Al Joseph: Summer 2014 - Out On The Road Sampler

OITO Sampler | by Damian Sanders-Baron/Dillon Baird


The "Al Joseph Group" is on the road and already booked to tear up the northeastern region this Summer 2014. With just a few rehearsals and extreme dedication, we present to you a sneak peak of our first encounters on the road thus far!

Compliments of my buddy "Damian Sanders-Baron" of, we will be shooting a full *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO* to kick off our tour with "Time Columns" and many other hard hitting groups throughout the summer.

So I must ask...

What song off of OITO would you like to see shot on video?

Leave a comment... :)

Tour dates will be posted soon so remember to visit my website for updates!

Take care,


Al Joseph Group *Summer 2014* | Out On The Road Sampler