Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Richie Allan: Help The Heavy Metal Ninjas get to Euroblast

Richie Allan: Help The Heavy Metal Ninjas get to Euroblast

Heavy Metal Ninjas from New Zealand have been added to the bill for Euroblast festival in Germany & need your support to get there!

Heavy Metal Ninjas are a Kiwi band gaining infamy on an international scale.

Their debut album Interstellar Abduction, out on Warner Music, is a combination of beautiful symphonic arrangements, eery space-themes and out of this world guitar work, utilising 6, 7, and 8 string guitars.

Materialising from smoke, lighting up stages and minds with their fingers (literally!) and leaving people feeling like they've been abducted for real, the live show is a sight to behold.

HMN have been added to the bill for the 2014 Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany, but being an independently funded band, it falls to the Ninjas to come up with the cash for all their ninja missions & make their first German expedition a good one!


Andreas Varady: pre-order of the debut album on iTunes!

Andreas Varady

1 Do It Again 5:07
2 Come Together 3:59
3 Human Nature 4:06
4 Baby (feat. Dirty Loops) 2:48
5 Secret Garden (feat. Kevin Ross & Roy Hargrove) 6:08
6 A Day In New York 4:53
7 Don't Stop the Music (feat. Nikki Yanofsky) 3:56
8 Nuages 6:14
9 California Dreamin' 4:25
10 Let the Good Times Roll (feat. Gregory Porter) 2:58
11 After Seven In Beijing 5:31
12 Swing 42v 3:21

Andreas Varady

Extremely happy because today, you can pre-order my debut album on iTunes! This has been an incredible experience and I'm so proud to share with you today what we did with Verve Music and my mentor Quincy Jones! The album features the amazing Gregory Porterter, the ultra talented Nikki Yanofsky Yanofsky, and many more extraordinary people like David Paich,Greg Phillinganes, Brian Bromberg, HarveyMason, Paulinho da Costa, Aleks Sever! Man, this is so cool!
Check out here to pre-order the albumhttp://smarturl.it/AndreasVaradyiTunes

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - abandoned slaughterhouse - another new release from the prolific bucket performer

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - abandoned slaughterhouse

Brian Carroll: Buckethead 

1. A 03:23
2. C 03:09
3. C 03:04
4. 1 03:54
5. 3 02:40 
6. 6 02:34
7. 5 05:29
8. 6 05:49

released 12 July 2014

Pete Cottrell: Dime Time new single with BT and Tab

Pete Cottrell: Dime Time

1. Dime Time 03:42
2. Dime Time - Backing Track 03:42

Free extras included with this download are FULL and accurate TAB transcriptions in Guitar Pro 6 and PDF formats. Also included is a backing track for you to jam over!!!

***IMPORTANT: Tab and Backing Track are only included in the DIGITAL ALBUM option. Tabs are in Guitar Pro 6 and PDF formats***

Guitars and Bass recorded with Positive Grid JamUp for iPhone, Mastered using Positive Grid Final Touch for iPad.
released 14 July 2014

All music written and performed by Pete Cottrell. Mixed and Mastered by Pete Cottrell.

Nick Johnston: a reminder about the Mountbatten centre UK clinic

Nick Johnston Music

This is quickly approaching! Any UK pals - grab a ticket while ya can! Would love to meet you guys (I'm told the masterclasses are all sold out)

Experience: Nick Johnston show & clinic

Date: 20th September 2014
VIP Ticket: £100 Includes: show/Clinic entry plus 1.5 hour masterclass lesson with Nick Johnston, T-Shirt, Picks, CD, and an opportunity to jam with Nick plus an opportunity to win some serious goodies!

Doors Open: 19:30
Venue: Mount Batten centre

Magnus Olsson: Vintage Guitar Show in Svendborg 2009

From Vintage Guitar Show in Svendborg Sept. 26 2009.

Magnus Olsson Guitar Clinic #1.mp4

Magnus Olsson Guitar Clinic #2.mp4

Reece Fullwood: now an 'Ibanez' Artist added to the Roster

Reece Fullwood

So I am super excited to announce that I am now an 'Ibanez' Artist and have been added to the Roster.
I will be working with them Exclusively.

This put's a massive smile on my face as Ibanez have always been my favourite guitars since I started playing 7 string when I was a teenager back in 2007.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for us!

Shalev Grados: Countdown solo - Allan Holdsworth - with tab

Allan Holdsworth - Countdown solo played by me. (transcription is attached in the link below!)
Many thanks to Orly Eyal for the amazing filming and editing of the video
My guitar teacher Assaf Levy for the transcription.

Orly Eyal Photography - 0525556984

Shalev Grados - Countdown solo (Allan Holdsworth)

Michael Sobin: Euphoria - Yamaha Band Contest 2014

Friends, yes koi ever decided to participate in the competition right now so I will be very need your support! I always try to make you the most meaningful vidosy, Tutorials, cover songs, compose music for you, now it's time for you to support me) It is necessary to pass on the link stupid http://vk.com/yamahabandcontest2014?w ... and stupidly Like , IT'S ALL!) Give me realize that I do not work in the air that I really behind there, albeit small, but still an army of fans, students, and just interested in my work people! Respect and all responded uvazhuha! PS For me this competition is not important gifts etc. Important for me to feel your support and make appearances in the semifinals, and then perhaps in Japan. In general, it is important for me and your creativity itself returns!) by Michael Sobin http://vk.com/progmuz Regarding any cooperation call tel. 8 (905) 5949201 Thanks for watching! Subscribe on my Channel, here you Will Find my lessons on electric Guitar, original cover versions of favorite Songs and video from my Life!) Thank you for watching! subscribes to my channel, here you will find my lessons on electric guitar, original covers of your favorite songs of all and just a video of my life!)

Michael ProgMuz Sobin - Euphoria (Video for "Yamaha Band Contest 2014")

Михаил Собин - Experiment (Live Щелково 2014)

Michael Sobin (Михаил Собин) - Waiting For (Instrumental rock, metal, melodic)

Prashant Aswani: performs "Boiling Point" for EMGtv

Prashant Aswani showcases his EMG H1A passive humbucker pickups with, "Boiling Point" off his album Visions. Hear how Prashant captures a range of dynamic tones all across the fretboard.
Buy these EMG pickups here:http://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/humb...
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Go To Prashants website: http://www.prashantaswani.com/
Produced at: http://www.thecubeproductions.com/
Prashant Aswani performs "Boiling Point" for EMGtv

Jeffrey Thomasson: Radical Logic playing Bill Connor's "Lydia"

Radical Logic performing Bill Connor's "Lydia" at a private show on May 28, 2011

Jeffrey Thomasson - Radical Logic playing Bill Connor's "Lydia"

Dallton Santos: Brazilian Rock Fusion Guitar - Guitar idol 4 entry

Guitar Idol 2014 http://www.guitaridol.tv/video/dallto...

http://www.dallton.com - Rock Fusion musical genre - Instrumental song - Guitar solo and original composition by Dallton Santos.

join http://goo.gl/w7ROV
follow at:


also check out Rock Latin Fusion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruHnsJ...

Brazilian Rock Fusion Guitar - Guitar idol 4 entry

Guitar Idol 4

Guthrie Govan: Victory Amplifiers Clinic and Interview

Guthrie Govan presented a superb clinic for Victory Amplification in June 2014. This video contains highlights from his performance, plus interview footage with Guthrie and Martin Kidd, chief designer for Victory Amps. Daniel Steinhardt of TheGigRig also explains how the four amps are connected up for the performance.

During the clinic, Guthrie played four Victory amps: V10 The Baron, V30 The Countess, V50 The Earl and V100.

All the main guitar parts that you hear and see Guthrie playing were recorded live on the night, using one Shure SM57 and one SE R1 ribbon mic. There are no additional drive or distortion pedals, and no messing or fixing of the audio. It's just Guthrie's guitar, played live on the night, over Guthrie's own backing arrangements to his tracks: Sevens, Wonderful Slippery Thing, Waves and Ner Ner. These tracks are from Guthrie's album Erotic Cakes.

For more on Victory amps, and to find your nearest dealer, see www.victoryamps.co.uk.

If you represent a great music store & would like to become a Victory Amplification stockist please contact us on enquiries@victoryamps.co.uk

You can follow Guthrie via his official Facebook page here -https://www.facebook.com/GuthrieGovanOfficial
Guthrie Govan Victory Amplifiers Clinic & Interview

Guthrie Govan Victory Amplifiers Clinic & Interview