Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Michael Dolce: Legato Muting, Legato and Hybrid Picking

Michael Dolce: Hi Guys,

Here’s another quick excerpt from my legato lesson package!

This Topic is on muting within the legato technique .Im hoping to post 1 idea from each topic from the lesson package over the next couple weeks.I’ll be posting a new clip as soon as this one gets to 1000 hits.

So please feel free to share it cheers!


Legato Muting Excerpt Michael Dolce

Legato and Hybrid Picking Excerpt 2 Michael Dolce

Jason Sadites: Now Available for pre-order Jason's new CD 'Tales'21

Now Available for pre-order Jason's new CD 'Tales' featuring amazing performances of drummer Marco Minnemann and bassist Ric Fierabracci. Official release date will be May 13. For anybody pre-ordering through Bandcamp will receive an instant download of the track 'Weasel Words' in there choice of formats (mp3, FLAC etc.)

• As of May 13, 'Tales' will be available through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Abstract Logix and through will be offering downloads of the CD in 96/24 FLAC, 24/48 FLAC and 320 kbps mp3 as of May 13

• Also, available on May 13 will be complete seperate guitar, bass and drum transcriptions (tabs) along with full backing tracks through For those who would like to study how Marco and Ric handle a challenging session te drum and bass packages will include the original charts provided for them to compare with how they tracked the actual tracks.