Jason Sadites: Jammin' With BUMBLEFOOT!! - Planetary Lockdown

Ron Jarzombek, Marcel Coenen, Danny Tunker, Tom Geldschläger, Jason Sadites, Tom Kopyto, Mark Hawkins, Jeremy Barnes: Fractured Dimension-On the Precipice of Many Infinities

Jason Sadites: Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (Line 6 Helix Tone Demo)

Jason Sadites: Interview - The Helix Hour S2EP9 - The Canadians Are Back!

Jason Sadites: Line 6 Helix - Viewer Submitted Tone Review And Patch Edit #10

Jason Sadites: All My War Is Done guitar solo - Godin Progression Plus

Jason Sadites: Conspicuous Absence - Godin Summit Classic P90 - Seymour Duncan Vintage SP90-1

Jason Sadites: Appeal To The Stone - 'The Learning Curve' with the amazing Marco Minnemann on drums.

Jason Sadites: Jason features another section from his latest CD 'The Learning Curve'

Jason Sadites, Martin Motnik, Marco Minnemann: The Learning Curve - new album preorder

Jason Sadites: Guitar Tracking for CD with Marco Minnemann on the drums - fund raiser

Jason Sadites: Guitar Tracking for CD #6 - Video 2

Jason Sadites: work working on his 6th studio album with IndieGoGo campaign

Jason Sadites: Dominant 7th Country fling

Jason Sadites: Amps & Axes Quick Lick #43 w

Jason Sadites: performs the original composition The Learning Curve - Godin Progression Plus and Passion RG3

Jason Sadites: E Mixolydian lick Amps & Axes Quick Lick #40

Jason Sadites: plays a fun A7 run to add some flash to your blues

Jason Sadites: slightly unorthodox D Major Pentatonic lick

Jason Sadites: blazing D Major Pentatonic legato lick