like these recordings are among the best songs he has ever written and recorded.

“I think that my new album “Spectrum Of My Past” is the best one I’ve ever written so far in terms of compositions and sounds. There are some strong and “captivating” melodies on it but also some cool shredding moments. This time more ballads ended up on the final product. The main goal for a musician is to reach the heart and soul of people.”

Fabrizio “Bicio” Leo, was born in Abbiategrasso, about 20 km south of Milan, Italy on 28th of July 1971. He began as a self-taught guitarist at age sixteen, focusing his passion and practicing time perfecting an intense rock/fusion style. He was inspired by instructional videos and recordings from virtuoso guitarists such as Greg Howe, Brett Garsed and Frank Gambale to name just to name a few. After several successful collaborations as a sideman/touring guitarist with highly respected Italian pop/rock artists like Eros Ramazotti, in the year 2006, Bicio became the first Italian guitarist to be signed to Shrapnel Records. The debut CD, titled “Cutaway” garnered critical acclaim from specialised International music magazines and from the Italian press who recognised his extraordinary guitar playing ability.


“Cutaway” (2006) – Shrapnel records
“Mr Malusardi” (2011) – Shrapnel records
“Spectrum Of My Past” (release planned June 30, 2014) – jellybeard records

Hedras Ramos: added to Laney Artist Roster

Laney Amplification
Welcoming Hedras Ramos to the Laney Amplification Family of Artists!

Hedras Ramos is without a question among the new breed of young guitar players who will be the guitar heroes of tomorrow!

Catch him on his upcoming Guitar Clinics + Live band show tour in ASIA in May/Jun 2014, sponsored by 2 giant Top Companies, CORT Guitars andLANEY Amps.

Here are some quotes written by Hedras himself:

“The L20T-112 it’s a beautiful boutique amp! My first encounter with this beauty was at Namm 2014, and I was amazed by it’s vintage tone, it’s very honest and dynamic and you can get lots and lots of gain and sustain out of it and even clean up with your volume knob, which is so useful when I’m playing other styles, I can even go from a screamy crazy tone to a tasty edgy clean one. Lots of amps sound moody and compressed when you clean up, this one does it perfectly, I’m sure after guitar players die, we are gonna find this amp on heaven, if we behave nice”

“The VH100R is a versatile beast, I remember playing this amp for the first time in Mexico City during a tour, and I was really inspired by it.
With this amp I could get incredible amounts of sustain even with low volume, the sound of this amp is very open and thick.
When I was a kid (I guess I still am), I always listened to instrumental guitar players and all these progressive, metal music where the sound of the guitar solos was big and rounded, so I always wanted an amp that can bring out mids and bass for a creamy smooth lead tone and still be able to define every note clearly, and I found it, definitely this amp is my choice for my music!” – Hedras Ramos

Dave Brons: Kai Rohan Arpeggios - String Skipping and Tapping

Dave Brons has just released a new instrumental guitar single on :Kai Rohan
Free tabs are available at

If you live in Leeds, UK you can catch him playing it live on March 19th
also playing are
Paul Bielatowicz (Neal Morse, Carl Palmer)
Simon Fitzpatrick (Jennifer Batten, Carl Palmer)
Dave Bainbridge (IONA) and the mightly
Tom Quayle is dropping in for a jam too!

Its going to be a great night of Shredding!!!

Kai Rohan Arpeggios - String Skipping and Tapping

Yngwie Malmsteen, Ron Thal,Uli Jon Roth,Gary Hoey: Guitar Gods tour 2014 announced

Official Yngwie Malmsteen

Guitar Gods is Created & Produced by April Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most technically accomplished guitarists of all time, rewriting the book on hard rock/heavy metal guitar. In addition to countless awards from music and instrument specific publications, none other than TIME Magazine hailed him as one of the ten greatest electric guitarists.
2013 was a banner year for Malmsteen, as he released his bestselling autobiography Relentless which coincided with a wildly successful tour that played to full houses all over the world. The only way he could top that in 2014 was to hand pick an all-star lineup of Guitar Gods to share the stage with him on a magical full North American tour.

“Fans can expect the unexpected,” Malmsteen said regarding his live shows. “I raise the bar with every performance I do and this tour will be no different.”
Held in the highest regard in his own right, Uli Jon Roth brings the very special 40th Anniversary Scorpions set that has been playing to frenzied audiences in Europe to North America, embracing his storied history with the band and digging deep into their catalog for this tour.
Acclaimed for his accomplishments for perfecting his playing in multiple genres (rock, blues, surf) and respected by both fans and peers alike, Gary Hoey performs his radio hits such as the Billboard Top 5 smash Hocus Pocus along with other favorites.

Gusn N’ Roses guitarist Bumbleoot (as seen in the just released DVD Appetite for Democracy which documents the bands Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel residency) embarks on his first solo tour, playing songs from his entire critically praised recorded history.
Tour to take place from June-July. Exact dates TBA.

Rocco Pezzin: Chapman ML1 Hot Rod/AxeFx2 - Van Halen *5150*

First video with my ML1 Hot Rod, love it! One Seymour Duncan 35th anniversary JB + one volume knob and a Floyd Rose trem. Simple and badass.
Here's my take on 5150, one of my favorite VH songs with Sammy, I tried to get as close as possible tone wise on the AxeFx2, pretty happy with how it came out!

You can download the patch here:

Chapman ML1 Hot Rod

Chapman ML1 Hot Rod/AxeFx2 - Van Halen *5150*

Rocco Pezzin: Plastic Mind Frequencies
1. A New Era 01:57
2. All I've Become 05:16
3. Drowning 05:26
4. Freefall 05:19
5. The Searching 03:56
6. The Fourth Dimension 02:07
7.Collateral Damage 05:28
8. Rebirth 04:13
9. Black Velvet Dream 04:30
10. Homesick (for a place you've never been) 03:19
11. Futura [feat. Matt Harnett] 06:03

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rocco Pezzin

got questions? drop me a message here:

Plastic Mind Frequencies - All I've Become | PLAYTHROUGH |

Laura Klinkert: Shred Session with She Shreds & Tom Tom Magazine NAMM 2014

This year at NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) She Shreds Magazine and Tom Tom Magazine teamed up to curate an event that has never been done before at NAMM. She Shreds chose a guitar and bass player from the convention, while Tom Tom chose the drummer.

NAMM 2014 Shred Session with She Shreds & Tom Tom Magazine

Christophe Godin: added to Lâg guitar roster of artists

© Michel Lâg-Chavarria Photography 2014
Please, welcome a new famous LÂG Friend: CHRISTOPHE GODIN....!!!

Fantastic French guitar player, Temple, Mörglbl Trio, Gnô, all fantastic bands where Christophe has shown all his incredible capacity to create, play and perform so amazing pieces of guitar, of technique, harmony and beauty...!
In 2008, Christophe Godin Christophe has been elected 5th Best International Guitarist by Guitarpart Magazine...

Now Christophe is joining LÂG Artists International Team and plays a Tramontane Parlor T77PE, just a bit customized for his own way of playing. 

I hope you can see him playing on stage in duet with another amazing French guitarist: Olivier-Roman Garcia...!!!

Christophe will be performing next week at the Frankfurt Musik Messe on new Laney Acoustic Amps with his LÂG Parlor, so stay on line for more pictures and videos!

I am very happy and proud because I appreciate so much for long the way Christophe is playing, creating, thinking, living and kidding...!  It will surely be a great human adventure.

Jake Willson: Melodic Horizons

Melodic Horizons

Introducing Jake Willson to the JTC artist roster with his sublime debut jam track series Melodic Horizons. Jake has teamed up with JTC backing guru Paul Harvey to create a fantastic set of incredibly jammable tracks, with perfectly executed solo examples full of technique, wonderful phrasing and great tone!

Jake brings his influences to the front here with essences of Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford and John Mayer cropping up throughout the 5 tracks. His execution is exquisite, with bundles of great phrasing and melody and his technique delivery is also first class. There is a lot to learn throughout this package and the solo and extended jam tracks provide the perfect backdrop to take/learn some of Jake's ideas and add your own when you get jamming!

Check out the previews below and get jamming!


  •  5 live solo tracks
  •  5 solo backing tracks
  •  5 extended jam tracks
  •  5 live video performances
  •  TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
  •  Bonus track notes from Jake

Jerry Donahue: behind the nut - Fret-King JD model with his signature JD pickups.

Jerry Donahue Fret-King
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Bendmaster of the Telecaster Jerry Donahue talks about his new signature Fret-King JD model with his signature JD pickups.

Gus Drax: Ov Fire And The Void

Gus Drax - Ov Fire And The Void (BEHEMOTH Cover)
Gus Drax
Hello my friends

Here is a video cover on a song and band that i really like. One of my favorites actually in the Black/Death Metal genre.BEHEMOTH
Hope you enjoy "Ov Fire And The Void".

All video work by Steve Drax

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Rick Graham: Classic Songs Ruined' part 1 - 'Wondershred Tonight'

'Classic Songs Ruined' part 1 - 'Wondershred Tonight'
Rick Graham
Ruining classic songs one at a time. Post your requests of classic songs for me to ruin in the comments below, cheers!