Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Matthew Wicklund,Van Williams: time is running out... just $1500 short of the target.. 4 days to go... can you help ?

'Get Drawn Into The Album Art' - Last Week Price Reduction
We have reduced the price of the 'Get Drawn Into The Album Art' perk and 'Become a Ghostly Character On The Album' perk for our last week to help us hit the goal! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a ghostly character on the album, check out the perk on the Ghost Ship Octavius kickstarter page. You could have your voice recorded on the album, and likeness drawn into the album artwork!

Lalle Larsson: Electric Trio - live date

Lalle Larsson Electric Trio will be playing live at

Into Music - Lund, Sweden - 25/4, 2014
Tickets available:

Progressive Circus Festival - Salongen, Helsingborg, Sweden 26/4, 2014
Tickets available:

Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Walle Wahlgren - Drums
Alfred Andersson - Bass

Al Joseph: Summer 2014 - Out On The Road Sampler

OITO Sampler | by Damian Sanders-Baron/Dillon Baird


The "Al Joseph Group" is on the road and already booked to tear up the northeastern region this Summer 2014. With just a few rehearsals and extreme dedication, we present to you a sneak peak of our first encounters on the road thus far!

Compliments of my buddy "Damian Sanders-Baron" of, we will be shooting a full *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO* to kick off our tour with "Time Columns" and many other hard hitting groups throughout the summer.

So I must ask...

What song off of OITO would you like to see shot on video?

Leave a comment... :)

Tour dates will be posted soon so remember to visit my website for updates!

Take care,


Al Joseph Group *Summer 2014* | Out On The Road Sampler

Masato Itoh, Charles Shaughnessy: Video Game Orchestra Big Blue PAX East 2014

Masato Itoh, Charles Shaughnessy: Video Game Orchestra Big Blue PAX East 2014

Video Game Orchestra (shortened "VGO") is a combined orchestra and rock band that performs contemporary arrangements of video game music. Depending on the size of venue and event, the group can be seen performing either as a full size orchestra and choir or as a 5 to 10 piece rock band. The orchestra consists of the regional and international award-winning musicians from over 20 countries. This multi-cultural diversity background and its unique format create the unique sonic signature of VGO.

Video Game Orchestra: Zombies on Your Lawn Part 1

Video Game Orchestra Big Blue PAX East 2014

Video Game Orchestra Big Blue PAX East 2014

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse studio update and UK tour details

Multinational Melodic Metal band EDENS CURSE have released the sixth installment in their studio diaries documenting the recording process of their latest studio album Symphony Of Sin which was released in October 2013 via AFM Records. The video can be viewed below.

This latest episode re-visits virtuoso guitarist Thorsten Koehne (Hardline, Joe Lynn Turners Sunstorm, Demon Drive) and focus on the equipment he used to record the guitars on the new album, from guitars, amps, effects and all points in between.

EDENS CURSE will undertake their debut headline club tour of the United Kingdom next month in support of the new record.

The dates are as follows :

19/05/14 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
20/05/14 The Railway, Bolton
21/05/14 Snooty Fox, Wakefield
22/05/14 Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
23/05/14 Yardbirds, Grimsby
24/05/14 Static, Swansea
25/05/14 Underwold, London

Tickets for all shows are now ON SALE and can be purchased from the venues directly or online at

Paul Gilbert: Stone Pushing Uphill Man - is about the Greek myth of Sisyphus! See I told you so!!

The “Stone Pushing Uphill Man” is me. Of course, the image is inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus… a story about a man who spent every day rolling a heavy stone up a mountain, only to have to roll back down once he reached the top. This seems like a very frustrating fate. But there is a philosopher (Albert Camus) who wrote, “One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” I agree. I am happy. And the reason is… I love my “stone.” My stone is many things. One of them is music. I have played guitar for many years. But recently, I have realized that I am not satisfied with much of what I have done. This felt like my stone rolling down the mountain. But I am happy. The stone is mine. I love pushing it back up. It takes effort. But I am in control. I have a goal. I can do it. It feels great. And when I get to the top, I don’t mind that it rolls back down again. Because by that time, I have spent enough time with that stone. And I’m ready for a new one. This album is my newest stone… and it rocks